Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 28
Secretary of State


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Archival facility to be maintained in St. Louis City, 109.400; fund established, 109.410
Citizens' commission on compensation for elected officials, duties, Const. Art. XIII, Sec. 3
Constitutional amendments, duties, Chap. 116
Corporations, duties of secretary of state in relation to, Chap. 351
County records, destruction and preservation of, 50.172
Elections, duties, Chap. 115
Executive orders to be published in the Missouri Register, 536.035
Expenses, payment for office of secretary of state, Chap. 33
Federal jurisdiction over federal enclaves, cession and retrocession, 12.028
Flight log records of elected officials after flight complete, open record, 610.175
Historical records advisory board, secretary of state to serve as chairman, powers and duties, 109.221
Initiative and referendum, duties, Chap. 116
Journals of general assembly, printing and distribution, 2.080, 2.091
Limited partnerships, duties of secretary of state in relation to, Chap. 359
Local records boards, Secretary of State to serve as chair, 109.255
Military and overseas voters act, secretary of state duties, 115.900 to 115.936
Missouri manual, preparation and publication, Chap. 11
Missouri state library and Wolfner library, Secretary of State to manage, 181.021
Motor vehicles, action against nonresident operators, secretary of state to receive service, 506.240
Official state flag, copy of original design to be kept in Secretary of State''s office, 10.020
Presidential primary, duties, 115.755 to 115.785
Qualifications for the office of secretary of state, Const. Art. VII, Sec. 8, 115.349
Railroads, mechanics' liens against, how filed and indexed, 429.480, 429.490
Regulations of conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, and lobbying, 105.450 to 105.496
State historical society, secretary to furnish certain publications, 183.030
Supreme court library, secretary to furnish certain publications, 180.040
Uniform electronic transactions act, 432.200 to 432.295
28.005 Secretary of state, term of office, term begins, when.
28.010. Salary of secretary of state.
28.020. Oath of office and bond.
28.025. Day care centers for employees' children, procedure to establish, licensing, costs.
28.030. Appointment of clerks, employees--compensation.
28.035. Help America Vote Act of 2002, secretary of state to be chief state election official for--procedures for election complaints to be established--rulemaking authority.
28.040. Custodian of state seal, records and documents--appointment of state librarian.
28.050. Seal to be affixed, when--exceptions.
28.060. Records of commissions and appointments.
28.070. Public inspection of records.
28.080. No original document to be taken from office.
28.090. To make copies of official acts.
28.095. Facsimile signature authorized.
28.110. Registration of land.
28.120. Letters and documents, retention and destruction.
28.130. Reports.
28.160. State entitled to certain fees--technology trust fund account established--additional fee, notary commissions--appropriation of funds, purpose--fees not collected, when.
28.163. One-time increase, amounts.
28.170. Fees to be paid to director of revenue.
28.190. Vacancy--governor's duties.
28.200. Penalty for neglect of duty.
28.300. Transition funds for secretary of state, when.
28.305. Secretary of state's transition period defined.
28.310. Transition facilities to be provided for secretary of state.
28.684. Credit or debit cards may be accepted for payment of taxes and fees--secretary of state to establish a revenue collection center for prepaid accounts--refund, procedure.
28.700. Electronic facsimile filings for documents filed with secretary of state's office, rulemaking authority.

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