Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 96
Municipal Health and Welfare


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Contagious disease, cities of fourth classification to provide regulations, 79.380
Dogs, control of rabies, mayor may issue quarantine order, 322.010 to 322.080
Food and drugs, state commissioner or local officers may abate violations detrimental to public health, 196.230
Hospitals, certain cities may acquire property for, 81.190, 82.240
Nuisances, injurious to health and welfare, cities empowered to suppress, 71.780
Protection of public health, cities to provide means of, acquisition of property for health and welfare purposes, 71.680
Public health and hospitals, additional tax levy authorized for, 80.470, 92.020, 94.070, 94.260, 94.400
Public health nurse, city and county may provide, when, for what purposes, 192.140 to 192.170
Quarantine, fourth classification cities may provide for, 79.380
Rules and regulations of state department of health and senior services to supersede local rules, exceptions, 192.290, 192.310
Sale of milk, cities may regulate and provide for inspection, 71.720
Sewage reduction plant, cost to be assessed against district in fourth class cities, 88.767
Slaughterhouses and businesses detrimental to health, regulation, third and fourth classification cities, 77.560, 79.370
Water supply, cities to protect from contamination, 71.710
Water supply, department of natural resources to approve source and method of purification, certain cities exempt, Chap. 640
96.150. Submission of question to voters--maximum tax authorized--approval required--tax may be ended--board of trustees, authority to operate or lease hospital.
96.160. Board of trustees--appointment.
96.170. Terms of office of trustees--vacancies.
96.175. Removal of trustees, procedure.
96.180. Organization of board--rules and regulations.
96.190. Board to control expenditures, funds--employ assistants.
96.192. Investment of hospital funds, limitations.
96.195. Facility funds only to be used--nonliability of city.
96.196. Hospital may purchase, operate or lease related facilities outside city or county--limitations.
96.200. Annual report--how, when made.
96.210. Bequests, donations--board to be special trustees.
96.220. Special taxes under this law to be collected as are regular municipal taxes.
96.222. Bonds, issuance of--payable from revenue--mortgage authorized.
96.224. Bonds not indebtedness of state.
96.226. Bonds, interest, mature when.
96.228. Bonds secured how, rights of bondholder.
96.229. Charter hospitals, election to be governed by nonprofit corporation law, procedure.
96.230. Authorizing certain cities to create social welfare boards.
96.240. Board--powers and duties.
96.250. Personnel of board--terms.
96.260. Board shall meet and organize.
96.270. Money deposited with treasurer, who shall give bond.
96.280. Record of proceedings--annual report.
96.290. Boards shall furnish relief, when.

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