Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 105
Public Officers and Employees--Miscellaneous Provisions


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Appointment of officers, Const. Art. VII § 7
Audit of state auditor's office by general assembly, procedure, 29.351
Auditor, duties relative to classification of counties, 48.030 to 48.050
Citizens only to hold public office, exceptions, Const. Art. VII
§ 8
Commissions of state officers, Const. Art. IV § 5
Compensation and extension of terms of officers, limitations, Const. Art. VII § 13
Compensation of county officers to be uniform within classification of counties, Const. Art. VI § 11
Compensation of officers for services in criminal matters, Const. Art. VI § 13
County employees' retirement system, 50.1000 to 50.1300
Disqualification for public office by federal employment, Const. Art. VII § 9
Equality of sexes in public service, Const. Art. VII § 10
General assembly, members not to hold other office, Const. Art. III § 12
Governor to fill vacancies unless otherwise provided by law, Const. Art. IV § 4
Leave of absence for military service for public employees and officers without loss of status or benefits, 41.942
Military service, leaves of absence, 41.942
Oath of state officers, Const. Art. VII § 11
Officers paid by salary only in certain counties, Const. Art. VI § 12
Religious beliefs not a bar to public office, Const. Art. I § 5
Salaries of executive officers not to be changed during term, Const. Art. IV § 21
Tenure of office, Const. Art. VII § 12
Terms of city and county officers limited, Const. Art. VI § 10
105.005. State officials and employees, annual salary adjustments, when, restrictions on, how appropriated--compensation schedule to be maintained, where, how--duty of revisor of statutes.
105.006. State officials and employees, effective date for salary adjustments, exception.
105.010. Terms of office.
105.015. Officer-elect, how determined for certain purposes--expenditure of transition funds not invalidated, when.
105.020. Governor to commission certain officers.
105.030. Vacancies, how filled.
105.040. United States senator--vacancy, how filled.
105.050. Vacancy in certain offices--how filled.
105.055. State employee reporting mismanagement or violations of agencies, discipline of employee prohibited--appeal by employee from disciplinary actions, procedure--disciplinary action defined--violation, penalties--civil action, when.
105.058. State agencies and officials not to prohibit communications between employees and the state auditor or legislators, exceptions.
105.060. Settlement of account with court.
105.070. Settlement to be entered of record.
105.080. Duplicate copies of record.
105.090. Payment to county treasurer of full amount.
105.100. Duplicate receipts for payment.
105.110. Delinquent settlements, how enforced.
105.120. Penalty on delinquents.
105.130. Treasurer to settle quarterly.
105.145. Political subdivisions to make annual report of financial transactions to state auditor--state auditor to report violations--collection of fines, exemption.
105.150. No state officer or clerk to deal in state stocks--penalty.
105.160. United States savings bonds--authorization for withholding.
105.170. Duties of commissioner of administration.
105.180. Termination of withholdings.
105.190. Incurrence of certain liabilities prohibited.
105.200. Warrant to represent sum withheld.
105.201. Office of administration to develop flexible benefit plan.
105.202. Flexible benefit plan for state employees, established and maintained by commissioner of administration--benefit options selected by state employee--minimum level of benefits required--benefit options offered.
105.210. Officer may call aid, when.
105.230. Officer liable to party injured, when.
105.240. Officers may break doors, when.
105.255. Discrimination in hiring based on educational programs prohibited, when.
105.260. Certain laws to apply to St. Louis.
105.262. No delinquent taxes, condition of state employment--annual check by department of revenue.
105.264. Administrative leave for misconduct, hearing required--school districts to inform board of education--employee given written notice of reason for leave, when.
105.265. Life insurance benefits, effect of active military duty.
105.266. Leave of absence granted, state employees, bone marrow or organ donation.
105.267. Red Cross and other emergency management agency recognized volunteers granted leave during disasters--procedure--definition--additional employees granted leave, when.
105.269. Retired teacher, certain districts, may return to teaching without losing retirement benefits--rulemaking authority.
105.270. Leave of absence to perform military duties mandatory--discrimination against militia members a misdemeanor--hours of leave, how computed.
