Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 71
Provisions Relative to All Cities and Towns


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Adoptive parent who is city employee to be granted leave without pay, when, 105.271
Age requirements for firefighters and law enforcement officers in compliance with federal law is not unlawful employment practice, 213.055
Bridge corporation, to secure consent of municipality, 351.035, 351.040
Buildings and residences, ordinance may be enacted to require conspicuous posting of address for emergency location, 67.318
Buildings, constituting nuisance, unsafe, ordinances, contents, procedure, 67.410
Cemeteries, city may protect outside of city limits, 214.010
Cities to defend actions against firemen, when, 537.165
Classification, change in, not to affect property rights of city, 72.120
Construction, foreign corporation doing business with state or political subdivisions, requirements, 8.657
Contracts for jobs or service, preference to Missouri firms and businesses, when, 34.073, 34.076
Contracts with cities, how made, 432.070
Counties and cities not to adopt ordinances regulating rent in private or commercial property, exceptions, 441.043
Debt, additional amount, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(c)
Debt, limitation amount, vote required, Const. Art. VI § 26(b)
Donated goods, no zoning law, ordinance or code shall prohibit a nonprofit organization from reselling in same area as other retailers, 407.489
Drivers' licenses, municipalities may not require, 302.041
Earthquakes, floods, hazardous waste, tornados, public safety agencies may aid other public service agencies in state and border states, 70.837
Elections, Chap. 115
Electric plants, additional debt, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(e)
Emergency, location of property, ordinance may be enacted to require conspicuous posting of address, 67.318
Execution against city, mandamus to compel levy to pay, 513.410, 513.420
Extra compensation to officers, employees or contractors, after service rendered, prohibited, Const. Art. III § 39(3)
Fees, officers of certain cities to deposit daily, 95.505
Firearms, components, ammunition, legislation preemption by general assembly, exceptions, 21.750
General powers, cities may contract and cooperate with other governmental units, Chap. 70
Incorporation in proper class, manner of, 72.070 to 72.100
Information to be filed annually with state fire marshal, 320.271
Insurance plans, for elected officials and employees, political subdivision may contribute, procedure, 67.150
Jurisdiction, extended to include grounds of county hospital, 205.260
Library, council may provide penalties for injury to property and failure to return books, 182.240
License or fee adjustment not deemed "increase", as used in Missouri Constitution, Article X, Section 22, when, records required, 67.042
Life insurance voluntary plan for state and political subdivision, 105.1000 to 105.1020
Memorial airports, state aid for, 305.230
Mining operations within city, authorized, when, 444.100 to 444.120
Misdemeanors not to be prosecuted in police courts in certain cities, 545.010
Missouri calcium initiative, 34.375
Motor vehicles, municipal licenses, 301.340, 304.120
Nuisance abatement ordinances authorized for debris or noxious weeds on property, effect of failure to remove nuisance, penalty, 67.398
Open meetings and records law, Chap. 610
Parking spaces for the disabled, political subdivision's authority to establish, 301.143
Police commissioners, governor to appoint in certain cities, 84.020 to 84.040, 84.350 to 84.370.
Public property, cities may grant for state highways, 227.130
Purchases, contracts, leases by all public agencies to be only for goods produced in the United States, exceptions, procedure, 34.350 to 34.359
Records, authorizing photographic, microfilm or photostat reproduction, 109.120 to 109.140
Recreational facilities, development under agreement with U.S. Corps of Engineers, 70.325
Rights-of-way, additional debt, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(d)
Scenic roads and highway system, state, application procedure to join for municipalities or to be removed from system, 226.797
Sewage systems and waterworks, city or district, Chap. 250
Sewers, additional debt authorized, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(d)
Signs for sale or lease of real property displayed by owner, restriction by ordinance prohibited, 67.317
Solid waste facilities, certain acquisitions, zoning ordinances to apply, 260.247
Storm waters systems, additional debt, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(d)
Streets, additional debt, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(d)
Surplus property, cities may contract with federal government, 70.100, 70.110
Tax ceiling may be increased by governing body of political subdivisions when values assessed are reduced, 137.072
Waterworks, additional debt, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(e)
Wharf, city may lease, limitation, 237.210
Zoning of alcohol and drug abuse treatment facilities, certain local governments, 82.461, 89.143
71.005. Candidates for municipal office, no arrearage for municipal taxes or user fees permitted.
71.010. Ordinances to conform to state law.
71.011. Transfer of certain land between municipalities, when--procedure--exception--concurrent detachment and annexation, procedure.
