Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 88
Public Works and Special Assessments--Condemnation


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bridge corporations, consent of city required for use of streets, 351.040
Burial grounds subject to special assessments for city street improvements, 214.190
Condemnation of property outside corporate limits in cities over 500,000, 82.790, 82.800
County planning commissions in first class charter counties, 64.100 to 64.110
Employment on public works during excessive unemployment, 290.550 to 290.580
Lands for public use, cities over 100,000 may acquire in or out of city, 82.240
National Defense Cooperation Act, 91.620 to 91.770
Parks sales tax to fund counties and cities, procedure, 644.032 and 644.033
Parking facilities, certain cities may acquire, 71.350, 71.360, 82.470, 82.480
Pipes and mains, cities may lay, 91.070
Plats in cities, towns and villages, general provisions, Chap. 445
Prevailing rate of wages to be paid on public works construction, 290.210 to 290.340
Public health, authority of cities to protect, 71.680
Public highways, control of by cities over 100,000 population, 82.190
Public improvements, cities may accept federal aid and meet conditions, 71.290
Right-of-way, railroad required to pave at street crossings, 389.620, 389.630
Sanitary drainage districts, cities over 300,000 and adjoining counties may establish, Chap. 248
Sewer districts in certain counties, Chap. 249
Sewerage systems and waterworks, city or district, Chap. 250
Sidewalks, powers of boards of trustees in towns and villages, 80.180 to 80.200
Sidewalks to have wheelchair ramps, when required, 71.365
Special road and bridge taxes, cities to share, 137.555, 137.556, 137.580
Special road districts may expend one-fourth of revenue on city streets, 233.095
Storm sewers, railroad to construct in cities under 30,000, liability for failure, 389.670 to 389.690
Storm water control, counties and cities, sales tax to fund, procedure, 644.032 and 644.033
Streets and sewers, additional indebtedness incurred how, 95.125
Streets, sprinkling and oiling in towns and villages, special tax bills for, 80.130 to 80.160
Streets, vacation of, procedure, 71.230 to 71.280
Taxation, illegal levy corrected, how, 94.040
Bridges, certain cities authorized to build, 234.310 to 234.330
88.010. Condemnation of private property.
88.013. Condemnation of property--petition for appointment of commissioners.
88.017. Condemnation of property--party defendant.
88.020. Condemnation of property--summons, how served.
88.023. Condemnation of property--appointment of commissioners.
88.027. Condemnation of property--assessment of damages, duties of commissioners.
88.030. Condemnation of property--commissioners' report.
88.033. Condemnation of property--filing of exceptions to commissioners' report.
88.037. Condemnation of property--assessment by jury.
88.040. Condemnation of property--appeals from judgment.
88.043. Condemnation of property--payment of assessed damages.
88.047. Condemnation of property--report of damages.
88.050. Condemnation of property--confirmation or rejection of report.
88.053. Condemnation of property--commissioners' compensation, how paid.
88.057. Condemnation of property--judgment rendered for city.
88.060. Condemnation of property--assessments a lien--special executions.
88.063. Condemnation of property--right to take possession after payment of damages.
88.067. Condemnation of property--change of venue.
88.070. Condemnation of property--duty of court.
88.073. Condemnation of property--right to condemn lands.
88.077. Condemnation of property--condemnation outside city limits.
88.080. Street grading--assessment of damages, procedure.
88.083. Street grading--benefits, assessments, lien on property--special judgment and execution.
88.087. Street grading--report of commissioners, contents.
88.090. Street grading--review of commissioners' report.
88.093. Street grading--cost of proceedings.
88.097. Street grading--payment of damages.
88.100. Public improvement--assessment against railroad real property.
88.103. Tax bill as lien against property, how released.
88.107. Assessment adjudged invalid--reassessment.
88.110. Proposed reassessment--hearing of objections.
88.113. Proposed reassessment--contents of ordinance.
88.117. New assessment not to exceed old.
88.120. Ordinance--conclusive.
88.123. New tax bills issued.
88.127. Construction of law--limit on frequency of assessment.
88.130. Expiration of time limit.
88.251. Utilities, franchises and contracts, procedure to grant, extend or renew--ballot form--majority vote required--notice required.
88.497. Condemnation of private property.
88.500. City tax bills.
88.503. Appropriation of private property--records of ordinances and proceedings.
88.507. Power to levy and collect taxes for general revenue purposes, and to improve streets, alleys, sidewalks, bridges.