105.271. Employee leave for adoptive parents and stepparents, when--leave-sharing program, donated leave--rulemaking authority.
105.272. Expenses of officers and employees of state and political subdivisions, procedure--cash advances authorized, when--procedure.
105.273. Definitions.
105.274. Facsimile signature on public securities, instruments, or contracts, effect.
105.275. Facsimile seal, use, effect.
105.276. Fraudulent use of facsimile signature or seal, penalty.
105.277. Uniformity of interpretation.
105.278. Short title.
105.300. Definitions.
105.310. Federal-state agreement--contents--services covered.
105.320. Contributions by state.
105.330. Agreements with bistate instrumentality, how made.
105.340. Contributions by state employees, liability for--collection.
105.350. Agreements between the state and its political subdivisions--contents.
105.353. Referendum on inclusion of members of existing retirement systems--notice--agreement for coverage.
105.360. Nonapproval or termination of plan--hearing.
105.370. Contributions by political subdivisions and employees--liability for.
105.375. Officer compensated solely by fees to reimburse county for contributions.
105.380. Delinquent contributions, interest charged, penalty, extension of time to file new reports, abatement of penalties.
105.385. Delinquent contributions, how collected--withheld from distributions of state funds--payment required by county officer out of available funds.
105.390. State treasurer as trustee of contributions--receipt, deposit and disposition of funds.
105.400. Certification and transfer of state's share--contribution fund.
105.420. Additional appropriations authorized.
105.430. Rules and regulations--publication.
105.440. Studies--report to general assembly.
105.445. Access to records, recovery of costs, power to compel production of records.
Cross Reference

Lobbyists not to go upon floor of house or senate, penalty, 21.420 ***

105.450. Definitions.
105.452. Prohibited acts by elected and appointed public officials and employees.
105.453. Paid political consulting, prohibited for statewide elected officials and members of general assembly.
105.454. Additional prohibited acts by certain elected and appointed public officials and employees, exceptions.
105.455. Six-month waiting period for certain elected or appointed officials--limited to compensated lobbyists--exemptions--definitions.
105.456. Prohibited acts by members of general assembly and statewide elected officials, exceptions.
105.456. Prohibited acts by members of general assembly and statewide elected officials, exceptions.
105.458. Prohibited acts by members of governing bodies of political subdivisions, exceptions.
105.461. Interest in measure, bill, or ordinance to be recorded--financial interest statement.
105.462. Prohibited acts by persons with rulemaking authority--appearances--exceptions.
105.463. Appointment to board or commission, financial interest statement required.
105.464. Prohibited acts by persons in judicial or quasi-judicial positions.
105.465. Dissolution of candidate committee required, when--disbursement of moneys, limitations--definitions.
105.466. Exceptions to applicability of sections 105.450 to 105.458, 105.462 to 105.468, and 105.472 to 105.482.
105.467. Discharge and discrimination prohibited, reasons--reinstatement.
105.470. Definitions.
105.472. Violation of law--complaint--oath.
105.473. Duties of lobbyist--report required, contents--exception--penalties--supersession of local ordinances or charters.
105.473. Duties of lobbyist--report required, contents--exception--penalties--supersession of local ordinances or charters.
105.475. Lobbyist exceptions.
105.476. Applicability of other provisions of law--additional standards.
105.477. Electronic filing, lobbying reports--information to be made available, to whom--internet website connection, when.
105.478. Penalty.
105.482. Severability.
105.483. Financial interest statements--who shall file, exception.
105.485. Financial interest statements--form--contents--political subdivisions, compliance.
105.485. Financial interest statements--form--contents--political subdivisions, compliance.
105.487. Financial interest statements--filed, when, exception.
105.489. Financial interest statements--to be kept with filing officer.
105.491. Executive director of commission--duties.
105.492. Penalties.
105.494. Governor--appointment to certain boards or commissions prohibited.
105.496. Permanent select committee on ethics.
105.498. Out-of-state travel costs for full-time employees, reporting requirements.
105.500. Definitions.
105.510. Certain public employees may join labor organizations and bargain collectively--exceptions--discharge or discrimination for exercise of right prohibited--allowable organizations for excepted employees.
