Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 40
Military Justice


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Military leave for employees, how charged, 105.270
40.005. Definitions--law applicable to all state military forces not in federal service.
40.007. Discharge obtained by fraud--desertion--separation from service while proceedings are pending, jurisdiction of court.
40.010. Dismissal of commissioned officer, by governor--right to trial, procedure--discharge substituted for dismissal, when--reappointment --no right to trial, when.
40.015. Jurisdiction of military courts.
40.017. State judge advocate, appointment, qualifications--assistant judge advocates, appointment, qualifications, restrictions.
40.020. Apprehension defined--authority to apprehend, when.
40.023. Absent without leave, authority to apprehend--offender outside state, procedure.
40.025. Arrest--confinement--definitions--probable cause required --procedure--enlisted member--commissioned officer.
40.030. Orders for arrest and confinement, when--certain offenses, confinement not required--defendant's rights--power to issue warrants--bail, when.
40.035. Confinement, where.
40.036. Jails and prisons required to keep prisoners, when--official's duties.
40.038. Confinement requirements--other punishment prohibited--exception.
40.040. Civil offenses, delivery to civil authority for trial--offender also sentenced to court-martial to be returned to military, when.
40.043. Disciplinary punishment for minor offenses, no court-martial required --appeal procedure--right of accused to trial by court-martial.
40.050. Personnel serving on courts for courts-martial--branches of National Guard, jurisdiction.
40.055. General courts-martial, jurisdiction--punishment.
40.060. Special courts-martial, jurisdiction--punishment--exceptions.
40.065. Summary courts-martial, jurisdiction--punishment--objection by accused, trial by general or special courts-martial.
40.070. Discharges or dismissals by courts-martial, requirements--governor's approval required.
40.075. Sentence to confinement at one dollar a day instead of fine --limitations.
40.079. Jurisdiction of courts-martial--accused of civil offense, release to civil authorities--accused of both civil and military offenses, released to civil authorities, when.
40.083. Convening general courts-martial, persons authorized.
40.085. Convening special courts-martial, persons authorized.
40.088. Convening summary courts-martial, persons authorized.
40.090. Eligibility to serve on courts-martial--members, how determined --unit, defined--ineligible persons.
40.095. Military judge--appointment--qualifications--duties--restrictions.
40.098. Trial counsel and defense counsel appointed, when--qualifications --restrictions.
40.100. Court reporters, appointment, when.
40.105. Members of general and special courts-martial required to be present, exceptions--members or military judge replaced, procedure.
40.108. Charges--contents--oath--accused to be informed.
40.112. Compelling self-incrimination prohibited--accused person's rights --violations not admitted in evidence.
40.114. Impartial investigation of charges required--accused person's rights --demand for further investigation, procedure.
40.117. Charges forwarded to officer exercising general court-martial jurisdiction, when--delay requirements.
40.119. Referring charges for trial requirements to be met in general court-martial.
40.121. Copy of charges served on accused by trial counsel--time requirement before he can be brought to trial.
40.124. Procedure in military courts.
40.126. Attempts to influence or coerce court prohibited--exceptions.
40.128. Trial counsel, duties--defense counsel, duties--accused's right to provide civilian counsel or choose military--assistant counsels, duties.
40.130. Pretrial motions, arraignment, pleas, court in session without members--proceedings to be in presence of accused and counsel --exceptions, vote and deliberations of members.
40.133. Continuances, granted, when.
40.135. Challenges, general or special court-martial.
40.138. Oath required for all judges, members, counsel, reporters, interpreters.
40.141. Time limitation to bring action--war time, certain offenses no limitation--computation.
40.144. Res judicata to apply, when--exception not a bar to civilian prosecution.
40.148. Not guilty plea, entered when.
40.150. Witnesses and evidence, authority to obtain.
40.153. Witness, willful failure to appear or to produce evidence, penalty --prosecutor shall prosecute.
40.155. Contempt, authority of military court--penalties.
40.157. Depositions authorized, when--procedure--exception--admitted into evidence, when.
40.160. Sworn testimony in court of inquiry, record admissible in evidence, when--exception.
40.165. Voting by members, procedure, general or special court-martial --instructions, content--exceptions--judge to rule on all questions of law.
40.168. Conviction to be by concurrence, exception--general court-martial majority, when--tie vote on challenge, effect.
40.170. Sentence and findings announced, when.
40.173. Record of proceedings authentication--verbatim, record not required when--copy to be furnished accused, when.
40.175. Cruel and unusual punishment prohibited.
40.178. Punishment, governor may prescribe limits.
40.180. Sentence, forfeiture of pay or allowance, effective when --confinement, begins to run, when, exceptions, how computed --defer service of sentence, when.
40.183. Sentence of confinement, where served--hard labor may be required --fee for keeping prisoner authorized.
40.185. Sentence, convening authority may approve, suspend or commute.
40.190. Trial record review by reviewing authority.
40.193. Opinion on general court-martial--drafted by whom--acquittal, limitations.
40.195. Record returned for reconsideration, when.
40.198. Rehearing limitations--dismissal of charges, when.
40.200. Sentence, approval by convening authority--powers.
40.203. Review--prohibited, when--general court-martial--bad conduct discharge, special court-martial--all other special and summary courts-martial.
