Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 107
Bonds of Officers and Contractors for Public Works


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Assessor in counties of the first classification, 53.050
Assessor in St. Louis City, 82.590
Assessor of counties and townships, 53.040
Auditors, certain counties of the first classification, 55.020
Auditors, counties of the second classification and certain counties of the first classification, 55.070
Clerks of county commissions, 51.070
Collectors of revenue, 52.020 to 52.100
Coroners, 58.050 to 58.070
Highway engineer, 61.041, 61.180
Recorders of deeds, 59.100
Road overseers, 231.030
Road overseers in township, 231.180
Sheriff liable on bond, when, 57.020, 57.160, 57.170
Surveyor, 60.030
Treasurer, 54.070
Treasurer and collector in counties with township organization, 65.460
Treasurer as custodian of school moneys, 54.160
Treasurer, special road district in county with township organization, 233.335
Auditor, 29.030
Commissioner of administration, 37.010
Director of agriculture, 261.040
Director of department of corrections and human resources, 217.025
Director of finance, 361.070
Director of the department of insurance, financial institutions and professional registration, 374.030
Director of revenue, 32.030
Notaries public, 486.235
Secretary of state, 28.020
Treasurer, 30.020, 30.130
Veterinarian, 267.030
County buildings, 49.430
Drainage districts, 243.180
Levee districts, 245.375
Road and bridge construction in counties, 229.060
Road construction in townships, 231.250, 231.260
Sewer districts in counties of 700,000 to 750,000 population, 249.330
Special road districts, 233.270, 233.405
State highway construction, 227.100
Waterworks, light and power plants, 91.180
107.010 Sureties of county officers to be residents of county.
107.020. Who shall not be taken as surety.
107.030. Court shall require additional security, when.
107.040. Time limit for additional security--default.
107.050. Discharge of former sureties.
107.060. Bond--cost paid by county (first class counties).
107.070. Surety bond, officers may give, when--cost, how paid.
107.080. Corporate surety accepted, when.
107.090. Foreign corporation in surety business.
107.100. Company executing bond as surety estopped to deny its corporate authority.
107.110. Sureties on certain bonds--evidence of solvency.
107.120. Additional testimony may be taken.
107.130. Duty of officer after approval.
107.140. Annual examination of official bonds.
107.150. Suits on official bond--duty of governor.
107.170. Bond--public works contractor--defense of employees from suit, exceptions.

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