Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 104
Retirement of State Officers and Employees


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Chapter Cross Reference
Bi-state development agency, bonds of, investment in authorized, 70.377
Cafeteria plan, withholding not to affect retirement benefits, 33.103
County employees' retirement system, 50.1000 to 50.1300
Financial report annually, content, audit, when, 105.661
General assembly joint committee on retirement, cooperation, 21.561
Investments, fiduciaries duties, 105.688
Life insurance voluntary plan for state and political subdivision, 105.1000 to 105.1020
Medical staff of MOSERS to serve jointly consolidated health plan for state employees and participating political subdivisions, 103.010
Old age and survivors insurance for public officers and employees, 105.300 to 105.445
Rates and service decisions prior to 1-1-94 to be made by MOSERS before state consolidated health plan becomes effective, 103.010
Retirement of judges of courts, Chap. 476
Retirement of teachers, Chap. 169
Retirement systems, actuarial evaluation required at least biennially, 105.664
Savings accounts in insured savings and loan association, investment in authorized, 369.194
State Technical College of Missouri employees eligible for Missouri state retirement system, 178.639, 178.640
Taxation by state of annuities, pensions and retirement allowances, 143.123, 143.124
104.010. Definitions.
104.012. Spouse defined.
104.020. System created.
104.030. Highway patrol uniformed members and civilian employees to be members of retirement system--credit for military service, when.
104.035. Deferred normal annuity on termination of employment to be paid to employee, requirements--reemployment and member of system, prior service credit restored, when--transportation department and highway patrol, deferred normal annuity, when, requirements.
104.040. Members to receive credit for prior service--military service to be considered--purchase of credit for service in the Armed Forces, cost, interest rate, computation--certain creditable prior service, purchase of, effect--nonfederal public employment, purchase of credit for service.
104.050. Years of service used in calculating annuity--noncompensated absences for illness and injury, effect--withdrawal before entitled to deferred annuity, relinquishes all rights--reinstatement of forfeited creditable service, when.
104.060. No payroll deductions--accumulated contributions refunded, when, to whom.
104.070. Board to submit estimate of amounts to be contributed by state--included in appropriation request.
104.080. Member may retire when--waiver of monthly annuity, when.
104.081. Highway patrol retirement age.
104.090. Normal annuity of retired member--additional allowance to patrolmen, qualifications--survivorship options--option selected prior to retirement, death of spouse, effect--spouse as beneficiary, effect.
104.100. Early retirement and retirement, service credits required at age fifty-five--sixty--sixty-five, exception--computation.
104.103. Annual benefit increase, when, how computed--limitation--reversion of amount of benefit--special consultant, compensation.
104.110. Disability benefits, who entitled, how calculated, terminated when--medical examination required, when--proof of application for Social Security benefits--death benefit, not payable, when--board to establish definitions--annuity benefits, accrual, election--death benefit, eligibility, when--disability and death benefits payable, when.
104.120. Accumulated contributions paid as death benefit, when.
104.130. Death benefit of retired member.
104.140. Death prior to retirement, benefits.
104.150. Benefit fund, how held--purpose--deposit, executive director, duties, bond required--investment, board's powers and duties.
104.160. Board of trustees, membership--nominations and voting rights of members of system.
104.170. Officers of board of trustees, election, terms, duties--executive director, appointment, powers and duties--process to be served on executive director.
104.175. Liability insurance coverage authorized, state highways and transportation commission.
104.180. Meetings of board, quorum, compensation of employees of board--service to system deemed regular duties.
104.190. Records of board--report--office at Jefferson City--seal--audit of accounts, requirements.
104.200. Board may correct error in amounts paid member, limitation.
104.210. Powers of board of trustees.
104.220. Actuary, selection, duties.
104.230. Legal services to be rendered by whom.
104.240. Actions by and against system--process how served--venue of actions against system--no personal liability for official acts by officers and employees.
104.250. Law creates vested rights--benefits exempt from taxes and executions--exception, subject to child support and spousal maintenance.
104.254. Spouses of deceased retired members appointed as special consultants, when--duties--compensation--not to affect other benefits.
104.255. Certain surviving spouses to become consultants--compensation--not to affect survivor's benefits or eligibility for retirement--surviving spouses not receiving payments on or after September 1, 1989.
104.260. Members retiring after October 1, 1984, may be made consultants, when, procedure--compensation to be exempt from taxes, judgments, claims--unassignability.
104.270. Medical and death benefits to be furnished, how--state contribution, amount--contracts for, how let.
104.271. Retirement age, certain employees--"eighty and out".
104.272. Certain members entitled to credit for service regardless of classification.
104.312. Pension, annuity, benefit, right, and allowance is marital property--division of benefits order, requirements--information for courts--rejection of division of benefits order--basis for payment to alternate payee.
104.320. Retirement system to be body corporate, to be known as Missouri state employees' retirement system--powers and duties--medical benefit funds.
104.330. State employees to be members--military service, effect.
104.332. Certain legal advisors to be made special consultants on problems of retirement--legal advisor defined.
104.335. Vesting service--members who are entitled to annuities--requirements, amounts--terminated vested member, judge, administrative law judge or legal advisor, election to pay present value of annuity, eligibility, purchase of prior service credit.
