Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 29
State Auditor


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Audit of state auditor's office by general assembly, procedure, 29.351
Auditor to develop and approve forms for certain county budgets, 50.745
Auditor to prepare forms for annual financial reports by governing bodies of political subdivisions, 105.145
Auditor to prescribe form for inventory of property by state departments, 34.125
Board of fund commissioners, auditor a member, 33.300
Bonds of political subdivisions to be registered with state auditor, 108.240
Classification of counties, duty of state auditor, 48.040
Constitutional provisions as to auditor, Const. Art. IV §§ 13, 17
County checks, lost or destroyed, replacement, 50.172
County collector's office vacancy, audit required, duties, 52.150
County offices, audited by state auditor, when, 50.055
Director of revenue, books to be audited, when, 136.110
Fees for bond registration, disposition of, 108.250
Flight log records of elected officials after flight complete, open record, 610.175
Interest on bonds, auditor to certify amount needed annually to pay, 108.270
Minor traffic violations, state auditor duties, 479.350 to 479.375
Regulation of conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, and lobbying, 105.450 to 105.496
State deposits in bank in which auditor is stockholder prohibited, 30.440
State employees right to contact legislators and state auditor, 105.058
State securities, dealing in by auditor prohibited, 105.150
Statistics to be furnished auditor, by whom, when, 105.140
Teachers' retirement fund, state auditor to examine, 169.020
29.005 Definitions.
29.010. Salary of auditor.
29.015. State auditor, term of office, term begins, when.
29.020. Oath of office and bond--penalty.
29.030. Bond--approved and filed.
29.040. Deputy state auditor--oath and appointment.
29.050. Surety company on bond responsible for acts of deputy state auditor.
29.060. Appointment of other employees.
29.070. Examiners--oath and bond.
29.080. Examiners--violation of oath--penalty.
29.100. Rules and regulations--promulgation, procedure.
29.110. Auditor may administer oath.
29.120. Seal.
29.130. Free access to other offices.
29.150. Records not to duplicate those of commissioner of administration--retention and destruction, duties.
29.170. To furnish forms for reports of county officers.
29.185. Conducting of audits, requirements.
29.190. To prescribe uniform method and plan of publishing the financial statements for counties.
29.200. Audits to be conducted at discretion of auditor or request of governor--auditor's duties.
29.205. Power to audit school districts.
29.210. To audit state transportation department--expenses of, how paid.
29.216. Public employee retirement and health care systems, audit of, when.
29.221. Reports of improper governmental activities, auditor's duties.
29.230. State auditor to audit county offices, when--political subdivisions by petition, requirements, costs--petition audit revolving trust fund created, administration--rescinding of signature, when.
29.235. Authority of auditor and authorized agents.
29.240. Continuous audit of accounts in commissioner of administration's office.
29.250. False, misleading, or unfounded reports, penalty--failure to comply with chapter, penalty--report of violations.
29.260. Officers to have recourse to law.
29.280. Vacancy--governor to fill.
29.351. Audit of state auditor's office, when--procedure--cost, how paid.
29.380. Solid waste management districts, authority to audit, when.
29.400. Transition funds and facilities for auditor.
29.405. Auditor's transition period defined.
29.410. Transition facilities to be provided for auditor.

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