Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 27
Attorney General


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Attorney general, election, procedure, Const. Art. IV Sec. 17 & 18
Attorney general, qualifications for office, Const. Art. VII Sec. 8, 115.349
Board of fund commissioners, member of, 33.300
Board of public buildings, member of, 8.010
Board of tobacco settlement financing authority, member, 8.520
Constitutional amendments, duty to provide summary statement and title, 116.160
Contracts entered into by department of insurance in excess of $100,000 to be approved by attorney general, 374.800
Earthquake, building and construction ordinances, noncompliance, duties, 319.207
Education, student data accessibility, protection of, attorney to enforce, 161.096
Flight log records of elected officials after flight complete, open record, 610.175
Health care assistance payments fraud and abuse, 191.900 to 191.914
National Guard ordered to active duty, reemployment rights, attorney generals duty to enforce, 40.490
No-call list and database, 407.1095 to 407.1110
Open meetings for governmental bodies, legality of closing, opinion to be provided, 610.027
Regulation of conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, and lobbying, 105.450 to 105.496
Sexual predators, civil commitment, duties, 632.480 to 632.525
State legal expense fund, duties, 105.711, 105.716
Subpoena powers, investigation of certain sexual offenses, 542.425
Telemarketing practices, regulation of, 407.1070 to 407.1090
Tobacco settlement moneys, sale or assignment, attorney general to assist, 8.535
Tort victims' compensation fund, duty to collect, 537.675
Underground facility and damage prevention law, violations, attorney general may bring action, 319.045
27.010 Attorney general, election, term of office, begins when--compensation.
27.020. Assistants and other personnel--qualifications--compensation.
27.030. To aid prosecuting and circuit attorneys, when.
27.040. Opinions to be given, when.
27.050. To appear in supreme court and court of appeals, when.
27.060. To represent state in other cases.
27.070. Shall file and index opinions.
27.080. Court costs fund--creation--purpose--payments to and from.
27.090. Transition funds and facilities for attorney general, when provided.
27.095. Attorney general's transition period defined.
27.100. Facilities to be provided for attorney general.
27.105. Attorney general's duty to enforce provisions of Chapter 572.

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