Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 53
County Assessors


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Appeals from board of equalization, limitation on assessor's testimony, valuation determination, 138.060
Assessment lists, how prepared, 137.115 to 137.135
Assessor of St. Louis County, not to be member of board of equalization, 138.135
Assessor paid from assessment fund, when, 137.725
Classification not to be changed by filing of subdivision plat in recorder's office, exception, 137.119
Clerks and deputies, appointment, compensation, 137.715, 137.725
Compensation and commissions lost by school operating levy reduction, offset procedure, 50.338
Compensation in certain first classification counties, 50.343
Consolidation of offices, certain cities may require county officers to perform like duties for city, 82.280
Conveyances, records of to be furnished by recorder of deeds to assessors in second classification and certain first classification counties, 59.245
County board of equalization, assessor a member, compensation, 138.020
County employees' retirement system, 50.1000 to 50.1300
Dogs, listed by county assessor, 273.160, 273.170
Factors to be considered by assessor in valuation of property, 137.076
Levee districts, duty and compensation of assessor, 245.445
List, failure to file, second notice required of assessor for first classification counties before penalty to apply, 137.345
Mobile home location, notification by director of revenue, 700.500
Records, authorizing use of photographic, microfilm or photostat reproduction, 109.120 to 109.140
State tax commission, powers and duties with regard to assessors, 138.380 to 138.470
Tax-exempt properties, report to be filed with state tax commission, when, 137.237
Taxation of manufacturers, duty, compensation, 150.310, 150.325
Taxation of merchants, duty of assessor, compensation, 150.050 to 150.060
53.010. Election--term--residency--exception, St. Louis City.
53.020. County clerks to issue certificate of election.
53.030. Oath.
53.040. Bond.
53.050. Bond (first class counties).
53.060. Deputies--appointment--assessor responsible for official acts.
53.073. Assessor to furnish collector a list of real property transfers (third, fourth and certain second class counties).
53.075. Additional duty (except first class counties).
53.077. Additional duty (certain first class counties).
53.080. Classification of real property by assessor, requirements.
53.081. Land sales report to tax commission.
53.082. Compensation--training program, attendance required, when, expenses, compensation (second, third and fourth class counties).
53.083. Compensation of assessor, how computed (Clay County).
53.084. Additional compensation, when (noncharter counties).
53.135. Travel expenses (third and fourth class counties).
53.175. Abstracts of property lists, duty to make and certify (second, third, fourth and certain first class counties).
53.200. Failure to perform duties--penalty.
53.250. Definitions.
53.255. Study required, when--certificate issued, when--minimum requirements--state funds withheld, when.
53.260. Expenses to be paid by state.
53.270. Exemption from continuing education courses, when--effect.

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