105.520. Public bodies shall confer with labor organizations.
105.525. Issues as to appropriate bargaining units and majority representative status to be decided by state board of mediation--appeal to circuit court.
105.530. Law not to be construed as granting right to strike.
105.600. Definitions.
105.610. Employers authorized to exchange employees--length of exchange period, exception--elected officials exempted.
105.620. Status of exchanged employees.
105.630. Travel expenses during assignment.
105.640. Employees detailed to this state--qualifications waived--supervision by agreement--death or disability of.
105.650. Travel expenses of persons assigned to this state.
105.660. Definitions, retirement benefit changes.
105.661. All retirement plans to prepare financial report, content audit by state auditor and joint committee on public employee retirement--rules submitted to joint committee on public employee retirement, when--report required.
105.662. Public pension funds not to be commingled--trusteeship.
105.663. Retirement plan may appoint attorney as legal advisor.
105.664. Actuarial valuation performed at least biennially--forwarded to joint committee on public employee retirement, when.
105.665. Cost statement of proposed changes prepared by actuary--contents.
105.666. Board member education program, curriculum, requirements--annual pension benefit statement required.
105.667. Gain or profit from funds or transactions of plan, prohibited when.
105.669. Felony conviction, ineligible for benefits, when--procedure, court to notify--list of offenses.
105.670. Cost statement available for inspection--effect of changes (general assembly).
105.675. Cost statement available for inspection (political subdivisions).
105.679. Contact information for retired members to be provided, when (St. Louis City).
105.680. Expenses for cost statements, how paid.
105.683. Plan deemed delinquent, when, effect of.
105.684. Benefit increases prohibited, when--amortization of unfunded actuarial accrued liabilities--accelerated contribution schedule required, when.
105.685. Effective date of changes.
105.687. Definitions.
105.688. Investment fiduciaries, duties.
105.689. Investment fiduciary may make investments in certain countries.
105.690. Selection of fiduciaries, preference to Missouri firms.
105.691. Definitions--agreements to transfer service between plans--election to transfer--transfer of service, determination of value--amount due, payment period--effect of transfer--transfer not to result in receipt of benefits under more than one plan.
105.702. Minority and women money managers, brokers, and investment counselors, procurement action plan required--annual report.
105.711. Legal expense fund created--officers, employees, agencies, certain health care providers covered, procedure--rules regarding contract procedures and documentation of care--certain claims, limitations--funds not transferable to general revenue--rules.
105.712. Dental primary care and preventative health services.
105.716. Attorney general to handle claims, exceptions--certain departments to reimburse fund--prior to settlement, payment of certain legal expenses authorized, when.
105.721. Fund may be used to purchase insurance against liabilities--report--surety bonds, judicial acts or omissions.
105.726. Law, how construed--moneys unavailable, when--representation by attorney general, when.
105.800. State employee defined.
105.810. All employees covered--option to self-insure or purchase coverage--duties of attorney general--legal expenses, how paid.
105.820. Option, who shall exercise.
105.830. State employees already covered by workers' compensation not affected by sections 105.800 to 105.850.
105.840. Legislators, certain travel covered.
105.850. Sovereign immunity not waived.
105.900. Employee defined--limitations--tax exempt, when.
105.905. Deferred payment agreements authorized--funds, how invested.
105.910. Fund established--commission established, selection of members, qualifications, meetings, when held--transfer of administration of fund.
105.915. Board to administer plan--written agreement required--immunity from liability, when--automatic designation of surviving spouse as primary beneficiary, when.
105.925. Participation in plans requires written agreement--funding--other plans not precluded.
105.927. State's contribution to participants in deferred compensation program.
105.935. Overtime hours, state employee may choose compensatory leave time, when--payment for overtime, when--corrections employees, options--reports on overtime paid--overtime earned under Fair Labor Standards Act, applicability.
105.950. Compensation of certain department heads.
105.955. Ethics commission established--appointment--qualifications-- terms--vacancies--removal--restrictions--compensation--administrative secretary--filings required--investigators--powers and duties of commission--advisory opinions, effect--audits.
