Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 65
Township Organization Counties


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Assessment and levy of taxes in township counties, 137.425 to 137.480
Assessor, election, laws applicable, 53.010
Bond proceeds and sinking funds, limitation on use, 108.180 to 108.210
County board of equalization, members of in counties having township organization, 138.010
County treasurer, ex officio collector in counties having township organization, 54.280 to 54.330
County treasurer, term of office in counties having township organization, 54.030
Estimated amount of revenue exceeds constitutional limits, county tax to be apportioned how, 137.070
Outdoor advertising, counties may restrict, 71.288
Refunding bonds, provisions relating to, 108.140 to 108.160
Revenue, collection in counties having township organization, 139.320 to 139.460
Special road districts, benefit assessments, provisions relating to counties having township organization, 233.320 to 233.445
Tax levy to be based on what assessment upon adoption of township organization, 137.425
Township hospitals, provisions relating to, 205.460 to 205.560
65.010. Adoption.
65.020. Adoption, abolishment--vote necessary.
65.030. Proposition submitted--election held, when--form of ballot.
65.040. Abstract of returns.
65.110. Officers to be chosen.
65.130. List of the officers elected.
65.140. Officers--notification of election.
65.150. Eligibility for office.
65.160. Oath--shall assume office, when.
65.170. Certificate--acceptance.
65.180. Refusal to serve--forfeiture.
65.183. Removal of township officers, procedure.
65.190. Failure to take oath--forfeiture.
65.200. Vacancies in office--how filled.
65.210. Warrant of appointment--notification to appointee.
65.220. Resignations, how accepted.
65.230. Compensation of officers.
65.250. No fee for oath.
65.260. Powers of townships.
65.270. Corporate power, limitations of.
65.280. Proceedings by or against township--conveyances.
65.290. Board of directors--duties.
65.295. Board may expend one-fourth of revenue on city streets.
65.300. Board of directors--meetings.
65.310. Board of directors--president.
65.320. Claims against township--procedure.
65.330. Audited accounts to be on file.
65.340. Claims against township, collection.
65.350. Board compelled to allow appeal, when.
65.360. Township charges.
65.370. Moneys to be collected, how.
65.380. Estimate of expenses.
65.390. Division of townships into road districts.
65.400. Missouri products--purchase of.
65.410. Clerk--general powers and duties.
65.420. Township clerk to be clerk of township board.
65.440. Copies of papers to be evidence in courts of record.
65.450. Procurement of books and stationery.
65.460. Township trustee, collector.
65.470. Trustee to receive and pay over moneys--suits on default.
65.480. Action to enforce penalties and forfeitures--employment of counsel.
65.490. Township funds, how paid out--school district funds, duties of trustees.
65.500. Accounts--annual settlement--report to board.
65.510. All books and papers to be delivered to successors.
65.520. Treasurer to settle annually with board for school funds--certified copy.
65.530. Township boundaries and new townships, how changed and constituted.
65.540. Creation of new township--duties of county clerk.
65.550. Proceedings in case of neglect or refusal to organize.
65.560. Failure of appointed officers to qualify--annexation of townships.
65.570. Division of township--disposition of property.
65.580. Meetings to carry this law into effect, how called.
65.590. Debts of divided township, how charged.
65.600. County collector and assessor--tenure upon adoption of township organization.
65.610. Abolition of township organization--procedure.
65.620. Abolition of township government--effect.
65.650. Township zoning, submitted to the voters, when--township plan, formulated.
65.652. Planning commission, established when, members, terms, compensation, chairman.
65.657. Ballot, form--majority vote required.
65.660. Commission, powers--may collect fee, adopt rules--records, commission to keep.
65.662. Master plan developed, purpose--contents--procedure to adopt.
65.665. Improvements, must be approved by commission, exceptions.
65.667. Regulations of commission, scope, commission may change, how.
65.670. Subdivision plats, must be approved, when, exceptions.
65.672. County commission may establish setback lines from roads, how.
65.675. Board of adjustment, established when, powers.
65.677. Building regulations, unincorporated areas, township board to regulate, when.
65.680. Division of unincorporated territory into districts, purposes.
65.682. Zoning commission, appointed when, powers, duties.
65.685. Change in prescribed use of land, hearing required.
65.687. Designation of zoning official, when--permit required for building alterations, when.
65.690. Board of zoning adjustment, members, terms, compensation not allowed--powers, duties--grant of variances, when--judicial review.
65.692. Regulations, change of by township board, procedure, hearing required.
65.695. Regulations more restrictive than private restrictions, regulations control.
65.697. Violation of zoning regulations, penalty--injunctions may be issued, procedure--inspection by official, when, failure to correct violation, penalty.
65.700. Termination of township zoning, procedure, effect.
65.701. Definitions.

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