104.339. Creditable prior service, members entitled to.
104.340. Creditable prior service and prior service credits--what is included--special consultants, requirements, compensation.
104.342. Certain teachers employed by state to be members, when--may elect to remain members of public school retirement system, procedure, election for certain teachers required to be made, when--effect of failure to make election--newly employed teachers to become members of state system--employees at time of service not covered by federal Social Security, effect--certain employees electing to remain in school retirement system entitled to refund plus interest, when--certain teachers remaining in school retirement system to be noncontributory members.
104.343. Military service, purchase of prior service credit, refund to surviving spouse when death occurs before retirement, procedure, limitation.
104.344. Member entitled to purchase prior creditable service for nonfederal full-time public employment or contractual services--method, period, limitation.
104.345. Circuit clerks entitled to prior service credit, when--certain circuit clerks to be appointed consultants, duties, compensation to be creditable service, when--clerks entitled to refund of contribution, procedure, also entitled to prior service credit.
104.347. Member elected as circuit clerk of certain counties entitled to annuity.
104.350. Withdrawal from service, when, reentry after withdrawal, how made--forfeiture and reinstatement of creditable service, when.
104.352. Part-time legislative employees--insurance benefits--vesting service--deferred normal and partial annuities--requirements.
104.354. Part-time legislative employee retirement benefits--funding.
104.370. General assembly members entitled to normal annuity, requirements, limitation--election to state office, effect--certain members entitled to creditable prior service--former members as special consultants, compensation--elected county officials, prior service.
104.371. Elective state officers entitled to normal annuity, how computed, exception--additional service, how credited--retirement age, statewide officer, annuity, amount.
104.372. General assembly members and elective state officers, survivor's income payments, when, amount--death before retirement survivor's benefit--creditable prior service for certain teachers employed by state--surviving spouse, special consultant--payments in lieu of other provisions, when.
104.374. State employee's normal annuity, computation--noncompensated absences counted as membership service, when--employees and general assembly members continuing to serve, cost-of-living increases on retirement or death.
104.378. Survivors as special consultants on board, when, compensation.
104.380. Retired members elected to state office, effect of--reemployment of retired members, effect of.
104.395. Options available to members in lieu of normal annuity--spouse as designated beneficiary, when--statement that spouse aware of retirement plan elected--reversion of amount of benefit, conditions--special consultant, compensation--election to be made, when.
104.400. Normal retirement age--early retirement requirements--annuity, how computed.
104.401. Retirement requirements and procedure, annuity or deferred normal annuity, payment to commence when--temporary waiver of right to receive, effect, limitation.
104.403. Certain retirees eligible to apply for medical coverage benefits, amount of contribution, limitations.
104.404. Certain employees eligible for retirement may apply for medical benefits upon retirement, amount of contribution, time limitations.
104.410. Disability benefits, who entitled, eligibility--how calculated--eligibility requirements--disabled, a normal retiree, when--termination of disability, effect.
104.415. Annual benefit increase, when, how computed--minimum--maximum increase--payable when--temporary waiver of right to receive, effect, limitation.
104.420. Death before retirement, member or disabled member--surviving spouse to receive benefits--if no qualifying surviving spouse, children's benefits.
104.422. Accumulated contribution as death benefit of member or former member.
104.436. Financing pattern for contribution determinations--commissioner of administration to certify payment.
104.438. Benefit funds, pay period certification of amount required--treasurer to transfer amount to fund.
104.440. Benefit fund, how held--board's powers--deposit--bond of executive director, investment of fund.
104.450. Board of trustees, membership of--appointed members and elected members, how chosen.
104.460. Board officer, selection, terms--elected members campaign disclosure procedure, penalty--executive director and staff, appointment, salaries, expenses--service of process to be served on director or director's designee.
104.470. Meeting of board--quorum--meetings not required for decisions of board, procedure, exception--expenses--failure to attend, result, exceptions--vacancies.
104.480. Records of board--financial report--office at Jefferson City--seal--audit of accounts, requirements.
104.490. Correction of errors in amount paid members--falsification of records, penalty--survivor or beneficiary charged with killing member, denial of benefits, resumption of payments if not convicted.
104.500. Powers and duties of board--conflict of interest of members or employees prohibited.
104.510. Actuary, selection--duties.
104.515. Insurance and disability benefits to be kept in separate accounts--state's contribution, amount, contribution to be made from highway funds for certain employees, when--employees and families, who are covered for medical insurance--premium collection for amount not covered by state--special consultants, duties, compensation, benefits.
104.516. Conservation department, contributions for insurance for uniformed agents, when.
104.517. Life insurance benefits, employees covered--certain departments and highway patrol may elect coverage--amount--additional insurance by payroll deductions, maximum--retention of coverage on retirement, cost deducted from retirement benefits--death benefits for special consultants.
104.518. Disability income benefits, employees covered--certain members of water patrol eligible.
104.519. Rules established for insurance and disability benefits--selection of insurance companies by bids--coverage of state employees under teacher retirement system eligible for insurance program--certain employees not eligible, when.
