Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 108
Bond Issues, Miscellaneous Provisions


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Action on bonds, Chap. 522
Facsimile signature and seal on public securities, use, effect, 105.273 to 105.278
Land clearance for redevelopment authority, 99.480 to 99.550
Limitation on state debt, Const. Art. III § 37
Revenue bonds of educational institutions, Chap. 176
State bonds, division of fund commissioners, powers and duties, 33.300 to 33.541
State bonds, recognition of outstanding obligations, duties of auditor, Const. Art. IV § 34
State park improvements, revenue bonds, 253.210 to 253.280
Waterworks, revenue bonds for special charter cities having not less than 3,000 and not more than 10,000 inhabitants, may issue, 91.595 to 91.597
BOND ISSUES OF CITIES Cities of the third classification, authority to incur debt for certain purposes, 95.345 Cities of the third classification, current revenue renewal and indebtedness bonds, 95.350 Cities of the fourth classification, 95.370 to 95.410 Fire department, joint establishment and maintenance, 71.440 to 71.510 General provisions governing, 95.115, 95.135, 95.145
JUDGMENT DEBTS, BONDS TO PAY Cities over 100,000 population, 95.470 Cities of the fourth classification, 95.370 Special charter cities, 10,000 or less population, 95.415 to 95.460 Cities of the third classification, 95.320 to 95.350
Rapid transit improvement bonds in cities over 600,000 population, 91.820
Revenue bonds for municipally owned utilities, Const. Art. VI § 27
Revenue bonds under National Defense Cooperation Act, 91.670
Sewerage systems and waterworks, 250.040 to 250.130
Waterworks, acquisition of in cities over 10,000 population, 91.600
Waterworks, in cities of the first, second, third and fourth classifications and special charter cities of 3,000 to 150,000 population, 91.150 to 91.300
County hospitals, 205.160
Health centers, 205.010 to 205.150
Highway right-of-way over bridge, acquisition of, 234.100 to 234.150
Jails and courthouses, 71.300
War memorial and community building, 184.280
Drainage and levee districts, refunding bonds, 246.160
Drainage districts, county commissions may issue bonds for, when, 243.390, 243.400, 243.500
Drainage districts, powers of board of supervisors, 242.480
Fire protection districts, procedure, 321.220, 321.340, 321.350, 321.380, 321.610
Levee district organized by circuit court, powers of board of supervisors, 245.230
Levee district organized by county commission, directors may incur indebtedness, 245.490
Mine drainage districts, powers of board of supervisors, 242.740
Road bonds of townships and special road districts, procedure for issue, 233.450 to 233.470
Sanitary districts in cities of over 300,000 population, 248.130
SCHOOL BONDS Metropolitan districts, 164.141 School districts, generally, 164.191 to 164.301 Seven-director districts, 164.181 Urban districts, 164.131, 164.161
Sewer districts, 250.050 to 250.130
Sewer districts in St. Louis County, 249.120, 249.136, 249.395
Special road districts in counties with township organization, 233.345
Special road districts, non-township organization, commissioners may issue bonds, 233.200
Special road districts, non-township organization, validity of bonds not affected by dissolution, 233.290
Toll bridge revenue and revenue refunding bonds of counties, cities or road districts, 234.210 to 234.300
Water supply districts, general, special obligations or current revenue bonds, 247.050, 247.130, 247.140
108.010 County may become indebted, when--limitation.
108.020. Additional county indebtedness.
108.030. Interest and principal of indebtedness--annual tax on tangible property (county).
108.040. Election to authorize county indebtedness--petition.
108.050. Notice of election.
108.060. Form of ballot.
108.070. Vote required for approval--sale of bonds--tax to be imposed.
108.080. Bonds--denominations, interest rate--depositary (county).
108.090. County treasurer to sell bonds.
108.100. Bond registry, contents (county).
108.110. Moneys deposited in county treasury--county commission to withdraw money for purposes for which bonds were issued.
108.120. Road bonds--construction fund (county).
108.130. Funding of judgment indebtedness--bond issue therefor (county, municipality).
108.140. Political subdivisions may refund, extend, unify indebtedness.
108.150. Refunding bonds--provision for payment of interest and principal.
108.160. Record of redemption and cancellation.
108.170. Bonds, notes and other evidences of indebtedness, forms--rate--sales price--exceptions--agreements for purchase of commodities.
