Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 87
Firefighters' Retirement and Relief Systems


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bi-state development agency, bonds of, investment in authorized, 70.377
Constitutional provisions relative to police and firemen's pensions, Const. Art. VI § 25
Police relief and pension systems, Chap. 86
Retirement or pensioning of officers and employees of political subdivisions, 70.600 to 70.755
Retirement systems, actuarial evaluation required at least biennially, 105.664
Savings accounts in insured savings and loan associations, investment in authorized, 369.194
Scholarships or grants for disabled personnel injured or survivors of personnel killed in the line of duty, 173.260
Workers' compensation law not to affect laws providing for retirement of policemen or firemen, 287.100
87.005. Firefighters, certain diseases presumed incurred in line of duty--conditions--infectious disease defined.
87.006. Firefighters, certain diseases presumed incurred in line of duty--persons covered--disability from cancer, presumption suffered in line of duty, when--infectious disease defined.
87.010. Fund for pensioning firemen--treasurer of corporation ex officio treasurer of fund--cities other than first class to ratify.
87.015. How certain cities may be included in these provisions.
87.020. Creating board of trustees.
87.025. Duties and powers of board--assessment of members.
87.030. Rewards and gifts to pension fund.
87.035. Trustees may invest fund.
87.040. Disposition of interest--duties of legislative body of city.
87.045. Eligibility for and payment of a disability pension.
87.050. Death benefits, amount--eligibility--limitations.
87.055. Law applicable to whom.
87.060. Retirement pension, eligibility for and payment of.
87.063. Health care benefits for retirees--separate fund established for benefits and premiums--application by retiree to be special consultant, compensation to fund benefits.
87.065. Payments prorated when funds are insufficient.
87.070. Pension fund custodian.
87.075. Warrants, upon whom drawn.
87.080. Warrants, how drawn.
87.085. Annual report of condition of fund.
87.090. Fund exempt from execution.
87.095. Funeral expenses to be paid.
87.100. Relief associations may, by vote of members, amalgamate with board of trustees.
87.105. Penalty for misrepresentation.
87.120. Definitions.
87.125. Authorizing municipality to provide by ordinance for pensions.
87.127. Qualified government plan, retirement plan intended to be.
87.130. Membership requirements.
87.135. Members shall file detailed account of service--verification of service and issuance of service certificate.
87.140. Administration vested in board of trustees--how appointed--vacancies--compensation--oath--voting.
87.145. Board has exclusive original jurisdiction--review--rules and regulations.
87.150. Chairman--secretary--actuaries.
87.155. Data and record to be kept--annual report.
87.160. Legal adviser--medical board.
87.165. Actuarial investigation--establishment of contribution rates and tables.
87.170. Conditions of retirement.
87.175. Retirement for service--amount, how computed--refund of member's contribution.
87.177. Service retirement allowance, five year service and less than twenty--survivor to share benefits--cost-of-living allowance.
87.179. Funding for increases in benefit provisions from future benefits fund.
87.182. Deferred retirement option plan, established, may include self-directed program--procedures--election to stop participation, how--death, effect of--interest earned.
87.185. Military service during war credited.
87.190. Disability retirement after five years of service.
87.195. Ordinary disability retirement, when, amount.
87.200. Retirement for accidental disability.
87.205. Accidental disability retirement allowance.
87.207. Cost-of-living increase, how determined.
87.208. Cost-of-living increases for certain persons, when--how computed.
87.210. Disability beneficiaries to undergo physical examinations.
87.215. Reduction and suspension of pension, when.
87.220. Death benefits for beneficiaries of members in service or on accidental disability allowance--child to receive benefits, when.
87.230. Widow may serve as special consultant, when, compensation, duties.
87.231. Surviving spouse as special consultant to the board, when--compensation--effect on eligibility for retirement benefits.
87.235. Payments on proof of accidental death in service--beneficiaries.
87.237. Retiree to become special advisor, when, compensation.
87.238. Retired firefighters to act as special advisors to retirement system, when--compensation.
87.240. Accumulated contributions to be refunded, when.
87.245. Remainder of accumulated contributions paid to beneficiary.
87.250. Benefits under this law payable to whom.
87.255. Amounts payable by city under chapter 287 to be set off.
87.260. Board of trustees shall have exclusive authority to invest and reinvest funds in property.
87.262. Representative may be appointed to hold title to investments.
87.265. Interest to be allowed--credit to members' accounts.
87.270. City treasurer to keep funds, how disbursed.
87.275. Amount kept on deposit.
87.280. Trustees, employees not to have interest in contracts or money.
87.285. Assets in four funds--names of.
87.288. Retired firefighter not receiving cost-of-living benefit, special consultant--compensation, amount.
87.290. Members' savings fund.
87.295. Contributions by member, how computed.
87.300. Members deemed to consent to deduction--amount to be credited to members' savings fund.
87.305. Refunds of contributions, when.
87.310. Repayment with interest of contributions withdrawn on reinstatement of member.
87.315. Benefit reserve fund.
87.320. General reserve fund.
87.325. Contributions by city to general reserve fund.
87.330. Normal contribution rate, determination of.
87.335. Accrued liability contribution rate, determination of.
87.340. Total amount payable to general reserve fund.
87.345. Accrued liability contribution discontinued, when--decreased, when--changes amortized, when.
87.350. Expense fund, purposes, determination of amount.
87.355. Amounts due from city, certification, budget and appropriation.
87.360. Reserves made obligation of city.
87.365. Benefits exempt from taxes and civil process.
87.367. Health care plan may be adopted for retirees, procedure and funding.
87.370. False statement, a misdemeanor--adjustment of benefits resulting from false statement.
87.371. Unused sick leave, how credited.
87.380. Fire departments in cities of over 100,000 may create relief fund.
87.385. Board of trustees, how composed.
87.390. City treasurer ex officio member of board.
87.395. Treasurer--duties--bond.
87.400. Creation of fire department pension fund--sources of revenue.
87.405. Moneys set apart for pension fund.
87.410. Authorizing a tax for firemen's pensions in certain cities.
87.415. Warrants to be drawn on treasurer.
87.420. Powers of board of trustees.
87.425. Members of department may be assessed.
87.430. Funds may be invested.
87.435. Who shall be beneficiaries.
87.440. Widow and children may be awarded retirement pay, when.
87.445. Widow and children beneficiaries, when.
87.450. Relatives, when.
87.455. Members may be retired, when.
87.457. Health care benefits for retirees, separate fund established for benefit and premiums--application by retiree to be special consultant, compensation to fund benefits.
87.460. Funds to be prorated, when.
87.465. Money paid beneficiaries only on warrant.
87.470. Funeral expenses.
87.475. Honorary members, admission of.
87.480. Board of trustees to make report.
87.485. Funds exempt from garnishment or other legal process.
87.487. Fund subject to domestic relations order (Kansas City).
87.490. Associations authorized to transfer funds.
87.495. Firemen's pension fund provided.
87.500. Membership continued after retirement.
87.505. Funds to create fire department pension fund.
87.507. Health care benefits for retirees, separate fund established for benefit and premiums--application by retiree to be special consultant, compensation to fund benefits.
87.510. Honorary members admitted.
87.515. Treasurer to give bond--who may be.
87.600. Proposed change in benefits--notice and meeting with representative of members required.
87.615. Retired firefighters or their beneficiaries not covered by retirement system may be employed by certain cities as consultants, duties, compensation (St. Joseph).

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