104.520. Legal advice, representation--attorney general to provide legal services, when.
104.530. Actions by and against system--process, how served--venue.
104.540. Law creates vested rights--certain contributions may be withheld from benefits and paid over.
104.550. Consulting firms assisting board, preference to be given Missouri based companies, when.
104.552. Department of health and senior services employee entitled to creditable prior service, when--application, time period.
104.601. Years of service to include unused accumulated sick leave, when--credited sick leave not counted for vesting purposes--applicable also to teachers' and school employees' retirement system.
104.602. Creditable service not previously credited to members of either system to be credited, when--duplicate credit prohibited--death of a member prior to exercise of transfer rights, rights of survivor.
104.603. Reciprocal transfer of creditable service, when.
104.604. Surviving spouse to receive benefits from only one member--right to elect.
104.605. Eligible rollover distribution and eligible retirement plan defined--compliance with IRS code required, when.
104.606. Purchase of creditable service, required before receipt of retirement annuity.
104.608. General assembly member may become consultant if denied credit in system due to membership in other state systems--compensation to be creditable service for all service in general assembly.
104.610. Special consultants, employment as, when--compensation, how, calculation of--severability provisions--former members as special consultants, when--certain special consultants may be eligible for survivor benefits.
104.612. Consultants, extra duty, compensation--benefit increases, limitations--survivors of judges, administrative law judges, and legal advisors to be consultants--limited survivor benefits extended to all members, one-time refund payments made to certain members.
104.615. Minimum monthly benefits.
104.620. Contribution refund to members--effect on benefits--record retention--reversion to credit of fund, when--reversion of unclaimed benefits, when--refund received, when.
104.621. Affirmative action plan for hiring money managers, brokers and investment counselors, required--report to joint committee on public employee retirement.
104.625. Annuities and lump sum payments, when, determination of amount.
104.800. Transfers of creditable service to other retirement system--transfer to be made, when--effect of transfer--death of member prior to retirement and transfer to be computed under system with most advantageous benefits.
104.801. Health benefit coverage mandated by general assembly to be applicable to health benefit plans for state employees.
104.805. Employees transferred to department of transportation (MoDOT) not members of closed department of transportation and highway patrol employees' retirement system unless election made, procedure.
104.806. Certain employees transferred to MoDOT, not to become members of MoDOT retirement system unless elect to, procedure.
104.810. Water patrol employees, membership options.
Cross Reference

Eligible rollover distribution and compliance with IRS Code requirements applicable to year 2000 plan, 104.605 ***

104.1003. Definitions.
104.1006. Year 2000 plan, citation, applicability of other provisions.
104.1009. Membership in year 2000 plan.
104.1012. Plans to be managed by appropriate boards.
104.1015. Election into year 2000 plan, effect of--comparison of plans provided--calculation of annuity.
104.1018. Vesting of benefits, when--reemployment of member, effect of.
104.1021. Credited service determined by board--calculation.
104.1024. Retirement, application--annuity payments, how paid, amount--election to receive annuity or lump sum payment for certain employees, determination of amount.
104.1027. Options for election of annuity reduction--spouse's benefits.
104.1030. Death prior to annuity starting date, effect of--surviving spouse's benefits--children's benefits--applicability to members of general assembly and statewide officials.
104.1033. Early retirement annuity, when.
104.1036. Deferred annuity, when--annuity starting date election--death of member, effect on annuity.
104.1039. Reemployment of a retiree, effect on annuity--cost-of-living adjustments.
104.1042. Long-term disability, effect on retiree's annuity.
104.1045. Cost-of-living adjustment, amount.
104.1048. Waiver of monthly payment or COLA.
104.1051. Annuity deemed marital property--division of benefits.
104.1054. Benefits are obligations of the state--benefits not subject to execution, garnishment, attachment, writ of sequestration--benefits unassignable--reversion of benefits, when--refund received, when.
104.1057. Year 2000 plan, a qualified plan according to federal law.
104.1060. Erroneous amount paid, correction--penalty for falsification--disqualification from receipt of payments, when.
104.1063. Rulemaking authority.
104.1066. Actuarial evaluations, methods used--certification of contribution rate, when.
104.1069. Trust established, investment of funds.
104.1072. Life insurance benefits--medical insurance for certain retirees.
104.1075. Disability income benefits.
104.1078. Separate accounts established for benefits--contributions by the state--board to determine premiums.
104.1081. Life insurance and disability benefit programs established--board rules.
104.1084. Retirement benefits, general assembly members--COLA permitted, when--ineligibility for benefits.
104.1087. Credited service with multiple plans, payable annuity amount.
104.1090. Additional credited service, when.
104.1091. New employees, normal retirement eligibility--vesting requirements--temporary annuity, when--early retirement annuity, when--minimum credited service requirements--contribution amount--options.
104.1093. Designation of an agent--benefit recipient defined--revocation of agent's authority.
104.1200. Definitions.
104.1205. Duties of board.
104.1210. No credited service for outside employee or member, when--information provided by institutions and administrators, when.
104.1215. Outside employee's election for membership, when.

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