40.205. Record of trial examined by judge advocate--board of review to review, when.
40.208. Boards of review--appointment--membership--qualifications--powers and duties.
40.210. Error of law, findings or sentence not incorrect unless prejudicial to rights of accused.
40.214. Appeals, when--accused's right to civilian counsel provided by him or military counsel--appellate military counsel, qualifications.
40.216. Sentence approval by governor required, when--governor's powers --sentence approval by convening authority, powers.
40.218. Probationer, violations--hearing, rights of probationer to counsel --procedure.
40.220. New trial, petition by accused when, grounds--time limitation.
40.225. Sentence, unexecuted portion--powers to remit or suspend, exception --discharge or dismissal ordered by governor, when.
40.228. Sentence set aside or disapproved all rights restored, exception --dishonorable or bad-conduct discharge not sustained, effect --dismissal not sustained, effect.
40.230. Sentences, proceedings, findings are final, exception--appeal on questions of law to state and federal courts.
40.231. Appeals from final decisions, how made.
40.234. Duty status required for conviction on certain offenses.
40.237. Principal in actions defined.
40.240. Assists offender, how punished.
40.245. Attempt to commit offense may be part of offense.
40.250. Attempt to commit offense even though failing in commission is offense, when.
40.255. Conspirators, deemed to have committed offense, when.
40.260. Advising or soliciting--desertion--mutiny--misbehavior before a hostile force--sedition--offense performed, punishment--not performed, punishment.
40.265. False representation to procure enlistment--appointment--separation --court-martial proceedings.
40.270. Ineligible persons--enlisted, appointed, or separated from service, person effecting--court-martial.
40.273. Desertion, defined--punishment by court-martial.
40.276. Absent from place of duty--court-martial.
40.278. Missing ship, aircraft or unit--court-martial.
40.280. Contemptuous words, used against certain officials--court-martial.
40.285. Disrespect to superior commissioned officer--court-martial.
40.290. Violence or willfully disobeying command of superior commissioned officer.
40.295. Strikes, assaults or willfully disobeys, warrant officer --noncommissioned officer--petty officer, court-martial, when.
40.300. Orders--failure or dereliction in obeying--court-martial.
40.305. Cruelty or maltreatment of persons subject to his orders --court-martial.
40.307. Mutiny--sedition--attempted mutiny or sedition--failure to suppress or inform--offenses, court-martial.
40.310. Arrest, resists or breaks--escape from confinement--court-martial.
40.312. Escape by neglect or improper release of prisoners--court-martial.
40.315. False apprehension, arrest, confinement--court-martial.
40.320. Delay in case--failure to enforce regulation of proceedings --court-martial.
40.325. Hostile force, in presence of, commits certain offenses--court-martial.
40.328. Attempts to compel officer to surrender to enemy or to strike colors without proper authority--court-martial.
40.330. Parole or countersign giving to person not entitled or giving improperly to entitled person--court-martial.
40.335. Forcing a safeguard, court-martial.
40.340. Public property, duty to secure when taken from hostile forces --failure to turn over to proper authority--court-martial.
40.350. Hostile forces, aid--court-martial.
40.355. Hostile forces, capture--conduct improper--court-martial.
40.360. Signs official documents with intent to deceive--court-martial.
40.365. Military property--sells, neglects, damages, destroys, loses --court-martial.
40.370. Property, not military--willfully, recklessly wastes or spoils --court-martial.
40.375. Hazarding vessels of the United States or state, causing to be hazarded--court-martial.
40.380. Leaving post while on duty--use of drugs, drunkenness, sleeping on duty--court-martial.
40.385. Fighting--promoting a fight or duel, failure to report--court-martial.
40.387. Avoiding work, duty or service--court-martial.
40.390. Riot or breach of the peace, causing or participating --court-martial.
40.395. Provocative gestures or words, constituting a threat of violence --court-martial.
40.398. Perjury--giving a false oath or false testimony in a matter of inquiry --court-martial.
40.400. False claims against United States or state--forgery or counterfeiting signatures--property or money, failure to deliver with intent to defraud--court-martial.
40.405. Larceny or wrongful appropriation of property--court-martial.
40.408. Officer's conduct, unbecoming to an officer and a gentleman --court-martial.
40.410. Neglecting or prejudicing discipline of the military--bringing discredit to state military services--exceptions, court-martial.
40.415. Military property, purchasing or receiving in pawn or pledge --court-martial.
40.420. Courts of inquiry, duties, how convened--members of court --counsel, appointment--parties to inquiry, how determined, procedure--records.
40.425. Oaths, persons having authority to administer.
40.430. Military justice--certain sections explained to enlisted members, when--complete text to be available on request.
40.435. Complaints against commanding officer, procedure.
40.440. Property of person damaged or taken, board convened to investigate, procedure.
40.445. Processes and sentences of courts-martial executed by civil officers, fees, how paid.
40.450. Process or mandates, authority to issue.
40.455. Fines and costs imposed by military court, how paid.
40.460. Civilian officers to execute required duties, failure to perform, penalty.
40.465. Actions against convening authority or member of court, prohibited, when.
40.470. Jurisdiction presumed, burden of proof.
40.475. Governor's powers to delegate authority--exception.
40.480. Purpose of military laws.
40.485. Expenses, per diems, transportation for military personnel and civilians required to participate, how paid.
40.490. Reemployment rights of persons ordered to active duty--attorney general to enforce rights.
40.495. Severability of sections.

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