Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 64
County Planning--Zoning--Recreation--Natural Streams and Waterways


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Airport zoning regulations, certain counties and cities, 67.1200 to 67.1224
Board of education, seven-director districts, may establish parks and playgrounds, 177.101
Certain municipalities may adopt county zoning regulations, 89.020
Financial interest statements, required filing, 105.483
Solid waste facilities, certain acquisitions, zoning ordinances to
apply, 260.247
Sports complex and convention regional authority, St. Louis, 67.650 to 67.658
Township organization counties, township zoning, 65.650 to 65.701
Zoning of alcohol and drug abuse treatment facilities, certain local governments, 82.461, 89.143
64.001. Drainage and levee districts subject to flood plain management, when.
64.005. District planning commission authorized, election--ballot form--certain lakes (Lake of the Ozarks, Truman Reservoir, Table Rock, Stockton, Mark Twain, Bull Shoals, Smithville, Wappapello, Pomme de Terre and Norfolk Lake).
64.007. District planning commission, members, appointment, compensation, expenses--other zoning provisions to apply.
64.010. County planning commission authorized (first class charter counties).
64.020. County planning commission--members--term--expenses--chairman (certain first class counties).
64.030. Planning commission--rules--employees--contracts (certain first class counties).
64.040. Master plan of county--contents--hearings--adoption (certain first class counties).
64.050. Approval of improvements (certain first class counties).
64.060. Regulations governing subdivision of land--bond (certain first class counties).
64.070. Approval of plats (certain first class counties).
64.080. Plans for major highway--duties of county commission--board of adjustment (certain first class counties).
64.090. Planning and zoning powers of county commission--group homes considered single-family dwellings--exemptions (certain counties of the first classification).
64.100. Division of unincorporated territory into districts--regulation (certain first class counties).
64.110. Further regulation of districts--hearing--order (first class counties).
64.120. County board of zoning adjustment--members--organization--powers and duties--appeal from (first class counties).
64.122. Regulation by board may limit uses of buildings, structures, or land in specific districts--special use permit issued by board, exceptions (first class counties).
64.130. Regulations shall govern, when (first class counties).
64.140. Amendment of regulations--protests (certain first class counties).
64.150. Enforcement officer--duties (first class counties).
64.160. Violation a misdemeanor (first class counties).
64.170. County commissions control construction--issue building permits--Jefferson County, separate provision--vote required for adoption of a building code, when.
64.180. Building commission--appointment--term--code of regulations--enforcement (first and second class counties).
64.190. Building commission--powers--exception (first and second class counties).
64.196. Nationally recognized building code adopted, when.
64.200. Violation a misdemeanor (first and second class counties).
64.205. Applicability of sections 64.170 to 64.200 (first and second class counties).
64.211. Creation of county planning board--election--ballot form.
64.212. Termination of county planning, election--ballot form.
64.215. County planning board, members (exception for Cass County), terms, removal, expenses, chairman (noncharter first classification counties).
64.221. Planning board, rules of procedure--records (noncharter first class counties).
64.225. Planning director, appointment, duties, employees, expenses (noncharter first class counties).
64.231. Master plan, contents, amendment, hearings, adoption, recording (noncharter first class counties).
64.235. Improvements to conform to plan, approval required (noncharter first class counties).
64.241. Subdivision regulations, contents, how adopted--bond for compliance (noncharter first class counties).
64.245. Subdivision plat or instrument describing not to be recorded until approved (noncharter first class counties).
64.251. Building or setback lines on major highways, hearing, modification (noncharter first class counties).
64.255. Building and lot regulations--nonconforming uses, regulations limited (noncharter first class counties).
64.261. Zoning districts, creation, regulations (noncharter first class counties).
64.265. Establishment of original districts, notice, hearings, powers of county commission (noncharter first class counties).
64.271. Change in regulations and districts, hearing before commission--effect of protest (noncharter first class counties).
64.275. Powers of county commission on review of report of planning board (noncharter first class counties).
64.281. Members of county commission as board of zoning adjustment, meetings, notice, procedure, powers--special permits, judicial review (noncharter first class counties).
64.285. Zoning regulations to supersede other laws or restrictions, when (noncharter first class counties).
64.291. Zoning enforcement officers, appointment, compensation, duties (noncharter first class counties).
64.295. Violations of law or regulation, misdemeanor--civil remedies (noncharter first class counties).
64.300. Sewers and ditches in certain first class counties near recreation areas to be enclosed--failure a nuisance--penalty.
64.320. Land acquisition for landfills, parks and recreation--authority to levy tax, limitation (Jackson and St. Louis counties).
64.325. Land acquisition for recreation and sanitary landfills--annual tax, amount (first class noncharter counties).
64.330. Board of park commissioners--appointment--duties (first class counties).
64.335. Park rangers, appointment, training, compensation, certification (Clay and Jackson counties).
64.337. County commission authorized to appoint and set compensation of park rangers--rangers, certification by department of public safety required, powers and duties (Clay County).
64.341. County commissions may lease lands and grant concessions for recreational and other purposes--procedure--county commission may operate (first class counties).
64.342. Park concession stands or marinas, county-operated, sale of refreshments, contracting procedures, proceeds go to county park fund (Clay County).
64.345. Regulations for use of recreational areas--violation, a misdemeanor (first class counties).
64.350. Recreational lands--county planning and recreation commission--qualifications, term--organization (second class counties).
64.360. Recreational lands--powers of county commissions (second class counties).
64.370. Recreational lands--powers of county planning and recreation commission--annual report (second class counties).
