Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 95
Financial Administration and Indebtedness


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Band fund, 71.670
Board of police to determine amount necessary to meet expenses of police department, appropriation (Kansas City), 84.730; (St. Louis), 84.210
Board of public works (third and fourth classification cities) to purchase supplies, when, 91.530
Bond issue for construction of subway in cities with over 100,000 inhabitants, 82.270
Bond issue for erection of jail in special charter cities, 81.110
Bond issues under the National Defense Cooperation Act, revenue bonds, sinking fund, 91.660 to 91.770
Debt, additional amount, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(c)
Debt, limitation, amount how determined, vote required, number of votes, Const. Art. VI § 26(b)
Deposits of public funds to be secured, 110.010
Electric plants, additional debt, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(e)
Fees of circuit attorney (St. Louis) to constitute contingent fund, how paid out, disposition of balance, 56.530
Fire department pension funds, city over 50,000, source of, 87.505
Firefighters' retirement pension fund, Chap.87
Free public highways over bridges, cities and counties may contract for, bond issues, 234.100 to 234.150
Industrial development indebtedness, Chap. 100
Library building fund, how created, 182.260; expenditures, 182.200
Library fund, management of, in cities of over 300,000, 182.440
Limitation on ownership of corporate stock, use of credit and grants of public funds by local governments, Const. Art. VI § 23
Missouri products to be purchased by officials, 71.140
Park funds in cities of less than 30,000 and in second and third class cities, 90.500
Parking facilities, financing, bonds, 71.360, 82.480
Police retirement pension system in Kansas City, Chap. 86
Pool and billiard table license fees, disposition of, 233.120
Private detectives and watchmen, power to license in certain cities, 84.340, 84.720
Public health nurse, city may appropriate money for, 192.170
Rights-of-way, additional debt, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(d)
Sewers, additional debt authorized, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(d)
Sheriff's expenses to be paid out of city treasury (St. Louis), 57.520
Special road and bridge tax, disposition of, 137.580
State, county and city property liable for cost of improvements, 88.900
Storm water systems, additional debt, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(d)
Street improvements, levy for in special charter cities, 88.790
Streets, additional debt, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(d)
Toll bridge revenue bonds, who may issue, refunding bonds, 234.220, 234.260 to 234.300
Treasurer of St. Louis, 82.490 to 82.530
Waterworks, additional debt, votes required, Const. Art. VI § 26(e)
Waterworks, certain cities may construct or acquire waterworks, 91.090 to 91.300
Withholding of salary or compensation for purchase of United States savings bonds, 105.160 to 105.200
95.115. Cities and towns may incur indebtedness, how.
95.120. Additional indebtedness of cities by special vote.
95.123. Indebtedness to establish revolving improvement fund, purposes, procedure.
95.125. Indebtedness for street improvements.
95.130. Indebtedness for waterworks, electric or other light plants.
95.135. Annual tax to pay principal and interest--indebtedness to be retired in twenty years.
95.145. Election.
95.150. Form of ballot.
95.155. Bonds issued, when, terms.
95.160. Provisions of sections 95.115 to 95.155, scope of.
95.165. Treasurer or other officer to register bonds when requested.
95.170. Form of bonds.
95.280. Depositary for city funds, how selected.
95.285. Depositary to deposit securities--contract term for depositaries, certain cities (Maryville).
95.320. Bonds to issue, when--rate of interest.
95.325. Not to increase indebtedness.
95.330. Sinking and interest funds to be provided for.
95.335. Bonds to be negotiable.
95.340. Bonds not to be registered with state auditor.
95.345. May issue bonds for certain purposes.
95.350. Bonded debt and interest, power to levy tax for--funding outstanding debts.
95.355. City depositary.
95.360. Collector to settle monthly with treasury.
95.370. Bonds may be issued to pay judgments, when--procedure.
95.375. Indebtedness of city not to be increased--proceeds from sale of bonds, how applied.
95.380. Tax to be levied for payment of bonds and interest.
95.385. Election to be held.
95.390. Form of ballot.
95.395. Bonds to be registered.
95.400. Construction of law.
95.405. Bonds may be issued.
95.410. Board may levy tax to pay interest on bonds--may issue bonds.
95.415. May issue bonds for payment of judgment--how sold.
95.420. Amounts--time to run--rate of interest--where paid.
95.425. Net income from water and light plants, how applied.
95.430. Bonds, how sold--proceeds, how applied.
95.435. Sinking fund to be provided.
95.440. Question to be submitted to voters.
95.445. Form of ballot.
95.450. Bonds issued, when--procedure, limits.
95.455. Bonds to be registered.
95.460. Effect of sections 95.415 to 95.455.
95.465. Mayor and two houses of legislation defined (cities over 100,000).
95.470. Certain cities may issue bonds to pay judgment debts--form, conditions of bonds (cities over 100,000).
95.475. Proceeds from sale of bonds used to pay judgment (cities over 100,000).
95.480. Sinking fund--annual tax (cities over 100,000).
95.485. Debt arising from purchase of waterworks, income applied, how (cities over 100,000).
95.490. Bonds presumed to have been regularly authorized and issued--negotiability (cities over 100,000).
95.495. Need not be registered with state auditor (cities over 100,000).
95.500. Certain laws not repealed--this law not to be impaired (cities over 100,000).
95.505. Certain municipal officers to pay fees to treasurer (cities over 200,000).
95.510. Board of aldermen to call bond election for national park or plaza (cities over 400,000).
95.515. Questions to be submitted--amount of bonds to be voted (cities over 400,000).
95.520. Bonds issued, when (cities over 400,000).
95.525. United States granted authority to establish parks in state (cities over 400,000).
95.527. Additional bonds authorized for national park or plaza--election (cities over 400,000).
95.530. Funds committee--membership--chairman--selection of depositary--duties of chairman--financial institutions, agencies and officials to report--bonds and securities--may invest funds, when, how (certain cities).
95.535. All fees to be deposited in treasury--duty of comptroller (St. Louis City).
95.537. Officers and employees, salaries paid biweekly (St. Louis City).
95.540. City may establish pension system for officers, employees and dependents--costs for utility, library, museum and zoo employees, how paid (cities over 450,000).
95.545. City may provide medical, health and life insurance for certain employees (St. Louis City).
95.547. Employees who may be covered (St. Louis City).
95.549. Program, how financed--services covered (St. Louis City).
95.551. Employee defined (St. Louis City).
95.553. Independent board employees, how handled (St. Louis City).
95.555. City authorized to contract with insurers--rules and regulations authorized (St. Louis City).
95.556. Officers to administer--membership and benefits as compensation.

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