Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 47
Townships, Removal of County Seats and Division of Counties


Rsmo Number Section Description
47.010. County may be subdivided into townships--changes.
47.020. Description of townships to be recorded--where.
47.030. Removal of county seat--vote of people.
47.040. County seat commissioners to be appointed if proposition adopted.
47.050. County seat commissioners--appointment--notice of meetings.
47.060. Meeting of commissioners to find new county seat.
47.070. Oath of county seat commissioners.
47.080. County seat commissioners to select new county seat, where.
47.090. May purchase land.
47.100. Donation of money or buildings may be accepted.
47.110. Deed to be executed.
47.120. Report of county seat commissioners to circuit court--proceedings thereon.
47.130. Purchase money, how paid.
47.140. Proceedings where title is not approved.
47.150. Vacancy in county seat commission, how filled.
47.160. Compensation of county seat commissioner.
47.170. On removal of county seat, commissioner to be appointed.
47.180. Bond, where deposited, recorded.
47.190. Town may be laid off into lots.
47.200. Sales and reservations of lots.
47.210. Purchase money of lots, how secured.
47.220. Commissioner for removal of the county seat to make deed, when.
47.230. Proceedings on default of payment for lots.
47.240. Prosecuting attorney to prosecute actions.
47.250. Forfeited lots, how redeemed.
47.260. Accounts to be kept by commissioner for removal of the county seat--settlements.
47.270. Purchase money from sales of lots, how applied.
47.280. County commission to supervise commissioner for removal of the county seat.
47.290. Compensation of commissioner to find new county seat.
47.300. Notice of the holding of courts at new county seat.
47.310. Proceedings for dividing counties.
47.320. Upon division--payment of indebtedness.
47.330. Actions--where and how prosecuted in case of division of county.
47.340. Personal representatives of estate--conservators, settlements, where made.
47.350. Transfer of unsettled accounts of personal representatives or conservators, when--procedure.

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