Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 89
Zoning and Planning


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Airport zoning regulation, certain cities and counties, 67.1200 to 67.1224
County planning commission, first class charter counties may adopt, 64.010 to 64.160
Donated goods, no zoning law, ordinance or code shall prohibit a nonprofit organization from reselling in same area as other retailers, 407.489
Outdoor advertising structures, city ordinances may restrict, 71.288
Plans, plats or replats, approval of in cities over 400,000, 445.100 to 445.120
Plats, to be acknowledged and recorded, 445.010 to 445.090
Solid waste facilities, certain acquisitions, zoning ordinances to apply, 260.247
89.010. Applicability of law--conflict with zoning provisions of another political subdivision, which to prevail.
89.020. Powers of municipal legislative body--group homes, classification, standards, restrictions--enforcement of zoning beyond lake shorelines, when, how--foster homes, classifications of--certain municipalities may adopt county zoning regulations.
89.030. Zoning districts.
89.040. Purpose of regulations.
89.050. Powers and limitations of legislative body in city--hearings, notice.
89.060. Change in regulations, restrictions and boundaries--procedure.
89.070. Zoning commission--appointment--duties.
89.080. Board of adjustment--appointment--term--vacancies--organization.
89.090. Board of adjustment--powers, exception for Kansas City.
89.100. Board of adjustment--appeals, procedure.
89.110. Board of adjustment--decisions subject to review--procedure.
89.120. Violations--penalties.
89.130. Provisions of this law to govern, when.
89.140. Previous ordinances to remain in force.
89.143. Zoning law to allow certain facilities.
89.144. Peripheral zoning (third class cities over 25,000 inhabitants).
89.145. Peripheral zoning by certain cities--approval by county commission, hearing, notice--termination.
89.191. Municipalities in first class charter counties annexing territory with a prior zoning classification, zoning not affected.
89.210. Street defined.
89.220. Establishment of building lines.
89.230. Structures shall be required to conform to new line, when.
89.240. Assessment and payment of damages.
89.250. Law does not abridge or limit power of eminent domain.
89.300. Definitions.
89.310. Municipality may adopt city plan and appoint commission.
89.320. Planning commission--membership--terms--vacancy--removal.
89.330. Commission officers, rules, records, employees, expenditures--zoning commission to constitute planning commission.
89.340. City plan, contents--zoning plan.
89.350. Plan, prepared how--purposes.
89.360. Adoption of plan, procedure.
89.370. Powers of commission--recommendations.
89.380. Planning commission to approve improvements--commission disapproval, overruled, how.
89.390. Functions of commission.
89.400. Commission to make recommendations to council on plats, when--conflict with zoning provisions of another political subdivision, which to prevail.
89.410. Regulations governing subdivision of land, limitations, contents--public hearing--escrow funds, when released.
89.420. Commission to approve plats, when.
89.430. Commission approval of plats--effects.
89.440. Approval of plats required for recording.
89.450. Use of unapproved plat in sale of land--penalty--vacation or injunction of transfer.
89.460. Public improvements, how approved after adoption of major street plan.
89.470. No building permitted on streets not conforming to major street plan.
89.480. Establishment of building lines--board of adjustment.
89.490. Violation--penalty.
89.491. Violation of county planning, zoning and recreation order or ordinance, civil action authorized--venue, jurisdiction--costs.

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