108.175. Use of facsimile signatures and seals, requirements--Missouri banks or trust companies may act as agents, exception.
108.180. Bond issue--funds kept separate.
108.190. Violation a misdemeanor--penalty.
108.200. Surplus funds for purchase of bonds.
108.210. Sale of bonds and purchase of new bonds.
108.220. Unclaimed balances in bond issue, interest and sinking funds may be transferred to any other fund.
108.230. Bond issue funds exempt from attachment and execution.
108.240. Bonds to be certified by state auditor--validity--defenses.
108.250. Auditor's fee for registering bonds--transmitted to director of revenue.
108.260. Bond issues--annual statement--call before maturity--failure to make statement, penalty.
108.270. Auditor to certify annually amount required to pay interest, costs.
108.280. May levy larger tax--must certify to auditor bonds redeemed.
108.290. Registered bonds, lawful security.
108.300. Provisions not applicable to certain counties, cities or school districts.
108.310. Petition for pro forma decree.
108.320. Notice of presentation of petition--intervening petition.
108.330. Hearing--court order.
108.340. Appeal.
108.350. Court to determine appeal without delay.
108.400. Refunding bonds authorized.
108.405. Refunding bonds, how issued.
108.410. Refunding bonds to refer to sections 108.400 to 108.410--ordinance to set denomination and rate and term within limits.
108.450. Definitions--authority to issue bonds, form--restrictions.
108.455. Bond issue, requirements and restrictions--exempt from state and local income tax.
108.460. Form and detail of bonds to be prescribed--criteria for mortgages may be established.
108.465. County defined to include certain cities.
108.470. Discrimination in granting of loans is unlawful.
108.500. Definitions.
108.502. Allocation to bond issuers, state ceiling used.
108.508. State ceiling for each calendar year, how calculated.
108.510. Allocation application, form--criteria for consideration of approval by director--rules, promulgation, procedure.
108.512. Notification of approval, rejection--expiration of approved allocation.
108.518. Extension procedure--time authorized--bonds not issued, expire when.
108.520. Certification of bonds.
108.522. Carry-forward election, procedure.
108.524. Expiration, resubmission of application.
108.526. Report of all private activity bonds issued, when--procedure.
108.528. Violations, effect.
108.530. State ceiling, revision of, director to make recommendations, when.
108.532. Allocation of state ceiling, law applicable, when.
108.900. Commissioners authorized to borrow and to issue bonds for state building and property improvements.
108.901. Bonds, when issued--denominations--interest, how set--form of bonds--treasurer's duties--auditor's duties.
108.902. Bonds, how registered.
108.903. Bonds, how sold, deposits--proceeds--expenses of sale, how paid.
108.904. Proceeds of sales paid into third state building fund--purchase preferences for Missouri products and firms, when.
108.905. Appropriations from fund, purposes--distribution.
108.906. Projects to be authorized by general assembly, exceptions.
108.907. Third state building fund, deposits, how made--interest to accrue to fund.
108.908. Third state building bond interest and sinking fund created, how used.
108.909. Third state building bond interest and sinking fund, deposits how made--interest to accrue to fund.
108.910. Tangible property tax, when levied.
108.911. Third state building bond interest and sinking fund money to stand appropriated for payment of principal and interest on bonds.
108.912. Bonds, principal and interest, how paid--repurchase, when.
108.913. Treasurer to report on bond transactions to general assembly.
108.914. Bonds to be issued as funds are required--issuance by resolution of board--written consent of governor required.
108.925. Fourth state building fund to rebuild institutions of higher learning, department of corrections and youth services division commissioners authorized to borrow and issue bonds.
108.926. Bonds, when issued--denominations--interest, how set--form of bonds--treasurer's duties--auditor's duties--facsimile signatures authorized, when.
108.927. Bonds, how registered.
108.928. Bonds, how sold, deposit--proceeds--right of commissioners to reject any bid--expenses of sale, how paid.
108.929. Proceeds of sales paid into fourth state building fund.
108.930. Investment and deposits to be made by state treasurer in fourth state building fund--interest received on deposits to be credited to fund.
108.933. Bonds, principal and interest, how paid--repurchase, when--actions by board of fund commissioners, procedure--governor's written consent required.
108.1000. Definitions--issuance of bonds, when--federal tax credits.
108.1010. Allocation of recovery zone bonds, to whom--application--rulemaking authority.
108.1020. Bonds exempt from taxation.

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