Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 43
Highway Patrol, State


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Absent without leave, state military offenders, authority to apprehend, 40.023
Administration and transfer to department of public safety, 650.005
Alcohol-related driving offenses, expungement from records, procedure, 610.130
Amber alert system created, 210.1012
Amber alert system oversight committee, highway patrol representative to be a member, 210.1014
Badges, sidearms, purchase on retirement or disability authorized, cost, 34.140
Child less than seventeen years taken into custody, records of law enforcement agency required, 210.004
Commercial driver's licenses, testing, duties of highway patrol, 302.720
County highway patrol, certain first class counties, 57.570 to 57.600
Crime laboratory reports, introduction in evidence for preliminary hearings, procedure, 544.376.
Disciplinary actions, appeal procedure for certain officers, 590.500
DNA profiling system duties of the highway patrol, 650.050 to 650.060
Dog fighting, training to fight, pursuing live animals for amusement or gain, powers and duties, 578.030
Educational grants for surviving children of officers and employees killed in the line of duty, 173.260
Health benefit coverage mandated by general assembly to be applicable to health benefit plans for state employees, 104.801
Juvenile information governance commission, members, duties, meetings, annual report, 210.870
Motor vehicle certificates of ownership, requirements, certain vehicles verification, I.D. numbers examinations by highway patrol, duties, 301.190
Motor vehicles, bumper regulation, duty of highway patrol, 307.172
Registration of certain offenders, duties of highway patrol (Megan's Law), 589.407 to 589.410
Retirement benefits, subject to attachment, assignment, garnishment, and execution for child support, 104.250
Retirement system for highway employees and highway patrol, Chap. 104
Sexual offenders who change address to another state, duty of highway patrol to notify new state, 589.414
Sheriff or highway patrolman may order removal of vehicle abandoned on highway right-of-way, 304.155
Sheriffs and police departments to report stolen or recovered motor vehicles to highway patrol, patrol to maintain file, 301.230
Superintendent, appointment by department of public safety, actions approved by department, 650.005
Workers' compensation act, extension of provisions to include highway patrol, 226.160
43.010 Definitions.
43.020. State highway patrol created.
43.025. Primary purpose of highway patrol.
43.030. Superintendent--qualifications, appointment, powers.
43.032. Federal immigration law enforcement, patrol members to be designated for training.
43.040. Lieutenant colonel and majors--appointment, qualifications.
43.050. Officers and other personnel, numbers authorized--exceptions--enforcement of gaming activities, when--discrimination prohibited.
43.060. Qualifications, patrol and radio personnel--limitations on activities, exceptions--school board membership permitted--secondary employment permitted.
43.080. Service salary increases--annual salary schedule submitted to governor and general assembly, contents--service defined.
43.090. Clerical force--offices and equipment--radio station.
43.100. Salaries and expenses for highway work, how paid.
43.110. Travel expenses of patrol, how paid--fees.
43.120. Superintendent to regulate patrol--rank, appointment--officers to act in superintendent's absence--to compile criminal data.
43.130. Uniforms--allowance to members--vehicles and equipment.
43.140. Members' oaths.
43.150. Removal or discipline of members of patrol, procedure.
43.160. Duties of the patrol on highways.
43.170. Must stop on signal of member of patrol--penalty.
43.180. Powers of patrol members--investigation of crime, how paid for.
43.190. Authority to arrest, pursue violators.
43.195. Authority to arrest upon reasonable grounds for motor vehicle violations.
43.200. Search and seizure powers of highway patrol--authority to serve warrants, participation of sheriff--instruction of officers.
43.210. Person arrested to be dealt with according to law.
43.220. No authority to exceed duties authorized in this chapter.
43.250. Law enforcement officers to file accident reports with patrol, when.
43.251. Report forms--how provided, contents--approval by superintendent.
43.252. Highway patrol traffic records fund created, moneys to be deposited into fund.
43.260. Sale of patrol's surplus motor vehicles and watercraft--preferences to political subdivisions.
43.265. Motor vehicle, aircraft, and watercraft revolving fund, purpose--exempt from transfer to general revenue.
43.270. Criminal justice network and technology revolving fund, purpose.
43.300. Division created.
43.310. Director, appointed by superintendent--responsibility.
43.320. Assignment of highway patrol members to division--allocation of costs.
43.330. Duties of director.
43.350. Division established.
43.360. Director--appointment, qualification, duties.
43.370. Personnel, compensation, expenses.
43.380. Investigations, powers, procedure.
43.390. Division created--director appointment--powers of officers--salaries, expenses and compensation.
43.400. Definitions.
43.401. Reports, information to be included, entry of data into computer systems--patrol to be notified, when--report to be maintained as record during investigation.
43.402. Missing persons unit established, duties.
43.403. Responsibilities of other agencies.
43.404. Parent or guardian may report missing child, when, duty to notify patrol when child located.
43.405. False reports, penalty.
43.406. Missing children, patrol may notify registrar of vital statistics and last known school attended.
43.407. Birth certificate records of missing children to be flagged at request of patrol.
43.408. School records of missing children to be flagged at request of patrol.
43.409. Registrar and school to be notified when missing child is located.
43.410. Coroner to furnish fingerprints and dental records of certain deceased to highway patrol--duties of patrol--medical and dental records of missing child to be furnished to patrol.
Cross Reference