71.012. Annexation procedure, hearing, exceptions (Perry County, Randolph County)--contiguous and compact defined--common interest community, cooperative and planned community, defined--objection, procedure.
71.013. Train crewman not to be personally liable under city ordinance or state statute for blocking crossing, when.
71.014. Annexation by certain cities upon request of all property owners in area annexed--deannexation, statute of limitations.
71.015. Objections to annexation, satisfaction of objections prior to annexation, procedure--certain cities, elections for annexation, procedure--cause of action for deannexation authorized.
71.016. Annexation of noncontiguous territory, when allowed.
71.017. Plat of proposed area--acceptance how--election, how conducted--approval by voters, effect of.
71.018. Exclusion of prior area from jurisdiction, when.
71.019. Condemnation authorized--bonds, how issued--cooperation authorized.
71.020. Changing name of town.
71.030. Proceedings before presentation of petition to change name.
71.040. Duty of the secretary of state.
71.050. Petition to change name--consideration--notice.
71.060. Order to change name.
71.070. Order to change name--duty of secretary of state--duty of courts.
71.080. Change not to affect rights accrued.
71.090. Unincorporated town or village--change of name.
71.100. May sell and convey commons.
71.110. Sale of commons--ordinances authorized.
71.120. Property held in trust.
71.130. Breach of trust--proceedings.
71.140. Purchase of Missouri products.
71.150. Property qualifications for officers not required.
71.160. Special census--qualifications and oath of supervisor.
71.170. Special census--enumerators--results certified.
71.180. Special census--compensation, supervisor and enumerators.
71.185. Tort liability for governmental acts, insurance, trial.
71.195. Security guards, license or permit issued by a municipality valid in any municipality in St. Charles County, definition.
71.200. Police force, appointment of men and women.
71.205. Pensioning of city employees--financing by municipal utility (cities 40,000 to 450,000).
71.207. Benefits from pension plan exempt from state taxes, execution, garnishment, attachment, and are unassignable, exception.
71.220. City prisoners, labor on public works--fines payable in installments.
71.230. Unimproved additions, how vacated.
71.250. Duty of county commission--procedure.
71.260. What consent necessary.
71.270. Streets, easements and commons in subdivision outside limits--petition--notice.
71.275. Annexation of contiguous land with a research, development, or office park project, procedure.
71.280. Section 71.270 not applicable to state or county road.
71.283. Residency for officers in certain villages, exceptions, appointed officers--acts prohibited for officers.
71.285. Weeds or trash, city may cause removal and issue tax bill, when--certain cities may order abatement and remove weeds or trash, when--section not to apply to certain cities, when--city official may order abatement in certain cities--removal of weeds or trash, costs.
71.286. Display of the United States flag, political subdivisions not to regulate.
71.287. Water usage, voluntary reports to division of geology and land survey, contents--city complying may charge fee on tax bill for improvements.
71.288. Restrictions on outdoor advertising--fee.
71.290. Public improvement--state or federal aid--procedures.
71.300. Courthouses and jails--erection and maintenance.
71.310. Armories--acquisition, maintenance.
71.320. Armories, not owned or leased by cities--maintenance.
71.330. Term maintenance defined.
71.340. Construction and repair of public roads--annual appropriation.
71.350. Parking facilities for motor vehicles, certain cities.
71.360. Parking facilities, how financed.
71.365. Sidewalks to have wheelchair ramps--specifications for--when required.
71.367. Deviations authorized, when.
Cross Reference

Municipal fire departments may contract with private providers for fire protection, vote required, 85.012 ***

