Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 59
County Recorders of Deeds


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Compensation and commissions lost by school operating levy reduction, offset procedure, 50.338
Compensation in certain counties, 50.334
Compensation in certain first classification counties, 50.343
County employees' retirement system, 50.1000 to 50.1300
Fees to be collected, deposit to retirement system, 50.1190
Flour brands, recorder to keep record, 417.130
Homeless assistance program, duties, Jackson, St. Louis County and certain first classification counties, 67.1064
Land list in certain first classification counties, recorder to keep, 137.415
Lien for internal revenue taxes, notice filed with recorder, duties, 14.010 to 14.030
Marriage license or certified copy issued, additional fee to be collected, how deposited, duties of county recorder, 451.151
Marriage record, statement and affidavit filed with recorder when lost or destroyed, 451.200
Mechanics lien on property of nonresident, notice filed with recorder, 429.110
Mortgages and deeds of trust, duties of recorder generally, Chap. 443
Plats, duties of recorder generally, Chap. 445
Records, photostatic or other reproducing techniques may be used, 109.120 to 109.140
Sheriff's deed, recording fee, time allowed, 92.852
59.003. Requests for records dated after December 31, 1969 to be made at original recorder's office.
59.005. Definitions.
59.010. Office created.
59.020. Election--term of office (first, second and third class counties).
59.021. Qualifications when offices of clerk of the court and recorder of deeds are separate.
59.022. Vacancy when offices of clerk of the court and recorder of deeds are separate, how filled.
59.041. Separation of offices of circuit clerk and recorder of deeds (certain second class counties)--office to be placed on ballot, when.
59.042. Vote required to separate offices of circuit court clerk and recorder of deeds, when.
59.043. Circuit court clerk elected, when.
59.044. Certain recorders to be paid statutory compensation.
59.080. Failure to give bond--penalty.
59.090. Circuit clerk to be ex officio recorder, exceptions (fourth class counties).
59.100. Bond.
59.110. Bond of clerk--deposited, recorded (fourth class counties).
59.120. Place of office--record books.
59.130. Seal.
59.140. Seal used by ex officio recorder.
59.150. Administration of oaths.
59.160. Office hours, cities of 300,000 or more population.
59.163. Instruments where recorded or filed in counties of first class having two recording offices.
59.167. Abstract of instruments in branch offices not required to be kept (first class counties).
59.170. Branch of Jackson County recorder's office in Kansas City--recording of documents at county seat of Jackson County permitted.
59.180. County commission to provide office and supplies.
59.200. Recorder or deputy prohibited from making abstracts of title--penalty.
59.210. Accounts audited and settled by county commission.
59.220. Compensation of recorder of deeds (St. Louis City).
59.227. Fees, record of and disposition of (certain first class counties).
59.230. Fees received--reports--deposited where (second class counties).
59.240. Fees to be collected--affidavit required--report, contents of (second class and certain first class counties).
59.245. Record of conveyances to county assessor (second class and certain first class counties).
59.250. Accounting of fees collected--annual report--moneys collected property of county.
59.255. Marginal release of deeds of trust book kept, certain counties.
59.257. Deputy recorders--appointment--qualifications--certain counties.
59.260. Circuit clerk to collect and report fees as recorder, when.
59.270. Deputies--compensation (certain first class counties).
59.290. Deputies--appointment--qualifications--compensation (second class counties).
59.300. Deputies, counties wherein clerk is ex officio recorder--appointment--qualifications.
59.310. Documents for recording--page, defined--size of type or print--signature requirements--recorder's fee.
59.313. Recorder's fees (St. Louis City)--page, defined--size of type or print--signature requirements.
59.318. Donation for homeless, recording of certain instruments (Jackson County).
59.319. User fee and an additional fee required to record--collection, deposit, distribution, use of--state treasurer, commissioner of administration, secretary of state, duties.
59.320. Fee to be paid before record made, exceptions.
59.321. One dollar filing fee required, used for county employees' retirement system or general revenue account.
59.330. What shall be recorded--legal description required, when--validity.
59.331. Certain personal identifying information not to be included in certain documents for recording, exceptions.
59.332. Redaction or removal of sensitive personal identifying information permitted, when, procedure (Jackson County)
59.335. Bankruptcy, certified copies of papers to be recorded--fees.
59.340. Records to be recorded in separate books by classes.
59.350. Conveyances of personal property recorded, how.
59.380. Land patents recorded.
59.390. Copies of land patents received in evidence.
59.400. Manner of recording.
59.410. Photographic copies deemed recording--to be bound.
59.420. Manner of recording (first class counties and certain cities).
59.430. Certificate on instrument recorded.
59.440. Abstract and index of deeds.
59.450. Index to marriage contracts and certificates.
59.460. Index to officers' commissions and bonds.
59.470. Index to instruments on file.
59.480. Recording of discharges from Armed Forces--definitions--duties of recorders--certain discharge records open records--disclosure of records, when.
59.510. Certified copy of deeds for land in different counties to be recorded, when.
59.520. Certified copy of record notice to purchasers.
59.530. Force and effect of certified copy.
59.540. United States land patents.
59.550. United States land patents--duties of recorders.
59.560. New abstract and index of deeds, when made--fee.
59.563. Electronic format for documents may be established.
59.565. Electronically transmitted signature valid, when.
59.567. Fees, collection procedure.
59.570. Records rebound, when.
59.580. Records transcribed, when.
59.590. New record books--designation--certification--validity.
59.605. Recorder to furnish assessor with list of mortgages and deeds of trust (second and certain third class counties).
59.610. Rerecording of conveyances--when--by whom.
59.620. Rerecording--free of charge, when.
59.630. Compensation for rerecording copyist.
59.640. Rerecorded conveyances admissible in evidence.
59.650. Neglect of duty--liability.
59.660. Neglect of duty--penalty.
59.700. Waiver of state's rights of reverter in certain property (Scott County).
59.800. Additional five dollar fee imposed, when, distribution--fund established.

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