Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 79
Cities of the Fourth Classification


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bonded indebtedness, provisions relating to, 95.370 to 95.410
Census, city may provide for taking, 81.030
City administrator authorized, 77.042 to 77.048
Condemnation, procedure for, 88.010 to 88.077
Counties and cities not to adopt ordinances regulating rent in private or commercial property, exceptions, 441.043
County property, subject to cost of city improvements, 88.743 to 88.750
Donated goods, no zoning law, ordinance or code shall prohibit a nonprofit organization from reselling in same area as other retailers, 407.489
Elections, Chap. 115
Farmers, selling own produce exempt from license, 150.030
Insurance plans, for elected officials and employees--political subdivision may contribute, procedure, 67.150
License or fees adjustment by political subdivision not deemed "increase" as used in Missouri Constitution, Article X, Section 22, when, 67.042
Officers' terms to be for four years, certain cities (Raytown), 205.031
Ordinances, codification and revision procedure, 71.940 to 71.948
Outdoor advertising, cities may restrict, 71.288
Public utilities, cities may acquire, own and operate, 91.450
Revenue, assessment and collection of, 94.190 to 94.330
Street grading, paid out of city funds, 88.677
Street lighting, board may contract for, approval by voters, 71.530, 88.770
Streets and sidewalks, cost of improving, how assessed, special tax bills, 88.680 to 88.713
Tax ceiling may be increased by governing body of political subdivisions when values assessed are reduced, 137.072
Tax levy for library, special purposes, limits, 94.260
Tax levy, limitations on, increase over limit to be approved by voters, 94.250
Water, board may contract for, approval by voters, 71.530, 88.773
79.010. Fourth class cities, incorporation of.
79.020. City limits may be altered, how.
79.025. Annexation of territory prohibited, when (City of Byrnes Mill).
79.030. Election of officers.
79.035. Primary election may be held, procedure, cost, exception.
79.040. Election ordered.
79.050. Elective officers, terms--chief of police or marshal, qualification--same person may be elected collector and marshal--board of aldermen, four-year term permitted, submission to voters required.
79.055. City marshal, training requirements, fourth class cities.
79.060. City to be divided into wards--aldermen elected--aldermen at large permitted for certain cities.
79.070. Aldermen, qualifications.
79.080. Mayor, qualifications.
79.090. Board to select an acting president, term.
79.100. Acting president to perform duties of mayor, when.
79.110. Mayor and board--duties.
79.120. Mayor may sit in board.
79.130. Ordinances--procedure to enact--inapplicable, when.
79.135. Proposed ordinance by petition, procedure (City of Savannah).
79.140. Bills must be signed--mayor's veto.
79.150. Board to keep journal of proceedings.
79.160. Board shall publish semiannual statements.
79.165. No money of city to be disbursed until statement is published--penalty.
79.180. Board may compel attendance of witnesses--mayor to administer oaths.
79.190. Mayor to sign commissions.
79.200. Mayor shall have the power to enforce laws.
79.210. Mayor--communications to board.
79.220. Mayor may remit fine, grant pardon.
79.230. Appointive officers.
79.240. Removal of officers.
79.250. Officers to be voters and residents--exceptions, appointed officers.
79.260. Officers' oath--bond.
79.270. Salaries fixed by ordinance.
79.280. Vacancies in certain offices, how filled.
79.290. Powers and duties of officers to be prescribed by ordinance.
79.300. Treasurer, duties--bond.
79.310. Collector to make annual report.
79.320. City clerk, election--duties.
79.330. Offices of marshal and collector may be consolidated.
79.340. Officers to report receipts and expenditures.
79.350. Mayor or board may inspect books and records of officers.
79.360. Misdemeanor in office, penalty.
79.365. Compensation of certain board and commission members, how fixed.
79.370. Board shall regulate sanitary conditions.
79.380. Diseases, control of--condemnation for public facilities--police jurisdiction, city-owned property.
79.383. Abatement of nuisance by civil action, city may be awarded attorney's fees.
79.390. Powers--water supply, marketplaces, city hall, prison, parks.
79.400. Powers--regulation of lumberyards, fences, animals and poultry--may establish pounds.
79.410. Powers--regulations governing.
79.430. Board may provide public cemeteries and regulate same.
79.440. Cemetery lots, how sold.
79.450. Certain activities to be prohibited and suppressed.
79.460. Board may prohibit carrying concealed weapons.
79.470. Board to set penalties, limitation.
79.480. Notice of action shall be given--when--contents.
79.490. Fourth class city disincorporated, how--election, notice.
79.495. Disincorporation without election allowed, when--diminishing city limits (certain fourth class cities).
79.500. Contracts not affected by disincorporation.
79.510. County commission shall appoint trustee.
79.520. Trustee, duties.
79.530. Trustee may employ counsel--report to county commission.
79.540. Trustee to make final settlement with county commission.
79.550. Municipal redevelopment authority, governing body may establish (certain municipalities).
79.552. Members, appointment, qualifications, terms--expenses (certain municipalities).
79.555. Powers of authority (certain municipalities).
79.557. Bonds, interest and income tax exempt--recognized as securities (certain municipalities).
79.560. Purchases of real property, cooperation of other political subdivisions--limitation of powers (certain municipalities).
79.565. Elected or appointed officials, no financial interest in authority operations (certain municipalities).
79.600. Annexation of trash and recyclable material facilities, procedure (City of Eureka)

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