88.510. Assessment of public property--street improvements, how paid--special tax bills.
88.520. Declaration of necessity for improvement to be published--protests.
88.523. Certain street improvements--protest, how heard and determined.
88.530. Improvements, costs--limitations--payment.
88.533. Condemnation of sidewalks.
88.613. Lighting of streets.
88.617. White way system defined.
88.620. White way system--powers of city council.
88.623. White way system--further powers of council.
88.627. White way system--costs, how paid.
88.630. Public works, governing statutes.
88.633. Water supply.
88.637. May open, vacate and improve streets.
88.640. Sprinkling and cleaning of streets--cost, how assessed.
88.647. Opening, extending or widening county roads--duty of council as to benefits.
88.650. Providing for levy of special assessment for cost of laying and extending water mains.
88.653. Declaration of necessity for improvement.
88.657. Owners to have thirty days to make improvements.
88.660. Cost to be assessed proportionally.
88.663. Special tax bills shall be assignable and collectible.
88.667. Condemnation of private property.
88.670. Public improvements--powers.
88.673. Board may open and vacate streets.
88.677. Public improvements--cost, how paid.
88.680. Street improvements--cost, how paid.
88.683. Street crossing improvements--special assessment.
88.700. Street improvements--declaration of necessity--taxpayers' protests.
88.703. Street repairs--cost, how paid.
88.707. Certain street improvements--protest, how heard and determined.
88.710. Sidewalk improvements--cost, how paid.
88.713. Condemnation of sidewalks.
88.743. County property subject to city ordinances.
88.747. Improvements, county property--duty of county commission.
88.750. Procedure upon failure of county commission to make improvements.
88.767. Sewage reduction device--assessment.
88.770. Street lighting system--electric or gas works.
88.773. Water supply--contracts.
88.777. Public improvement powers (cities, under 30,000).
88.787. Council to publish resolution declaring improvements necessary--filing of protests--contract let to lowest and best bidder (cities, under 30,000).
88.790. Assessment of public property--street repairs (cities, under 30,000).
88.793. Paving or improving street to connect with paved or improved streets--protests, how heard and determined (cities, under 30,000).
88.797. Sprinkling and oiling of streets (cities, under 30,000).
88.801. General sewer system (cities, 10,000 to 30,000).
88.804. Council may require owners to build or repair sidewalks (cities, under 10,000).
88.806. Sidewalk improvement (cities, under 10,000).
88.808. Sidewalk improvement--notice (cities, under 10,000).
88.811. Limited street improvement costs--special tax bills.
88.812. Special assessments for improvements authorized--plans and cost estimates, publication of public hearing required, when--attorney and engineering fees, limit on--lien, duration of--constitutional charter cities may make assessments for certain repairs.
88.814. Errors in tax bills, corrected, how--hearing required, when--adjustment authorized--general revenue funds to be used to pay balance, when.
88.815. Assessment notes may be issued by certain cities for improvements--content--how paid and secured--sales procedure.
88.816. Tax bills payable in annual installments, how--interest--effect of default on installment.
88.818. Record of tax bills--payment to owner or city--procedure on payment to city.
88.822. Apportionment of costs of improvement and issuance of tax bills--contents.
88.824. Costs of improvement to be estimated--contracts not to exceed estimate.
88.826. Construction of street and sidewalk improvements by city, when--special tax bills.
88.828. Cost of bringing street to grade included in special assessment for surfacing.
88.832. General sewer system may be established--special public sewer tax.
88.834. District sewers--sewers constructed, when--changes.
88.836. Apportionment of costs of district sewer--levy of tax--tax bills.
88.838. Joint district sewers, costs, how paid.
88.842. Private sewers, regulation--liability for repair and expense of sewers--condemnation of sewer right-of-way.
88.844. City may condemn property for sewers.
88.846. Special tax bills for sewers, validity, how collected.
88.848. When no bids received, city may construct sewer, tax bills.
88.852. Cost of sewer construction and disposal plants, how paid--limits on changes in sewer district.
88.854. Special tax bills, how collected--evidence.
88.856. Action on tax bills, how tried.
88.858. Names of landowners not required in tax bills--parties to action on, assignment--petition in action, contents.
88.861. Special judgment on tax bill, effect--interest rate--parties only bound.
88.863. Sidewalks--power of city council.
88.867. Definitions.
88.870. Council may regulate building of sidewalks and parkways.
88.873. Condemnation of sidewalks.
88.877. Sidewalk maintenance by owner.
88.880. Sidewalk construction.
88.883. Sidewalk maintenance by city.
88.887. Sidewalk districts.
88.890. Sidewalk improvement--assessments.
88.893. Sidewalk maintenance--tax bills.
88.897. Sidewalk improvement--certain tax bills a lien.
88.900. Sidewalk improvements--assessment of government property.
88.903. Special tax bills prima facie evidence.
88.907. Certification of tax bills.
88.910. Recording of tax bills.
88.913. Suit to enforce collection of special tax bill.
CITIES, OVER 150,000
88.917. Street grading (cities, 300,000 or over).
88.920. Street grading--damages and benefits (cities, 300,000 or over).
88.923. Notice of suit on special tax bills (cities, 300,000 or over).
88.927. Limiting lien on special tax bills (cities, 300,000 or over).
88.930. Condemnation of property (cities, 150,000 to 500,000).
88.940. City improvements--contracts.
88.950. Special benefit parking districts--condemnation, procedure.

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