105.956. Advisory opinion, withdrawn, when.
105.957. Receipt of complaints--form--investigation--dismissal of frivolous complaints, damages, public report.
105.957. Receipt of complaints--form--investigation--dismissal of frivolous complaints, damages, public report.
105.958. Designated decision-making public servant, notification.
105.959. Review of reports and statements, notice--investigations--report--referral of report--confidentiality.
105.959. Review of reports and statements, notice--audits and investigations--formal investigations--report--referral of report.
105.961. Special investigator--report--commission review, determination--special prosecutor--hearings--action of commission--formal proceedings--appropriate disciplinary authorities--powers of investigators--fees and expenses--confidentiality, penalty--compensation.
105.961. Special investigator--report--commission review, determination--special prosecutor--hearings--action of commission--formal proceedings--appropriate disciplinary authorities--powers of investigators--fees and expenses--confidentiality, penalty--compensation.
105.962. Position created in ethics commission for electronic reporting system management.
105.963. Assessments of committees, campaign disclosure reports--notice--penalty--assessments of financial interest statements--notice--penalties--effective date.
105.963. Assessments of committees, campaign disclosure reports--notice--penalty--assessments of financial interest statements--notice--penalties--effective date.
105.964. Deadline for filing of reports extended, when--no extension, when.
105.966. Ethics commission to complete all complaint investigations, procedure.
105.966. Ethics commission to complete all complaint investigations, procedure, hearing for time extension, when--applicability to ongoing investigations.
105.967. Lobbyists not to serve on certain commissions.
105.969. Executive branch code of conduct--adoption.
105.973. Summary of ethics, lobbying and campaign finance laws, commission to print and make available--candidate to verify receipt of summary, when.
105.975. Signature not required, when.
105.977. Attorney general to represent commission, exception.
105.981. Rules, effective, when--rules invalid and void, when.
105.1000. Definition.
105.1003. Deduction from compensation for life insurance plan to be included as regular compensation in computing retirement benefits.
105.1005. Withholding part of gross compensation of employees to fund plan.
105.1006. Funds to be deposited in Missouri state employees voluntary life insurance fund--lapse into general revenue prohibited.
105.1012. Commission's duties to establish life insurance plan--with payroll deduction by participating employees--plan to be based on competitive bidding--bid to include cost of administration.
105.1015. Cities, counties and other political subdivisions may establish for employees a voluntary life insurance plan.
105.1017. Funds to be deposited with consent of participating employees and as designated by governing body with approved life insurance company.
105.1020. Political subdivisions may establish and administer other life insurance plans.
105.1070. State-controlled motor vehicles, aircraft and marine vessels, liability insurance for operators of to be provided.
105.1073. Liability coverage to be provided--amounts of coverage.
105.1075. Eligible insurers--department of insurance, financial institutions and professional registration to approve policies.
105.1077. Definitions.
105.1079. No waiver of sovereign immunity intended.
105.1100. Citation of law.
105.1102. Definitions.
105.1105. First conviction of employee for use of drugs, certified drug abuse treatment and education requirement--failure to comply, suspension and dismissal--employee in compliance to be returned to position or comparable status.
105.1108. Second conviction or subsequent time for use of drugs to be dismissed--requirements for rehiring.
105.1110. Employee's right of appeal, record of termination or suspension to be closed records.
105.1112. Applicant for public employment who has been convicted of drug abuse within three years of applying, requirements.
105.1114. Administrative rules to be provided by state personnel advisory board, procedure.
105.1116. Law not applicable to peace officers or employees in safety-sensitive positions, definitions.
105.1200. Guidelines for standardized audits, additional information may be requested.
105.1209. State agencies prohibited from requiring certain educational certificates as condition of employment.
105.1210. Title.
105.1213. Failure to register, ineligibility for state employment and certain state education assistance.
105.1216. Hiring authorities to verify registration.
105.1270. No conflict of interest for state--authorized tax credits, abatements, exemptions, or loans, when.
105.1415. Volunteer not considered employee, when.
105.1445. Notice to public employees, eligibility for loan forgiveness--public employers to adopt policy, notice.

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