Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 33
State Financial Administration


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Chapter Cross Reference
Capital cases, state to reimburse certain counties for prosecution, when, 50.853
Crimes committed in state prisons, prosecution, expenses, county to be reimbursed, limitation, computation, 50.850
Health plan for state employees, certification to division, 103.110
Health plan for state employees, division to be notified of medical benefits option, 103.100
Purchases, contracts, leases by all public agencies to be only for goods produced in the United States, exceptions, procedure, 34.350 to 34.359
State retirement system, certification to division, 104.342, 104.436, 104.1066
33.030. Powers and duties.
33.035. Readvancement of federal funds, preapproval not required.
33.040. Commissioner of administration to certify accounts before expenditures are made--records of appropriations and allotments.
33.050. Allocation of money--certification.
33.060. Commissioner of administration custodian of all account books of the state.
33.065. Obligations incurred, when.
33.080. Receipts deposited when, appropriated when--funds lapse when, exceptions, report--violation, a misdemeanor--transfer to rebuild damaged infrastructure fund.
33.085. Application for federal funds, copy to certain state officials.
33.087. Grant of federal funds of one million dollars or more, certain information to be made available to public--rulemaking authority.
33.090. Rules concerning travel and subsistence--rules, generally, promulgation, procedure.
33.095. Mileage allowance, employees of state and certain counties.
33.100. Salaries to be paid, how and when.
33.101. Employees may request monthly pay.
33.102. Deceased employee's unused vacation, compensation for, to whom paid.
33.103. Deductions authorized to be made from state employees' compensation--debts owed to state, child support payments, tuition programs, cafeteria plan, requirements.
33.110. Fiscal year defined--reports to general assembly.
33.120. Claims against state to be presented to commissioner of administration within two years--exception, reduced rate for certain claims.
33.130. Setoff in suits brought by state allowed, when.
33.140. Examination of witnesses and issuance of subpoenas.
33.150. Preserve all accounts and vouchers--destroy, when.
33.155. Employees' compensation, direct deposit, electronic transfer of funds--treasurer and commissioner of administration--duties, powers.
33.160. Form of warrant.
33.170. No warrant to be drawn or paid unless money appropriated for payment.
33.180. In certain cases of contest, salary to be retained by state until rights determined.
33.190. Lost or destroyed state check, procedure to replace--falsification, penalty.
33.195. Proceeds of unpaid check returned to fund and appropriation on which drawn.
33.200. Penalty for certification of unauthorized claims.
33.202. Penalties assessed by state agencies for late fees or reports, authorized, when.
33.210. Budget director to assist governor in preparation of budget--performance-based budgeting system to be developed.
33.220. Each department to submit estimates of money requirements.
33.230. Estimates to show expenditures of preceding biennium.
33.240. Estimates of anticipated revenue to be furnished.
33.250. Governor shall consider estimates and prepare recommendations--public hearing--final hearing.
33.260. Powers of governor-elect relative to budget.
33.270. Budget to legislature in printed form--contents.
33.280. Budget submitted to legislature within thirty days.
33.282. Tax expenditure budget, content, submitted when--cost--benefit analysis, contents--department reports on tax credits, exemptions, deductions or preferences, failure to file.
33.288. Contingent transfer of funds to budget reserve fund--abolishment of cash operating reserve fund and budget stabilization fund--contingent effective date.
33.290. Work program and requested allotments of appropriations.
33.295. Program established, purpose--fund created, use of moneys--expiration date.
Cross Reference

State buildings property and parks improvements, bond issue and third state building fund, duties, 108.900 to 108.914 ***

33.300. Board of fund commissioners--members--officers--duties.
33.305. Board of fund commissioners and board of public buildings, additional authority.
33.315. Leasehold revenue bonds, federal desegregation, board of fund commissioners to determine whether redemption is financially feasible.
33.320. Fund commissioners to keep record of proceedings.
33.330. Renewal of defaced or mutilated bonds.
33.340. Defaced bonds to be surrendered to board of fund commissioners before renewed.
33.350. Commissioners to examine into validity of defaced bonds.
33.360. Endorsement of surrendered bonds.
33.370. Endorsement of duplicate bonds.
33.380. Lost bonds or coupons--application for renewal.
33.390. Bond to accompany statement--nature and amount of obligation.
33.400. Commissioners to issue duplicate bonds or coupons, when.
33.410. Issuance of duplicate bonds.
33.420. Endorsement of duplicate bonds.
33.440. Commissioners to select fiscal agent.
33.450. Fiscal agent to furnish board with statement.
33.460. Duty of fund commissioners to make requisition for amount of interest.
33.470. Fiscal agent to furnish commissioners copy of account between bank and fund commissioners.
33.520. Deposits may be withdrawn.
33.530. Treasurer to keep cancelled bonds and coupons.
33.540. Treasurer to keep redeemed bond register.
33.541. Refunding bonds, when, requirements, powers of the board.
33.543. General revenue fund created.
33.546. Federal grant program fund created--deposits and disbursements--lapse.
33.550. Director of revenue authorized to accept gifts.
33.560. Collection--suits for--other proceedings--by whom instituted--compensation of counsel.
33.563. State institutions gift trust fund created.
33.564. International promotions revolving fund established--purpose--promotions, defined--state treasurer's powers and duties--fund not to lapse.
33.700. Fund created, amount limited.
33.710. Committee, composition--expenses--officers.
33.720. Funds to be allocated for certain purposes.
33.730. Requests for allocation, how made--allocations, vote required.
33.750. (Transferred 2014; now 37.013 )
33.752. (Transferred 2014; now 37.014)
33.756. (Transferred 2014; now 37.016)
33.800. Procedure to be established for performance-based review of state agencies.
33.803. Performance-based review procedure--selection of department or agency, how determined.
33.805. Department or agency selected for performance-based review, appropriation requests, procedure, duties of agency.
33.807. Access to all records and assistance to house and senate committees, exceptions.
33.810. Analysis team to be formed, members selection--expenses, how paid--duties of team--review to begin and end when.
33.812. Federal assistance, acceptance by state agency prior to submission of its application to house and senate committees--exceptions.
33.825. Citation of law.
33.827. Definitions.
33.829. Director of oversight to be federal mandate auditor.

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