64.380. Recreational lands--power of county planning and recreation commission to make rules, to contract (second class counties).
64.390. Recreational lands--compensation for acquisition or damage of property (second class counties).
64.401. Extension of municipal park system to adjacent area--petition, procedure, approval--hearing, notice--election, ballot, form, procedure, resubmission--representation on board, appointment--if more than one county, procedure.
64.450. County parks--acquisition and maintenance.
64.451. County parks, taxes for establishment and maintenance--levy and collection.
64.460. Definitions.
64.463. Dumping in unlicensed area prohibited.
64.467. Application for dumping ground fee.
64.470. State department of health and senior services to approve area--county commission to issue annual license--renewal of license.
64.473. Revocation of license, notice and hearing.
64.477. Department of health and senior services to promulgate rules and regulations--inspection of licensed areas.
64.480. Law not applicable, when.
64.483. Law inoperative until county commission orders--notice and hearing.
64.487. Violation of law, misdemeanor.
64.490. Second, third and fourth class counties authorized to operate dumping grounds.
64.510. County commission may provide for county plan, when--county planning commission (second and third class counties).
64.520. County planning commission--members--term--expenses--chairman (counties of the second and third classification).
64.530. Planning or zoning to be adopted only after approval by voters--submission of question (second and third class counties).
64.540. Planning commission--general powers--rules--employees, consultants--expenditures limited--fees, third class counties (second and third class counties).
64.550. Master plan of county--contents--hearings--adoption (second and third class counties).
64.560. Not to affect strip mining--commercial structures permitted, where (second and third class counties).
64.570. Planning commission to approve improvements--public improvements may be made, procedure (second and third class counties).
64.580. Regulations governing subdivision of land--bond (second and third class counties).
64.590. Approval of plats (second and third class counties).
64.600. Setback lines on major highways (second and third class counties).
64.610. Powers of board of adjustment--hearing on regulations on setback lines (second and third class counties).
64.620. Building restrictions--limitations on regulations (second and third class counties).
64.630. Division of territory into districts--regulations to be uniform, conform to comprehensive plan (second and third class counties).
64.640. County commission may prescribe zoning regulations--hearings on plan--adoption (second and third class counties).
64.645. Plan or regulations not to be changed without notice and hearing (second and third class counties).
64.650. Enforcement officer--buildings subject to his approval (second and third class counties).
64.660. County board of zoning adjustment--members--organization--appeals to, procedure--powers of board (second and third class counties).
64.670. Amendment of regulations--hearings--protests (second and third class counties).
64.680. Regulations to supersede laws or ordinances (second and third class counties).
64.690. Violations constitute misdemeanors--enforcement of zoning regulations (second and third class counties).
64.695. Termination of program, procedure--form of ballot (second and third class counties).
64.725. Temporary county or township planning commission, qualifications, appointment, expenses--master plan adoption procedure, ballot--county or township planning commission, election, terms--petition procedure to appoint temporary commission.
64.727. County planning and zoning--election of members of county planning commission--reimbursement of expenses--terms of members--petition for election of members--effective date.
64.800. Creation of county planning commission--election.
64.805. County planning commission--members--terms--expenses--chairman.
64.810. Planning commission--general powers--rules--employees and consultants--expenditures limited--fees in certain counties.
64.815. Master plan of county--contents--hearings--adoption.
64.820. Improvements not to be made without county planning commission approval--exceptions.
64.825. Regulation of subdivisions in unincorporated areas--procedure--bonds.
64.830. Approval of plats.
64.835. Setback line on major highways.
64.840. Powers of board of adjustment--hearing on regulations on setback lines.
64.845. Creation of county zoning program--election.
64.850. County commission may prescribe zoning regulations.
64.855. Division of territory into districts--regulations to be uniform, conform to comprehensive plan.
64.860. County commission, powers--zoning commission, appointment, powers--fees in certain counties--hearing on plan--municipality may protest plan, effect.
64.863. Plan or regulations not to be changed without notice and hearing.
64.865. Enforcement officer--buildings subject to his approval.
64.870. County board of zoning adjustment--members--organization--appeals to--procedure--powers of board.
64.875. Amendment of regulations--hearings--protests.
64.880. Zoning regulations to prevail over other laws, regulations.
64.885. Creation of county planning and zoning program--election.
64.890. Building and land use restrictions--exemptions--limitations on use of powers.
64.895. Violations constitute misdemeanors--enforcement of zoning regulations.
64.900. Termination or continuation of county planning, zoning--election.
64.905. Purpose of sections 64.800 to 64.905--effect of adoption on preexisting program--Clay County and Cass County may operate pursuant to planning and zoning laws other than those of a county of the first classification.
64.906. Clay County planning and zoning commission, rulemaking authority.
64.907. Certain storm water discharge rules and ordinances authorized for certain counties--administration--imposition of tax authorized, ballot language.
Cross Reference

Sports complex and convention regional authority, St. Louis, 67.650 to 67.658 *** Sports facility maintenance tax (Jackson County), 66.500 to 66.516 ***

64.920. County sports complex authority authorized.
64.925. Scope of act, existing sports complex authorities, election to come under sections 64.920 to 64.950, how made.
64.930. Sports complex commissioners--terms--vacancies--compensation and expenses.
64.940. Powers of the authority.
64.950. Law not to impair powers of other political subdivisions--annual report.
64.975. Natural streams, procedure to adopt, voter approval required--question may be resubmitted to voters, when.

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