Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 58
Coroners and Inquests


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Autopsy or postmortem by physicians and surgeons, consent required, penalty, 194.115
County employees' retirement system, 50.1000 to 50.1300
Death by violence, coroner in St. Louis City to notify prosecuting or circuit attorney of inquest, 56.510
District coroner and deputies appointed when, expenses, authorization for district, 70.010
Fees collected by county officers for others, disposition, 50.470, 50.480
Nursing home resident, death of, duty of coroner, 198.071
58.010. Office of coroner (certain counties).
58.020. Coroner, election--term of office (certain counties).
58.030. Qualifications.
58.040. Vacancy filled by governor.
58.050. Oath--bond.
58.060. Bond--sufficiency, how determined (certain counties).
58.070. Failure to give bond--office vacated.
58.090. Salary in lieu of fees (certain second class counties).
58.095. Compensation of county coroner--training program, attendance required, when, expenses, compensation (noncharter counties).
58.096. Compensation of deputy coroner, additional--training program, certification.
58.100. Fees (third and fourth class counties).
58.120. Travel expense (counties of third and fourth classification).
58.160. Deputies, appointment, compensation.
58.180. To be conservator of the peace.
58.190. To execute process when sheriff disqualified.
58.200. To perform duties of sheriff when office is vacant.
58.205. Sheriff or chief deputy to perform coroner's duties, when.
58.206. Special deputy coroner or special deputy medical examiner may be appointed, when--record-keeping requirements.
58.215. Coroner to file death certificates with registrar of vital statistics, when--compensation for extra duty.
58.260. Coroner may issue warrant to summon coroner's jury, when.
58.270. Sheriff to execute warrant.
58.280. Failure to execute warrant--penalty.
58.290. Failure of juror to appear--penalty.
58.300. Coroner to administer an oath to the jurors.
58.310. Charge to be given to jury by coroner.
58.320. Jury to remain together--exception.
58.330. Coroner to issue subpoenas.
58.340. Coroner to administer oath to witnesses.
58.350. Evidence to be reduced to writing.
58.360. Jury to deliver verdict in writing.
58.370. Death by felony--duty of coroner.
58.375. Reports of coroner (certain counties)--solicitation regarding funeral arrangements prohibited--embalming of body required, when.
58.380. Coroner to issue a writ of attachment for witnesses, when.
58.390. Attachment, how served--fees to be paid, by whom.
58.400. Sheriff unable to execute duties, warrant may be directed to householder.
58.410. Witnesses--discharged, when--may be fined or imprisoned, when.
58.420. Coroner to notify witnesses to appear.
58.430. Witness attached may be discharged on bail.
58.440. Refusal to testify--penalty.
58.445. Deaths due to motor vehicle or motorized watercraft accidents--report required when--tests for alcohol and drugs, when.
58.449. Test results, how used, released, when.
58.451. Death to be reported and investigated by coroner, certain counties, when--place of death, two counties involved, how determined--efforts to accommodate organ donation.
58.452. Child's death under age eighteen, notice to coroner by persons having knowledge--referral to child fatality review panel, when--procedure for nonsuspicious death, form, duties--autopsy, child death pathologist, when--disagreement on need for autopsy, procedure--violation by coroner, penalty.
58.455. Death certificate, how furnished, form, where filed, when (certain counties).
58.457. Penalty for failure to report death (certain counties).
58.460. Disposition of body a duty of coroner, when.
58.470. Death by poisoning--coroner may have analysis and examination made.
58.490. Unclaimed money or property found on deceased, turned over to public administrator by coroner.
58.500. Duty of public administrator on receipt of money or property.
58.520. Fees of coroners.
58.530. Additional fees, when allowed.
58.540. Compensation for taking testimony.
58.550. Liability for costs.
58.560. Surgeon's fee for postmortem examination, how paid.
58.570. Coroner to certify costs to county commission.
58.580. Costs and fees, when not allowed.
58.590. When costs to be paid by relatives.
58.600. Fraudulent charges--penalty.
58.610. Costs, when paid in advance.
58.620. Coroner's duties as to costs.
58.700. Medical examiner appointed, certain counties--option for certain counties with elected office of coroner to retain coroner or appoint a medical examiner, procedure, compensation.
58.705. Qualifications, tenure--vacancy, how filled (certain counties).
58.710. Assistant examiners and employees--appointment, compensation (certain counties).
58.715. Duties of medical examiner--prosecuting attorney to act as sheriff, when (certain counties).
58.720. Medical examiner, certain counties, to investigate, when--death certificate issued, when--place of death--two counties involved, how determined--efforts to accommodate organ donation.
58.722. Child's death under age eighteen, notice to medical examiner by persons having knowledge--referral to child fatality review panel, when--procedure for nonsuspicious death, form, duties--autopsy, child death pathologist, when--disagreement on need for autopsy, procedure--violation by medical examiner, penalty.
58.725. Autopsy, when--performed by whom--report filed (certain counties).
58.730. Law enforcement officers to cooperate with medical examiner (certain counties).
58.735. Dead body, how disposed of (certain counties).
58.740. Records, contents, how kept (certain counties)
58.745. Oaths, shall administer--examinations--affidavits (certain counties).
58.750. Penalty for failing to supply information (certain counties).
58.760. Election to adopt, when--form of ballot--transition provisions (certain counties).
58.765. Two or more counties may contract for medical examiner to serve them jointly (certain counties).
58.770. Pituitary gland to be retained when autopsy is performed unless decedent or next of kin has indicated a contrary intention.
58.775. Applicability of definitions.
58.780. Cooperation with procurement organization required--postmortem examination requirements--removal of body parts permitted, when.
58.785. Release of decedent information to procurement organizations, when--medicolegal examination permitted--recovery of body parts, requirements.

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