71.370. Contracts for fire protection between incorporated cities.
71.380. Fire protection contracts.
71.390. Payments under contracts.
71.400. Cities may maintain joint fire departments.
71.410. Joint contract--validity.
71.420. Joint fire department committee--duties.
71.430. Joint fire department--use of building.
71.440. Joint fire department--cost of maintenance, how met.
71.450. Joint fire department--bond election--tax increase.
71.470. Joint fire department--issuance of bonds--imposition of tax.
71.480. Joint fire department--denomination and form of bonds.
71.490. Joint fire department--bonds, notice of sale.
71.500. Joint fire department--bonds to be registered.
71.510. Joint fire department--use of moneys from bonds.
71.520. Certain privileges granted to public utilities.
71.525. Condemnation of property of public utility or rural electric cooperative, restrictions, conditions--limitation.
71.527. Annexation, provision of cable television services.
71.530. Municipalities may contract for utilities--approval by majority of voters required, when.
71.540. Municipal water supply--contracts.
71.550. Water supply contract--voter approval.
71.560. Use of streets for railway purposes--petition of property owners.
71.570. Street railways--powers of municipality limited.
71.580. Proceedings before granting of franchise to street railroads.
71.590. Condemnation of property for street railways--ascertainment and payment of damages--procedure.
71.600. Damages defined.
71.610. Imposition of tax on business, when.
71.611. Certain villages prohibited from imposing a license tax in excess of $10,000 per license.
71.620. Imposition of tax or license fee on certain professions prohibited--imposition of tax or fee prohibited unless business office maintained--limitation on business license tax amount in certain villages.
71.625. License tax, payment, when deemed timely--municipal corporations, interest and penalties on delinquencies to apply.
71.630. Imposition of tax on producer prohibited, when.
71.640. Tax for band fund authorized.
71.650. Tax for band fund--limitations.
71.660. Discontinuance of tax for band fund, procedure.
71.670. Band fund--expenditures--contract with band.
71.675. No class action suits permitted for enforcement or collection of business license taxes imposed on telecommunications companies.
71.680. Garbage and refuse collection and disposal, contracts for--disposal facilities, acquisition, bond issue and contracts.
71.690. Garbage disposal--ordinances authorized.
71.700. Water supply--authorization to regulate and license.
71.710. Water supply--protection of sources.
71.715. Sewerage service charges may be imposed, how collected--use of proceeds.
71.720. Milk--regulation--inspection.
71.760. Smoke nuisance--penalty.
71.770. Smoke nuisance--enforcement of penalty.
71.780. Nuisances--expense of suppression, how paid.
71.790. Special business districts, how established--dissolution in the city of Springfield.
71.792. Ordinance to establish district--survey and investigation--cost estimate required--report of survey public record.
71.794. Establishing or altering size of district, procedure.
71.796. Powers of governing body in establishing and maintaining district.
71.798. Governing body to determine expenditures.
71.799. Cities of 350,000 or more--powers of district--governing body to determine expenditures.
71.800. Rate of tax--exception--abatement of certain tax benefits--new tax rate or special assessment, election, procedure, ballot forms--definitions--tax rate ceiling approved, effective when.
71.801. St. Louis City--taxation of urban redevelopment real property, ordinance to control.
71.802. General obligation bonds authorized, when--election, notice of--form of ballot.
71.804. Revenue bonds authorized, when--refunding of revenue bonds authorized.
71.806. Bonds, term of, form, interest rate, private sale authorized.
71.808. Benefit determinations by legislative body of city to be conclusive.
71.860. Application of section 71.015--exceptions.
71.870. Separate elections required for annexation--effective when.
71.880. Notice to election authority and governing body of county--map setting out boundaries to be posted in polling places, when.
71.900. Form of ballot.
71.910. Proposition not to be resubmitted, when.
71.920. City limits may be extended by ordinance if approved by unanimous affirmative vote in both elections--effective when.
71.922. Certain annexations effective on date determined by jurisdictions involved.
71.940. Codification and compilation of ordinances, defined.
71.943. Codification of municipal ordinances, contents--supplements authorized--code to be evidence in all courts.
71.946. Supplements to code to be deemed part of original code.
71.948. Copies of code on file with municipal clerks and open to public.
71.980. Financially insolvent municipalities, state not liable for debt.

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