Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 56
Circuit and Prosecuting Attorneys and County Counselors


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bad checks, administrative handling fund, cost to issuer, when, exceptions, use by prosecutors and circuit attorneys, 570.120
Capital cases, state to reimburse certain counties for prosecution, when, 50.853
Child death review teams, duties of prosecutors and circuit attorney, 210.192
Clerks of courts of record, prosecuting attorney to bring removal proceedings, when, 483.170
Compensation and commissions lost by school operating levy reduction, offset procedure, 50.338
County collector's office vacancy, duties to represent, no additional compensation, 52.150
County employees' retirement system, 50.1000 to 50.1300
Crimes committed in state prisons, prosecution, expenses, county to be reimbursed, limitation, computation, 50.850
Criminal records, central repository, duty of prosecutor to report certain information, 43.503
Defaulting county collector, prosecuting attorney to institute suit on official bond, 139.270
Delinquent land tax sales, penalty for failure to pay bid, prosecutor to bring suit for, 140.280
Delinquent taxes and fees payable to state director of revenue, prosecuting attorney to bring action for, when, 136.150
Escheats to the state, duties of prosecuting attorney, 470.030, 470.060, 470.200
Fire protection districts, violations, duty to prosecute or appoint special assistant prosecutor, 321.220, 321.600
Grand jury, prosecuting attorney may attend hearings, 540.130, 540.140
Indictments, facts not to be disclosed by officers, 545.090
Nonsupport criminal case, quarterly report to state child support enforcement agency, 568.040
Nursing home violations, duties of prosecuting attorneys, 198.015
Partner of prosecuting attorney, not to defend in certain cases, 484.170
Proceedings to commit tuberculosis patient, duties, 199.170 to 199.270
Prosecution of county offenses in constitutional charter counties, 66.010 to 66.140
Public defender system, payment by client all or part, duties, powers, 600.090
Senate investigator to have access without charge to criminal records, 43.541
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), duties, 208.040
Thistles, destruction of, duties of prosecuting attorney, 263.220
56.010. Prosecuting attorney--election--qualifications.
56.020. When term begins.
56.060. Prosecutor's duties, generally, expenses--employed attorney, how compensated.
56.066. Additional compensation (certain counties)--full-time prosecutor, St. Francois County.
56.067. Prosecuting attorney must devote full time to office or special prosecutions (certain counties).
56.070. Prosecuting attorney's duties--exception.
56.080. Duties--habeas corpus.
56.085. Criminal investigations, prosecutors or circuit attorneys may obtain subpoena for witnesses, records and books.
56.087. Dismissal of complaints, information, indictments, or counts by prosecuting or circuit attorneys without consent of the court--procedure.
56.090. Must be present, when.
56.095. Annual report required (second class and certain first class counties).
56.110. If interested in case, court to appoint substitute.
56.120. When sick, court to appoint substitute.
56.130. Power of appointee.
56.140. Subject to fine, when.
56.151. Assistants, investigators, clerical help, how paid, tenure--assistant prosecutors, qualifications of (certain first class counties).
56.180. Assistants--duties (first class counties).
56.190. Stenographers--duties (first class counties).
56.200. Assistants--qualifications, salaries (second class counties).
56.210. Assistants commissioned (second class counties).
56.220. Assistants--term of office--vacancy, how filled (second class counties).
56.230. Stenographic and clerical help (second class counties).
56.240. Assistant prosecuting attorneys--qualifications--oath--duties--compensation (third class counties).
56.245. Stenographic and clerical help, compensation (third and fourth class counties).
56.250. Special counsel--compensation--qualifications (second, third, and fourth class counties).
56.265. Compensation of prosecuting attorneys--training program, attendance required, when, expenses, compensation--definition, prosecuting attorney to include circuit attorney (noncharter counties).
56.291. To prepare written brief for attorney general in appealed criminal cases (third and certain fourth class counties).
56.293. To defend elected county officials in certain suits (second, third and fourth class counties).
56.300. Prosecuting attorneys--duties, coroners' inquests (third and fourth class counties).
56.305. Judicial paroles--duties (third and fourth class counties).
56.312. Fee for collection of delinquent taxes and fees--deposit--purpose--unexpended balance to remain in fund.
56.320. Fees paid to county treasury (first class counties).
56.330. Fees set aside as contingent fund (first class counties).
56.340. Fees--records--collection (second, third and fourth class counties).
56.350. Acceptance of fee for signing pardon application deemed bribery--penalty.
56.360. Employment in criminal cases prohibited--civil practice authorized.
56.363. Full-time prosecutor, ballot--effective date--continuing education requirement, duty to provide to peace officers--may qualify for retirement benefits, when--election in Cedar County.
56.380. Not to accept fee or reward, except salary, courts of criminal jurisdiction (cities of 700,000 or more)--penalty.
56.410. May be suspended upon indictment--governor to appoint successor.
56.420. Restoration to office.
56.430. Circuit attorney--election--qualifications (St. Louis City).
56.445. Circuit attorney and assistants to devote full time to office--special assistants may engage in civil practice (St. Louis City).
56.450. Circuit attorney--duties (St. Louis City).
56.453. Circuit attorney, additional duties, how established.
56.455. Circuit attorney to report on felons (St. Louis City).
56.460. Circuit attorney of St. Louis City, duty on felony and misdemeanor complaints--office hours.
56.470. Arrests for felony or misdemeanor to be reported to circuit attorney, when--penalty for failure (St. Louis City).
56.510. Circuit attorney, duties, coroners' inquests.
56.530. Circuit attorney, contingent fund.
56.540. Circuit attorney--assistants, investigators, clerical employees, duties--oath--compensation.
56.550. Circuit attorneys and assistants--oaths--duties.
56.570. Assistants and clerks--tenure.
56.600. Circuit attorney--salary--fees, collection, disposition.
56.631. County counselor, how appointed, tenure, qualifications, compensation.
56.640. County counselor and assistants, duties of.
56.650. Counselor to advise county commission--employees of counselor, how paid, tenure--assistant counselor, compensation, how set.
56.660. Special county counselors--employment--compensation--qualifications.
56.670. Certain counties may contract with a private attorney to furnish nonprosecutorial legal service.
56.700. Assistants for prosecuting attorneys, number, appointment, compensation.
56.750. Office of prosecution services created--purpose--services.
56.755. Executive director--staff--duties--office site.
56.760. Prosecutors coordinators training council created--officers, qualifications, terms, meetings, expenses--executive director, appointment, compensation, powers, removal from office.
56.765. Funding--surcharge to be collected in criminal and infraction cases, exceptions--registration fees--funds created--audit--use of fund.
56.770. Office of prosecution services not to usurp powers and duties of other officials.
56.775. Severability of provisions.
Cross Reference

