Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 86
Police Relief and Pension Systems


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bi-state development agency, bonds of, investment in authorized, 70.377
Constitutional provisions relative to police and firemen's pensions, Const. Art. VI § 25
Firemen's retirement and relief systems, Chap. 87
Police may maintain relief association for sick or injured in Kansas City, 84.800
Retirement benefits, subject to attachment, assignment, garnishment, and execution for child support, 104.250
Retirement or pensioning of officers and employees of political subdivisions, 70.600 to 70.755
Retirement systems, actuarial evaluation required at least biennially, 105.664
Savings accounts in insured savings and loan associations, investment in authorized, 369.194
Scholarships or grants for disabled personnel injured or survivors of personnel killed in the line of duty, 173.260
Workers' compensation law not to affect laws providing for retirement of policemen or firemen, 287.100
86.010. Definitions.
86.013. Name and date of establishment of pension system--exception for systems established under other provisions.
86.017. Membership regulations.
86.020. Service creditable.
86.023. Administration.
86.027. Vacancy, how filled--trustees to serve without compensation.
86.030. Oath.
86.033. Voting--quorum.
86.037. Board to have exclusive original jurisdiction--judicial review.
86.040. Chairman, secretary, actuaries.
86.043. Data and records of the board.
86.047. Legal adviser and medical board--duties.
86.050. Actuary--duties.
86.053. Regular actuarial investigation.
86.057. Annual valuation of assets and liabilities.
86.060. Service retirement benefit.
86.063. Allowance on service retirement--additional pension to persons having served in Armed Forces.
86.067. Ordinary disability retirement benefit.
86.070. Allowance on ordinary disability retirement.
86.073. Accidental disability retirement.
86.077. Allowance on accidental disability retirement.
86.080. Reexamination of beneficiaries retired on account of disability.
86.083. Pension to be reduced, when.
86.087. Retirement allowance to cease, when.
86.090. Ordinary death benefit.
86.093. Accidental death benefit.
86.097. Return of accumulated contributions.
86.100. Optional allowances.
86.103. Pensions offset by compensation benefits.
86.107. Trustees to manage funds.
86.110. Interest on funds.
86.113. Treasurer of city to be custodian of funds--vouchers.
86.117. Ten percent of fund may be in available cash--how kept.
86.120. Trustees and employees not to be interested personally in investments.
86.123. Method of financing.
86.127. Annuity savings fund.
86.130. Rates of contribution.
86.133. Proportionate amount to be deducted from each payroll.
86.137. Factors in determining deductions.
86.140. Members deemed to consent to deductions--payable into annuity savings fund.
86.143. Additional contributions.
86.147. Annuity reserve fund.
86.150. Pension accumulation fund.
86.153. Contributions to and payments from such fund.
86.157. Actuary to determine normal contribution rate.
86.160. Accrued liability contribution rate.
86.163. Amount payable to pension accumulation fund.
86.167. Accrued liability contribution discontinued, when.
86.170. Pensions and benefits payable from pension accumulation fund--exceptions.
86.173. Sum transferred to reserve fund, when.
86.177. Pension reserve fund.
86.180. Expense fund.
86.183. Contributions by city.
86.187. Guaranty.
86.190. Exemption from tax and execution.
86.193. Correction of errors in benefits, adjustments.
86.200. Definitions.
86.203. Establishment of system--name--effective date.
86.207. Members of system, who are--reserve officer not a member.
86.210. Service creditable.
86.213. Board of trustees to administer--members of board, selection--terms.
86.217. Vacancy on board, how filled--trustees to receive expenses.
86.220. Oath of trustees.
86.223. Quorum, number of trustees constituting--majority vote required, when.
86.227. Jurisdiction of board--decisions subject to judicial review.
86.230. Officers, selection--actuaries and employees, appointment, compensation.
86.233. Records of board--annual report.
86.237. Legal adviser--medical board--duties.
86.240. Actuary, duties.
86.243. Regular actuarial surveys--adoption of mortality tables--certification of contribution rates.
86.247. Annual valuation of assets and liabilities.
86.248. Assets of fund retained for benefit of members.
86.250. Members may retire when--application to board to be made when--compulsory retirement.
86.251. Deferred retirement option plan--election--deposit of retirement allowance in DROP account--termination of participation, when--forms of payment--effect of participation--death of member, payment of funds--accidental disability retirement allowance, effect--interest, amount--approval by IRS--election for monthly survivor annuity, when.
86.252. Distribution of interest of member, when--distribution periods before January 1, 2003--distributions on and after January 1, 2003.
86.253. Service retirement allowance, how calculated--military service credit--contributions refund, when--retiree, surviving spouses, special consultants, when, benefits reduced, when.
86.254. Special advisors, qualifications, duties, compensation--effective, when--surviving spouses as advisors, when, compensation.
86.255. Eligible rollover distribution payable, election to pay directly to plan--definitions--written explanation required by board, when--distribution made, when--prohibition on eligible rollover distributions to certain members, exception.
