Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 57


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Absent without leave, state military offenders, authority to apprehend, 40.023
Age requirements for law enforcement officers in compliance with federal law is not unlawful employment practice, 213.055
Animal protection, peace officers, powers and duties, 578.030
Antifraud multijurisdictional enforcement group (MAEG), sheriff may elect to work unit, when, 70.877
Arrest without warrant, on suspicion, persons violating any law including misdemeanors and ordinances in jurisdiction, powers, 544.216
Child less than seventeen years taken into custody, record of law enforcement agency required, 210.004
Compensation and commissions lost by school operating levy reduction, offset procedure, 50.338
Concealed weapons, concealed carry permits, 571.101 to 571.126
Coroner, to perform duties of sheriff, when, 58.190, 58.200
County employees' retirement system, 50.1000 to 50.1300
County jail, sheriff to be jailer, duties, Chap. 221
Death penalty, duty of sheriff to deliver prisoner to correctional institution, when, 546.680
Earthquakes, floods, hazardous waste, tornados, public safety agencies may aid other public service agencies in state and border states, 70.837
Highways, roadways, rights-of-way state and county, plants, shrubs, removal or sales, penalty, duty to enforce, 229.479
Juries, petit and grand, duties of sheriff, Chap. 494
Mentally ill persons, transportation of, sheriff may be reimbursed, 632.312
MoSMART, Missouri sheriff methamphetamine relief task force, 650.350
Officer may call for aid, when, who must serve, 105.210 to 105.240
Sexual offenders registration duties, 589.400 to 589.426
Senate investigator to have access without charge to criminal records, 43.541
Sheriff to perform duties of coroner during coroner's temporary absence, 58.205
Wildlife, lawful hunting and trapping, interference, powers of peace officer, failure to obey, penalty, 578.153
57.010. Election--qualifications--certificate of election--sheriff to hold valid peace officer license, when.
57.015. Definitions.
57.020. Bond.
57.030. Reelected, new bond.
57.040. Failure to give bond, effect.
57.050. Approval of bond.
57.060. Bond valid until disapproved.
57.070. Certificate, bond and oath to be recorded.
57.080. Vacancy in office, how filled--private person may execute process, when.
57.090. To attend courts--when.
57.095. Service of process, immunity from liability for sheriffs and law enforcement officers, when.
57.100. Duties generally--concealed carry permits, duties.
57.101. Ordinances, city, town and villages, enforcement, requirements.
57.102. To report on jail and prisoners (second class counties).
57.104. Sheriff, all noncharter counties, employment of attorney.
57.109. May contract for services on federal water resources lands, limitation.
57.110. Duties as conservators of the peace--return of recognizance.
57.111. May act in adjoining county, when--deemed employee of sending county for purposes of benefits and compensation.
57.113. Duty to patrol certain highways (certain first and certain second class counties).
57.115. Sheriff may patrol roads and highways (third and fourth class counties).
57.117. Deputy sheriff to be resident of state.
57.119. Deputy sheriffs, temporary appointment.
57.125. Investigation of personnel for circuit court--jurors (certain first class counties).
57.140. Moneys collected on executions, to whom paid.
57.150. At expiration of term, to turn over funds to successor.
57.160. Failure to turn over--guilty of misdemeanor and subject to civil action on bond.
57.170. Summary proceedings against sureties.
57.180. Settlements of courts with sheriffs and marshals.
57.190. Penalty if sheriff or marshal fails to settle.
57.201. Deputies, appointment, compensation--serve at pleasure of sheriff (certain first class counties).
57.220. Appointment of deputies, provisions of law to apply (second class counties).
57.230. Salaries of deputies from county treasury.
57.240. Employment of other persons.
57.250. Appointment of deputies--compensation--duty of circuit judges--presiding judge may order additional deputies, when--provisions of law to apply (third and fourth class counties).
57.251. Sheriff to appoint deputies and assistants--compensation--provisions of law to apply--effective date (third and fourth class counties).
