Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 72
Classification and Consolidation of Cities, Towns and Villages


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Classification of cities and towns, uniform laws, Const. Art. VI, § 15
Constitutional charter cities defined, 82.010
Census may be taken when, 81.020, 81.030
Definition, 81.010
72.030. Third class cities.
72.040. Fourth class cities--villages may vote to become.
72.050. Villages--certain towns declared to be, when--villages may vote to become fourth class cities.
72.060. May cause census to be taken, when.
72.070. Election by city or town to become city of different class--village officers to act on becoming city.
72.080. Cities and towns may be incorporated in their respective classes--exception, certain cities must comply with boundary change law--exception, Cass County--owners of majority of certain class of property may object to incorporation, cause of action--definition--contents of petition.
72.090. Unincorporated city entitled to become third class city--may incorporate and adopt commission form, when.
72.100. City or town situated on county line.
72.110. Jurisdiction to remain same.
72.120. Rights of property retained.
72.130. No incorporation within two miles of existing city, where, exceptions.
72.132. Signers to state name, address and date when signing petition--time limit on petition.
72.135. Resubmission within year prohibited.
72.140. Reorganization to take effect, when--officers hold, how long.
72.150. Certain adjoining municipalities may consolidate--certain cities to comply with boundary changes law--consolidation of certain cities, towns, or villages in counties of the first, second, or third classification.
72.153. Cities separated by street or stream may consolidate as though contiguous.
72.155. Consolidation ordinance when initiated by municipality--contents.
72.160. Petition of voters for election--county commission to order election, how and when.
72.163. Petition for consolidation, contents, verification.
72.165. County commission to submit question, when.
72.167. Approval of municipality of petition by citizens, procedure on--certification to county commission, contents.
72.170. Form of ballot.
72.180. Consolidation effective, when--more than two cities, vote against, effect.
72.185. Charter commission to recommend name and form of government of consolidated municipality--approval by election.
72.195. Bonded indebtedness of municipalities to become debt of consolidated municipality--when.
72.200. Elections governed by laws governing bond issue elections.
72.205. Three-year limit on elections on petition of citizens.
72.210. Two or more cities may consolidate--procedure.
72.220. Procedure--form of ballot to be used.
72.300. Absorption of municipalities authorized (certain third class counties).
72.305. Resolution to absorb, contents of.
72.310. Election, how ordered.
72.320. Form of ballot.
72.325. Procedure for, and effect of absorption.
72.330. Liabilities or legal actions, effect on.
72.335. Bonded indebtedness, effect on--notice of indebtedness required in resolution and election notice.
72.340. Ordinances, effect on--corporate existence to cease, when.
72.345. Notice of approval of absorption, who to send and receive.
72.350. Courts to take judicial notice of absorption.
72.400. Definitions.
72.401. Law to be exclusive for boundary changes if commission established (St. Louis County)--procedure for boundary change--commission members, qualifications, appointment, vacancies--notice of ordinance establishing commission--list of appointees--terms--succession--conflict of interest--boundary adjustment and certain annexations not subject to commission review and not prohibited by existence of established unincorporated area, when.
72.402. Rules and regulations, commission shall promulgate--procedure.
72.403. Powers and duties of commission to review all boundary changes--no changes submitted to commission until April 15, 2001, exceptions, procedures--plan of intent--notice, publication of--approval of change, factors to be considered--commission may provide advice to proposing agents.
72.405. Boundary changes, approval or disapproval--commission may modify proposal--minor corrections allowed, when--simplified boundary change, procedure--noncontiguous boundary changes, required proposals--prohibited boundary changes, exception--proposing agent may modify proposal--commission may defer final action until after election, when.
72.407. Adoption of boundary change by voters, procedure--unincorporated pocket defined--cost of election, how paid--proposal concerning annexation and incorporation not to be submitted at same election, election void, when.
72.408. Limitation on resubmission--void petition, when.
72.409. Boundary change, effective when--transition committee established, members, how selected--to disband when delay in declaring new incorporated municipality, when--conflict of laws, this section to prevail.
72.412. Commission independent of county--budget request, appropriation level--application fee for annexation, use.
72.414. Approval of change, governing body to declare a municipality and designate metes and bounds--first officers designated by governing body.
72.416. Civil actions against commission, who may bring, cost and attorneys fees paid to commission, when.
72.418. New city not to provide fire services, when--annexation, continuation of services--city to pay fire protection district, amount--voting provisions.
72.420. Consolidation of multiple municipalities and unincorporated areas, must be contiguous--procedure, petition content--costs of election--ballot form--effective when--transition committee, how selected, duties.
72.422. Petition to remain unincorporated--unincorporated area proposal, procedure for creating established unincorporated areas--no boundary change to affect established unincorporated area prior to expiration.
72.423. Five-year planning cycle, procedures, map plans, review.
72.430. Standing for proposed boundary change.

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