86.256. Annual benefit not to exceed certain amount--annual additions not to exceed certain amount--incorporation by reference of Internal Revenue Code.
86.257. Disability retirement allowance granted, when--periodic medical examinations required, when--cessation of disability benefit, when.
86.260. Disability allowance, how calculated--members as special consultants, when--benefits for children.
86.263. Service-connected accidental disability retirement for active service members, requirements--periodic examinations required, when--cessation of benefits, when.
86.267. Service-connected disability retirement allowance calculated, how--appointment as special consultant, amount to be paid, duties.
86.270. Investigation and examination of applicants for disability benefits.
86.277. Disability allowance ceases on return to service--status as member.
86.280. Death benefit--dependents' allowances.
86.283. Death benefits of retired member--dependents' allowances--cost-of-living adjustment.
86.287. Accidental death benefit--dependents' allowances.
86.288. Contributions paid to surviving spouses, when.
86.290. Accumulated contributions refunded, when.
86.292. Accumulated contributions to remain system assets, when.
86.293. Disposition of difference between benefits paid and accumulated contributions.
86.294. Contributions to be accepted after January 1, 2002, limitations.
86.295. Death while performing qualified military service, benefit distribution, to whom.
86.296. Trustee to trustee transfers to be accepted after January 1, 2002.
86.297. Workers' compensation or other benefits offset against allowances.
86.300. Trustees to manage funds.
86.303. Interest on members' accounts.
86.307. Treasurer, custodian of assets--payments from, made how.
86.310. Ten percent may be kept in cash--maximum per depository.
86.313. Trustees and employees not to have direct interest in investments.
86.320. Contributions, rate of--deduction from compensation.
86.330. Normal rate of contribution, how determined.
86.333. Accrued liability contribution rate defined--calculated, when.
86.337. Amount payable to general reserve fund--city's contribution.
86.340. Accrued liability contribution discontinued, when.
86.343. Annual expenses--city, board each provide one-half--board, duties.
86.344. Certification of amounts due and payable, when, to whom--city, to appropriate funds, when.
86.350. City obligated to pay cost of benefits and one-half of expenses.
86.353. Benefits exempt from taxes and execution--not assignable, exception, child support or maintenance.
86.354. Benefit vested and nonforfeitable, when--forfeitures, use of.
86.357. Fraud in obtaining benefits, a misdemeanor--adjustment of errors.
86.359. Retroactive payments to be lump sum with interest, rate.
86.360. Consolidation of retirement system created by sections 86.010 to 86.193 with system created by this law.
86.363. Board of trustees created by sections 86.013 and 86.023 dissolved and functions transferred, when.
86.364. Certain sections to terminate, when.
86.366. Retired members made special advisors, when--compensation--applicants, processing.
86.500. Police may form relief associations.
86.503. Fund, how created.
86.510. Definitions.
86.511. Pensions to be paid monthly.
86.513. First class cities may provide pension fund for police department.
86.517. Board of trustees of policemen's pension fund.
86.520. Board to have exclusive control and management of funds.
86.523. Refund of contributions, when--exceptions.
86.527. Board's decision on applications for relief or pension to be final.
86.530. Rewards, fees, gifts, shall be paid into pension fund.
86.533. Trustees may invest funds in certain bonds.
86.537. Trustees shall pay disabled members from pension fund, when.
86.540. Retirement, when, amount--surviving spouse, children under eighteen eligible, when.
86.543. Pension shall be paid after twenty years of service in certain cases.
86.547. Widow eligible for payments, when.
86.549. Special consultants, eligibility, compensation for.
86.550. Persons ineligible for membership.
86.553. Payments prorated if money insufficient for full payment.
86.557. Funeral expenses, when, amount.
86.560. Payments from pension fund by warrants only.
86.563. Payments from fund not to be diverted.
86.567. Pensioners may be recalled to duty in an emergency.
86.570. Pension may be terminated, when.
86.573. Books and accounts subject to inspection.
86.577. Annual report of pension fund.
86.580. All cities--police and firemen, service in Armed Forces to be credited in determining pension rights.
86.583. Municipalities in first class counties and certain cities may provide pensions--approval by voters.
86.584. Contributing members of retirement system to be represented on board of trustees.
86.590. Board of trustees authorized to invest funds, how.
86.810. Hancock provision to void sections.
CITIES 300,000 TO 700,000
86.900. Definitions.
86.910. Police retirement system created--election to continue system after decline in population.
86.920. Retirement board established, responsibility for operation of retirement system.
86.930. Membership of the board--election procedures--vacancies--oath.
86.940. Voting rights of board members.
86.950. Board to establish policies--officers and employees.
86.951. Board deemed a state agency--rulemaking authority.
86.960. Data and records--annual report--actuarial study--appointment of a medical board--common seal.
86.970. Compensation of board members.
86.980. Board members in active police service, leave to attend educational seminars.
86.990. Board to certify amount to be paid by city, when.
86.1000. Contributions to pension fund by city--board to certify to board of police commissioners amount required.
86.1010. Members' retirement contributions, amount, how determined.
86.1020. Board to act as trustee of certain funds--powers of the board.
86.1030. Benefits and administrative expenses to be paid by retirement system funds--commencement of base pension--death of a member, effect of.