57.260. Duties--penalty for neglect (Marion County).
57.270. Powers of deputies.
57.275. Dismissal of deputies, procedure.
57.278. Deputy sheriff salary supplementation fund created, use of moneys.
57.280. Sheriff to receive charge, civil cases.
57.281. Fingerprint background checks, sheriffs in counties of the third classification may provide service to certain persons and entities.
57.290. Charges in criminal cases.
57.295. Uniform allowance, county may pay.
57.317. Compensation of sheriff--training program, attendance required, when, expenses, compensation (noncharter counties).
57.320. County may supply automobiles to sheriff and deputies (first class counties).
57.349. Sheriffs' motor vehicles, county commission to provide (second class counties).
57.350. Mileage expenses allowed (second class counties).
57.355. Additional duty, investigation of jurors (second class counties).
57.360. Additional travel expense (second class counties).
57.380. Collection of fees in civil and criminal matters, disposition (second class counties).
57.395. Sheriff to investigate identity of prospective jurors (third and fourth class counties).
57.403. Compensation for reporting to highway patrol (third and fourth class counties).
57.407. Additional duty, report on county jail, recommendations required (third class counties)--fees, civil, how paid, exception (third and fourth class counties).
57.408. Sheriff to establish personal property identification system (all noncharter counties and St. Louis City).
57.410. Sheriff to collect fees for county (third and fourth class counties).
57.430. Mileage--maximum amount--computed how--statement to be filed, contents (third and fourth class counties).
57.440. Travel expense to be paid monthly.
57.445. Living quarters (second, third and fourth class counties).
57.450. Laws applicable--enforcement of general criminal laws, when.
57.452. St. Louis City, sheriffs exempt from certification requirements.
57.460. Bond, by whom approved.
57.470. Process of courts in St. Louis City directed to sheriff of St. Louis City for service--exception.
57.475. To investigate certain deputies for circuit court.
57.490. To make itemized statement of fees.
57.500. Bondsmen liable, when.
57.510. Office and supplies furnished.
57.520. Expense paid out of city treasury.
57.530. May appoint deputies and fix compensation, limits.
57.540. Attorney--compensation.
57.550. Salary for sheriff and deputies.
57.570. Highway patrol authorized--rules.
57.580. Patrol to police highways and protect county employees.
57.590. Offices, clerical assistance, equipment, supplies, provided by county--cooperation with police.
57.600. Salaries and expenses paid from county aid road fund.
57.949. Definitions.
57.952. Sheriffs' retirement fund--management--source--effect of insufficient funds on benefits.
57.955. Sources of fund--remittances--disbursements.
57.958. Board of directors--powers and duties--election procedure--terms--expenses--annual report.
57.961. Membership in system--certain cities and counties may join, how.
57.962. Sheriffs' retirement system, election to be subject to system by counties and St. Louis City, surcharge imposed.
57.964. Retirement with normal annuity.
57.967. Normal annuity, calculation--medical insurance premiums for retired members--surviving spouse of member dying before retirement, benefits.
57.968. Annual increase in benefits--how calculated.
57.970. Years of service, calculation.
57.973. Credit for prior service.
57.976. Retirement, procedure--annuity begins, when.
57.979. Options that may be elected in lieu of normal annuity--surviving spouse to become special consultant, when, benefits.
57.980. Death benefits.
57.982. Disability benefits--effect of return to employment--disability beneficiary becomes normal retiree, when.
57.985. Deferred normal annuity--forfeiture of rights in fund--creditable service restored, when--absence counted as membership service, when--ineligible for benefits while in public employment.
57.988. Exemptions from taxes of state and political subdivisions, legal process and claims--rights unassignable, vested.
57.991. Effect of benefits on eligibility for benefits in other systems.
57.994. First payment of benefits under system available, when--vesting of rights.
57.997. Former sheriff may be employed as special advisor and purchase annuity.

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