Department of corrections to notify repository of pardon, commutation of sentence or reprieve, 217.800 ***

43.500. Definitions.
43.503. Arrest, charge and disposition of misdemeanors and felonies to be sent to highway patrol--procedure for certain juveniles.
43.504. Access to central repository by private entities responsible for probation services--restrictions.
43.505. Uniform crime reporting system established--duties of department--violations, penalty.
43.506. Crimes to be reported, exceptions--method of reporting--repository of latent prints.
43.507. Disclosure of criminal history information, who may receive.
43.509. Rulemaking authority, department of public safety--rulemaking procedure.
43.512. Charge code manual, publication, use.
43.515. Rulemaking authority, highway patrol criminal record division.
43.518. Criminal records and justice information advisory committee, established--purpose--members--meetings, quorum--minutes, distribution, filing of.
43.524. Requests for delayed compliance, how made, when.
43.527. Payment for records, exceptions.
43.530. Fees, method of payment--criminal record system fund, established--fund not to lapse.
43.531. Criminal history information to be available to qualified persons and organizations.
43.532. Use of records, limitations--authority of central records repository to retain information--unlawful obtaining of information, penalty.
43.533. Toll-free number for information on registered sexual offenders, contents, procedure, publication--rulemaking authority.
43.535. Municipal and county government, MULES criminal record review permitted, fee--fingerprinting, when--confidentiality.
43.540. Criminal record review--definitions--patrol to conduct review, when, procedure, confidentiality, violation, penalty--patrol to provide forms.
43.541. Senate investigator to have access to criminal history without charge from criminal justice agencies reporting to central repository.
43.542. Approval of National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact--execution of compact.
43.543. Certain agencies to submit fingerprints, use of fingerprints for background search--procedure for submission.
43.544. Intoxication--related traffic offenses, policies required for forwarding to MULES.
43.545. Highway patrol to include incidents of domestic violence in reporting system.
43.546. Fingerprinting of applicants for background checks permitted by state agencies, boards, and commissions, when--procedure.
43.547. Gubernatorial appointees, fingerprint background checks required--procedure.
43.550. Revisor to make certain statutory reference changes.
43.600. Patrol to maintain toll-free hot line for reports of drunken or reckless driving, auto accidents or breakdowns, and criminal activities--duties of patrol after receipt--false reports, penalty.
43.650. Internet site to be maintained, registered sex offender search--confidentiality, release of information, when.
43.651. Online identifiers, patrol to make information available, when.
43.653. Highway patrol to create and supervise--location of lab.
43.656. Declaration of need for lab.
43.659. Powers of highway patrol.

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