Prosecutors, full-time, counties of first classification, county commission may elect position to qualify for retirement benefits, when, 56.363 ***

56.800. Retirement fund authorized, administration of.
56.805. Definitions.
56.807. Local payments, amounts--prosecuting attorneys and circuit attorneys' retirement system fund created--donations may be accepted.
56.809. Board established, trustees, terms, selection of--actuaries, advisors, counsel--audits--tables, rates, records--hearings, appeal--surety bonds--rules--powers of trustees--delegation of authority to advisors--records.
56.811. Members, eligibility.
56.814. Retirement age, creditable service required for normal annuity.
56.816. Normal annuity, computation of--reserve account established, purpose.
56.818. Benefits, annual cost-of-living increase, limits.
56.820. Partial years to be used in computation of creditable service.
56.823. Prior service, credit, limitation, amount.
56.824. Certain members may elect reduced benefit at age sixty-two.
56.825. Retirement of member, application to board--payments to begin, when.
56.827. Duration of benefits, exception--election to reduce benefits, spousal benefits allowed, when.
56.830. Death benefits, amount--surviving spouse entitled to benefits, when.
56.833. Deferred benefits allowed, when--forfeiture of creditable service, when, restoration of service, how--illness or injury, counts as service.
56.840. Benefits to retired employees, initial payments, when.

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