Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 103
Health Plan for State Employees


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Chapter Cross Reference
Life insurance voluntary plan for state and political subdivisions, 105.1000 to 105.1020
103.003 Definitions.
103.005. Missouri consolidated health care plan established, purpose--powers to carry out plan.
103.008. Administration to be by board of trustees--members, qualifications, appointment, terms--vacancies.
103.010. MOSERS medical staff will serve jointly on both boards--rates and services, decisions prior to January 1, 1994, to be made by MOSERS board.
103.012. Board chairman and vice chairman elected annually by secret ballot--powers and duties.
103.014. Executive director appointed by board, not to be board member--powers and duties.
103.016. Executive director and staff to be state employees--board members not to be employed by plan for four years after leaving board, exception.
103.019. Staff salaries to be set by board.
103.020. Summons and writs to be served on executive director.
103.023. Actuary or actuarial firm to give technical advice.
103.025. Annual audit of records and accounts by CPA.
103.027. Records to be open to public--annual report on financial condition of plan, content.
103.029. Attorney at law may be employed for legal advice and representation.
103.032. Investment counselors may be employed for investment advice, qualifications, duties.
103.036. Benefit trust fund account to be established by board, purpose--powers of board to carry out duties.
103.039. Deposit of funds--commingling of funds prohibited--executive director to be responsible, bond required.
103.042. Board to serve without compensation--expenses authorized--board members performing duties not to suffer loss of their regular compensation.
103.045. Meetings of board, held where and how set--notice to board members.
103.047. Board members to have one vote--six members to be quorum--majority vote of trustees present for official actions--meeting not required, procedure to determine will of board.
103.050. Principal office for plan to be in Jefferson City, seal--courts to take judicial notice.
103.055. Errors in members or providers receiving more or less than entitled to--board's power to correct or recover overpayments.
103.057. False statement or falsifying record of plan, penalty.
103.059. Rules authorized, duties of board.
103.061. Inspection by board of accounts and records of participants in plan or requesting participants.
103.064. Subpoena of witnesses or production of records, powers of board.
103.067. Trustees and employees not to profit from plan transactions--acceptance of gratuity or compensation to influence investment, penalties.
103.070. Tax exemptions for plan's assets.
103.075. Plan to become effective on January 1, 1994--prior to effective date employees' retirement medical care plan to remain in effect.
103.078. Foster parents permitted to purchase, when.
103.079. Health care programs sponsored by other state agencies may become part of consolidated plan, procedure--departments may review plan and withdraw, when--higher education entities may become part of consolidated plan, procedure.
103.080. High deductible plans and health savings accounts to be offered--definitions--premiums--consumer-driven health care plans--rulemaking authority.
103.083. Medical benefit coverage, board's authority to contract for--comparable benefits for employees relying on spiritual healing.
103.084. Recommendation to change to an October first plan year for health care provider contracts.
103.085. Termination of coverage, when, exceptions, certain persons may choose to continue coverage, requirements.
103.089. Medicare benefits participants, effect.
103.095. General assembly members, elected officials and employees who cease to hold office may continue coverage--time limitation to elect coverage.
103.098. Thirty-day enrollment period for state employees, retirees and dependents--preexisting condition not covered for twelve months.
103.100. Cost of medical benefit program, estimated amount, how computed--notification of authorized medical benefit options--recommendation of portion to be paid by employees--appropriations requested.
103.105. Participating member agencies to pay executive director monthly--payment deposited in health fund.
103.110. Certification of costs of providing recommended options--premium amounts, payment--deposit in fund.
103.115. Consultants, former employees from certain state agencies, judges or teachers to be compensated for advice which will be paid toward medical benefits, amount.
103.130. Agencies joining plan to be by majority vote of governing body, procedure--coverage to be effective, when--must be offered to all eligible employees, retirees and dependents of agency.
103.133. Withdrawal from plan--participating agencies and political subdivisions, procedure--termination of plan effective, when.
103.136. Agencies and political subdivisions, coverage by plan after termination, two-year period, exception, board action.
103.138. Plan not responsible for liabilities prior to effective date--for participating agencies and political subdivisions.
103.141. Participating agencies and political subdivisions, persons eligible for plan.
103.145. Enrollment period of thirty days for employees, retirees and dependents of participating member agency.
103.150. Coverage to terminate when person no longer employee of participating member agency--exceptions.
103.155. Reimbursement by participating member agency of start-up costs incurred solely for member agency.
103.158. Premiums to be paid by participating agencies--deposit into fund.
103.163. Delinquent participating member agency, effect--first lien on member agency's fund--writ of mandamus for payment.
103.165. Termination of agency's participation in plan for failure to pay--no payment of claims during period of nonpayment.
103.170. Deficiency in year participating member agencies withdraw to be prorated by the actuary.
103.175. Feasibility of agencies and school district retirees not having joined plan to join--board to study and report.
103.178. Alternative system of benefits for treatment of chemical dependency, pilot project--design of project, report.

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