Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 54
County Treasurers


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bad checks, administrative handling fund, cost to issuer, when, exceptions, duties, 570.120
Bonds of county, treasurer's duties and powers in regard to sale, 108.090, 108.110
Compensation and commissions lost by school operating levy reduction, offset procedure, 50.338
Compensation in certain first classification counties, 50.343
County employees' retirement system, 50.1000 to 50.1300
Depositary, failure of, treasurer not responsible for loss, 110.260
Drainage district, treasurer to be custodian of funds, bond, 243.410
Homeless assistance program, duties, Jackson and St. Louis counties and certain first classification counties, 67.1064
Intangible tax forms, mailing, 146.056
Levee district, treasurer to be custodian of funds, bond, 245.515
Marriage licenses, additional fees, amount to be deposited in special trust fund for shelters for victims of domestic violence, 451.151
Road districts, county treasurer may be treasurer of special road district board, when, bond, 233.187
Lost or destroyed, issuance of duplicates, 165.031
Not to be paid or protested until budget estimate is filed, 50.740
Payment of, duty of treasurer, 110.240
54.010. Office created--election.
54.030. Term of office.
54.033. County treasurer vacancy caused by death, interim treasurer appointed, how.
54.040. Qualifications of county treasurer--persons ineligible for treasurer.
54.070. Bond.
54.080. New bond or additional security to be given, when.
54.090. Oath to be taken.
54.100. To keep office at county seat--county commission to provide vault.
54.110. Shall provide books and stationery.
54.120. Shall give duplicate receipts--inspection of books.
54.130. Shall report receipts and expenditures to commission.
54.140. County revenue to be kept separate; warrants, how paid out, violation, penalty.
54.145. Certain accounts and reports to be certified (second class and certain first class counties).
54.150. Accounts settled with commission semiannually--death, interim treasurer appointed, how--duty of commission.
54.160. Custodians of school funds--township organization counties excepted--bond required.
54.170. Settlement of county or township treasurer with the county commission for school moneys--vacancy caused by death, interim treasurer appointed, how.
54.180. Statement of accounts delivered to clerk of each school district.
54.190. Penalty for failure to make settlement.
54.200. Treasurer shall turn over papers, equipment to successor.
54.230. Deputies and assistants, compensation (second, third and certain first class counties).
54.243. Additional compensation of county treasurers, effective when (certain first class counties).
54.245. Additional duty (certain first class counties).
54.261. Compensation--training program, attendance required, when, expenses, compensation--vacancy, procedure (counties of the second, third and fourth classification and Clay County).
54.265. County governing body may authorize additional compensation for county treasurer--maximum allowed (second class and certain first, third and fourth class counties).
54.267. Compensation for attendance at training session for county officials (second, third, fourth and certain first class counties)
Cross Reference

County collector, Chapter 52 *** County electronic bookkeeping and accounting system authorized, requirements, 52.185 ***

54.280. County collector-treasurer, duties--fees authorized.
54.290. Annual settlements.
54.300. Suit on official bond.
54.310. Appropriation of moneys recovered.
54.320. Collector-treasurer, compensation--fees--deputies and assistants, compensation--training program, attendance required, expenses, compensation (township counties).
54.323. Tax maintenance fund established in certain counties of the third and fourth classification.
54.325. Delinquent and back taxes, additional amount to be collected by ex officio collector, use of moneys--audit of fund.
54.327. Moneys provided for budget purposes in certain counties of the third and fourth classification--moneys remaining in fund at end of calendar year, requirements.
54.330. Candidate requirements and bonds of collector-treasurers--bond requirements for deputies and assistants--vacancies.

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