86.1040. Retirement benefits not subject to execution, garnishment, or attachment--tax-exempt status of funds.
86.1050. Criminal liability not limited by retirement system laws--correction of errors.
86.1060. Board may sue and be sued--service of process, procedure.
86.1070. Findings of the board--review.
86.1080. Purchase of insurance policies permitted--indemnification--expenses of court proceedings may be paid, when.
86.1090. Membership of persons entering or reentering the force after effective date of retirement system.
86.1100. Creditable service, board to fix and determine by rule.
86.1110. Military leave of absence, effect of--service credit for military service, when.
86.1120. Termination of members after five or more years of service, credit towards retirement.
86.1130. Membership, terminated when.
86.1140. Leave of absence not to act as termination of membership--creditable service permitted, when.
86.1150. Retirement age--base pension amount.
86.1151. Tier II members, retire when--benefits, how computed.
86.1160. Termination of membership prior to death or retirement, effect of.
86.1170. Pension benefit after twenty-five years of service or injury in line of duty, when--retirees appointed as consultants to board, when.
86.1180. Permanent disability caused by performance of duty, retirement by board of police commissioners permitted--base pension amount--certification of disability.
86.1190. Workers' compensation benefit payments, offset against retirement benefits, exceptions--member's percentage defined.
86.1200. Permanent disability not caused by performance of duty, ten years of creditable service, retirement permitted--base pension amount--certification of disability.
86.1210. Partial lump sum option plan distribution authorized.
86.1220. Cost-of-living adjustments in addition to base pension.
86.1230. Supplemental retirement benefits, Tier I members, amount--member to be special consultant, compensation.
86.1231. Supplemental retirement benefits, Tier II members, amount--member to be a special consultant, compensation.
86.1240. Pensions of spouses of deceased members--surviving spouse to be appointed as consultant to board, when.
86.1250. Pensions of children of deceased members.
86.1260. Pensions of spouse and children of member who died in performance of duty.
86.1270. Retirement plan deemed qualified plan under federal law--board to administer plan as a qualified plan--vesting of benefits--distributions.
86.1280. Early retirement incentives, effect of.
86.1310. Definitions.
86.1320. System established--continuation of system after population increase, when--name of system.
86.1330. Retirement board established, members, duties--funds received, duties--oath of board members required.
86.1350. Voting by board, votes necessary to pass a motion.
86.1360. Administration of assets and transaction of business, board to set policies--rulemaking authority--officers to be elected, employment of staff.
86.1370. Data to be maintained by board--annual statement required--actuarial study and calculation required--medical board to be appointed--seal to be adopted.
86.1380. Certification by the board to the city for amount to be paid to the retirement system.
86.1390. Contributions to retirement system by cities, amount.
86.1400. Employee contributions to be deducted from compensation--payment by board of police commissioners.
86.1410. Board to be trustee of funds--powers and duties.
86.1420. Benefits and administrative expenses to be paid by system funds--commencement of base pension, when--death of member, effect of.
86.1430. Retirement benefits not subject to execution, garnishment, or attachment--exceptions--funds exempt from taxation.
86.1440. Criminal liability not limited by statutory provisions--correction of benefit errors by the board.
86.1450. Board may sue and be sued--service of process, procedure.
86.1460. Findings of board final and conclusive--judicial review.
86.1470. Board may purchase liability insurance--indemnification, when.
86.1480. Who shall be members.
86.1490. Creditable service, determination of--inclusions and exclusions.
86.1500. Military service, effect on creditable service--election to purchase creditable service, when--service credit for military service, when.
86.1510. Members entitled to prior creditable service, when.
86.1520. Duration of membership.
86.1530. Normal retirement dates.
86.1540. Normal pension, amount--early retirement option, when--election for optional benefit for spouse--pension after five years of creditable service--felony conviction, effect of.
86.1550. Termination of employment prior to five years of creditable service, lump-sum payment.
86.1560. Disability retirement pension, amount--definitions--board to determine disability, proof may be required.
86.1570. Offset to workers' compensation payments--member's percentage defined.
86.1580. Optional distribution under partial lump-sum option plan, when--death before retirement, effect of.
86.1590. Cost-of-living adjustments--base pension defined.
86.1600. Supplemental retirement benefit, amount, cost-of-living adjustments--special consultant, compensation--cost-of-living adjustments, rulemaking authority--member defined.
86.1610. Death of member in service, benefit to be received--death of member after retirement, benefit to be received--surviving spouse benefits.
86.1620. Funeral benefits, amount.
86.1630. Tax-exempt status of plan to be maintained--assets of system to be held in trust--member benefits vested, when--distribution of benefits.
86.1640. Incentives for early retirement, board to administer and pay.

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