Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 66
Constitutional Charter Counties, Miscellaneous Provisions


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Buildings, constituting nuisance, unsafe ordinances, contents, procedure, 67.410
Counties and cities not to adopt ordinances regulating rent in private or commercial property, exceptions, 441.043
County employees' retirement system, 50.1000 to 50.1300
Fireworks regulation, St. Louis County to have supremacy, 320.122
Outdoor advertising, counties may restrict, 71.288
Sale of bingo supplies exempt, 313.005
Sales and use tax, St. Louis County records may be inspected and audited by cities, towns and villages within county, 144.121
Taxes on property may be paid by installment, ordinance may be adopted, delinquency, interest rate, certain charter counties (Jackson County), 139.052
Traffic court in twenty-first judicial circuit, 479.500
Vending machines, sales of tangible property to owners or operators subject to sales tax, exceptions, 144.012
66.010. Violation of county ordinance, where prosecuted--costs and procedures--judges of county municipal courts, appointment, qualifications--divisions--recording of proceedings--certain violations of state traffic laws may be heard.
66.020. Style of prosecutions--complaints--sufficiency of testimony.
66.030. Informations by county counselor.
66.040. Warrants, how directed and executed.
66.050. Cause heard, when--postponement--bond.
66.060. Forfeiture of recognizance, when--procedure--record of judgment required, when.
66.070. Several persons jointly charged--amendment of complaint.
66.080. Punishment assessed, when--maximum penalty.
66.090. Prosecuting witness to give security for costs, when.
66.100. Fines recorded--how paid.
66.110. Court fees and costs, how collected--disposition.
66.120. Change of venue--disqualification of judge--procedure.
66.130. Sheriff to enforce ordinances.
66.140. Procedure same as in misdemeanor cases.
66.200. Municipal records transmitted to county agency, when.
66.210. Failure to comply with section 66.200--misdemeanor.
66.220. Highway patrol records, copies to county--access.
66.230. Forms.
66.240. Records center outside county--access.
66.265. Law enforcement service--voter approval, tax levy, amount--ballot form--collection. (Jackson County)
66.300. County utilities license tax authorized, rate limited (St. Louis County).
66.310. Revenue, how used.
66.320. County motor vehicle license tax authority, amount limited--exemption (St. Louis County).
66.330. Revenue, how used.
66.340. County cigarette tax authorized, rate limit (St. Louis County).
66.350. Tax to be collected by state division of collection, one percent retained by state--receipts, how distributed, minimum amount provided.
66.351. Federal decennial census results to be used for distribution of revenue from cigarette tax, county sales tax and motor vehicle fuel tax, when.
66.360. City cigarette tax abolished if county cigarette tax levied.
66.370. Revenue, how used.
66.380. Tax stamps, how affixed--state director of revenue to promulgate regulations, violation a misdemeanor--rules, promulgation, procedure.
66.390. Convention and tourism tax authorized (St. Louis County).
66.391. Delinquent taxes, interest rate authorized.
66.395. Revenue from convention and tourism tax (St. Louis County) how used.
66.398. Appropriations from convention and tourism tax, limitation on.
66.400. Contingent fund for prosecuting attorney established--funds, how expended (Jackson County).
66.405. Water service line fee--voter approval required--administration (including St. Louis County).
66.411. Municipal fire departments, vote required to dissolve, eliminate, merge, or terminate (St. Charles County, St. Charles city).
Cross Reference

County sports complex authority, organization, powers and duties, 64.920 to 64.950 ***

66.500. Definitions.
66.502. Sports facility maintenance tax submitted to voters--rate of tax--deposit in sports facility maintenance tax fund, purpose--distribution of revenue--percentage to neighborhood tourist development fund, established, purpose.
66.504. Voter approval of tax required.
66.506. Ballot, form.
66.508. Majority vote required.
66.510. Gross receipts tax on certain businesses, prohibited, when.
66.512. Revenue from tax, purposes, how used.
66.514. Provisions, exemptions and confidentiality of state sales tax to apply--exemption certificates form--collection of tax, deduction allowed for collection--refunds and penalties.
66.516. Refund or absorption of tax, prohibited.
66.600. County sales tax authorized, when--form of ballot--rate--use of brackets authorized (St. Louis County).
66.601. Collection of sales tax may be assigned by director of revenue with consent of county to county--powers and duties of county.
66.620. County sales tax trust fund created--tax revenue, how distributed--boundary changes, effect.
66.630. Taxes on motor vehicles, trailers, boats and outboard motors--how collected and distributed (St. Louis County).
Cross Reference

Section 2 of House Bills 551 & 552 enacted by Eighty-Seventh General Assembly (codified as sections 66.700 to 66.710) was held unconstitutional because it violated procedural requirement of Art. III, Sec. 23, Mo. Const., that no bill shall contain more than one subject and court severed section 2 from bill and declared it void. Hammerschmidt v. Boone Co., Mo., 877 S.W.2d 98 (Mo. en banc).(1994) ***

66.700. Certain counties of first classification with required population may adopt alternative form of constitutional charter, procedure, ballot form (Boone, Clay, Greene, Franklin, Jefferson).
66.703. Commission, appointed by circuit court to frame county constitution, members, qualifications, when.
66.705. Constitution effective, when--election to be held, when--may be by mail ballot--separate vote may be held on parts or alternative sections--ballot form.
66.707. Constitution certificates as ratified to be filed where.
66.710. Amendments to the county constitution, procedure, effective when.
66.711. Certain counties of the first classification may adopt alternative form of constitutional charter, procedure--constitution effective when.

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