Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 36
State Personnel Law (Merit System)


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Eleemosynary and penal institutions, employees to be selected on basis of merit, Const. Art. IV § 19
Leave of absence for military service for public employees and officers without loss of status or benefits, 41.942
State employees retirement system, Chap. 104
36.010 Citation of law.
36.020. Definitions.
36.030. Personnel, administration of merit system--agencies affected--exemptions--employee suggestions, awards authorized.
36.031. Applicability of merit system--director of personnel to notify affected agencies.
36.040. Personnel division, head, functions--administration of law, equal opportunity law.
36.050. Advisory board, members, appointment, terms, removal, compensation.
36.060. Duties of board--rules generally, promulgation, procedure.
36.070. Rules and regulations, authorized, procedure.
36.080. Director--appointment--salary--removal--prohibited activities.
36.090. Duties of personnel director.
36.100. Director to prepare position classification plans.
36.110. Allocation of positions to appropriate classes, delegation of allocation authority--right of employees to be heard.
36.120. Changes in or reallocation of positions.
36.130. Appointments subject to approval of director.
36.140. Director to prepare pay plan.
36.150. Appointments and promotions, how made--no discrimination permitted--political activities prohibited--violations, cause for dismissal.
36.152. Definitions.
36.155. Political activities by state employees permitted--prohibited activities.
36.157. Prohibitions on political activities by state employees.
36.159. State employee not to be coerced into political activity--penalty.
36.160. Interference with fair examination or ratings--misdemeanor.
36.170. Examinations, how conducted--agencies may administer--exceptions--provisions for persons with disabilities.
36.180. Director to determine eligibility of candidates for examination--reader for blind, interpreter for hearing impaired.
36.190. Notice of examination--information to be given in notice--how given.
36.200. Rating of examination--notice of results--correction in rating does not invalidate previous appointment.
36.210. No competitive examinations for certain positions, alternative promotional procedures.
36.220. Preference ratings for veterans.
36.225. Competitive examination, parental preference--eligibility, effect.
36.240. Appointing authorities, procedure to fill vacancies--laid-off or demoted personnel given preference, when.
36.250. Probationary periods.
36.260. Provisional appointments--approval of director--for what period.
36.270. Emergency appointments.
36.280. Transfer of employees--noncompetitive examination required when.
36.290. Effect of transfer or promotion to an exempt position.
36.300. Vacancies, how filled.
36.310. Reinstatement register.
36.320. Promotional register.
36.330. Director to certify employment rights of state and of employees.
36.340. Director to establish system of service reports.
36.350. Sick and annual leaves--regulations to apply to all state agencies.
36.360. Layoffs.
36.370. Suspension of employees--exception for National Guard members, when--appeal from suspension authorized.
36.380. Dismissal of employee--notice, how given--approval for reemployment, when.
36.390. Right of appeal, procedure, regulation--nonmerit agencies may adopt--dismissal appeal procedure--nonmerit agencies, not adopting, to establish similar system, exceptions.
36.400. Powers of commission to administer oaths and issue subpoenas.
36.410. Failure of employee to testify--penalty.
36.420. Records open for public inspection.
36.430. Use of public buildings.
36.440. Compliance with law.
36.450. Costs of administration, paid how.
36.460. Violation by employee--penalty.
36.470. Merit system employees entitled to service letter, when--refusal, penalty.
36.500. Personnel division to perform personnel studies and services as directed by commissioner.
36.510. Director's duties for all state agencies--strikes by merit system employees.

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