Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 80
Towns and Villages


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Census, how taken--force and effect of, 81.030
Donated goods, no zoning law, ordinance or code shall prohibit a nonprofit organization from reselling in same area as other retailers, 407.489
Insurance plans, for elected officials and employees--political subdivision may contribute, procedure, 67.150
Outdoor advertising, cities may restrict, 71.288
Public utilities, town may own and operate, board of public works, 91.450
Villages may vote to become fourth classification cities, 72.050
80.010. Town construed.
80.020. Towns and villages--how incorporated.
80.040. Board of trustees--corporate powers vested in--terms of office.
80.050. Trustees--qualifications.
80.060. Trustees--oath--organization--meetings.
80.070. Trustees--quorum.
80.080. Trustees--powers and duties as to members and meetings.
80.090. Trustees--power to pass certain ordinances.
80.100. Trustees--style of ordinances.
80.110. Trustees--passage of ordinances.
80.120. Trustees--publication of ordinances--chairman.
80.130. Trustees--sprinkling and oiling of streets.
80.140. Sprinkling or oiling of streets--estimate of cost--notice of hearing.
80.150. Sprinkling or oiling of streets--special ordinance.
80.160. Sprinkling or oiling of streets--tax bill--limitation on cost.
80.170. Trustees--restraint of domestic animals.
80.180. Trustees--powers as to sidewalks.
80.190. Trustees--repair of sidewalks, procedure.
80.200. Repair of sidewalks--publication of notice.
80.210. Trustees--semiannual reports.
80.220. Semiannual report, failure to make--penalty.
80.230. Trustees--vacancy, how filled.
80.240. Trustees--power of appointment.
80.250. Appointed officers--bond.
80.400. Marshal--powers.
80.410. Marshal--police powers.
80.420. Marshal and policemen--removal.
80.430. Taxes a lien on property.
80.440. Redemption of property.
80.450. Compensation of county clerk.
80.460. County clerk to furnish abstract from assessment books--tax levy not to exceed maximum rate except by special vote.
80.470. Additional levies--maximum rates.
80.480. Assessment and collection of revenues.
80.490. Trustees--taxing powers.
80.560. Failure to elect officers--procedure.
80.570. Disincorporation procedure.
80.575. Election not required, when.
80.580. Disincorporation through failure of trustees to qualify.
80.600. No rights affected by disincorporation.
80.610. Trustee in disincorporation--appointment.
80.620. Trustee in disincorporation--bond.
80.630. Trustee in disincorporation--powers.
80.640. Trustee in disincorporation--report.
80.650. Trustee in disincorporation--duties on conclusion of trust.
80.660. Trustee in disincorporation--compensation.
80.670. Disincorporated town or village--disposition of revenue.

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