Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 109
Public and Business Records


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Adoption proceedings, records not open to inspection, exception, 453.120
Agricultural business development loan program, records not subject to provisions of sections 109.200 to 109.310, closed, when, released, when, 348.181
Arrest records, 610.100 to 610.126
Certificate of war service furnished without charge to veterans and others, 41.170
Copying fees not deemed to be as used in Art. X, Sec. 22 of Missouri Constitution, 610.026
Deeds, records of, destroyed, recorded free, 59.610 to 59.640
Division of employment security to destroy certain records, 288.360
Elections, registrations, Chap. 115
Employee disqualification lists, not public record, when, 192.2500
Insurance, department of, documents and records deemed public record, 374.070
Marriage records lost or destroyed, procedure, 451.170 to 451.210
Motor vehicle registration, records open to public inspection, 301.350
Open records law, Chap. 610
Personnel division, records open to public, exceptions, 36.420
Procurement, state division of, records open to public inspection, 34.120
Public service commission may secure copies of public documents without fee, 386.440
Public service commission, records open to public, 386.380
Public service commission's records may be destroyed, when, 386.145
Records of recorder of deeds may be rebound, procedure, 59.570 to 59.590
Regulation of conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, and lobbying, 105.450 to 105.496
Sales and use tax returns, may be destroyed, when, 144.115
Secretary of state as custodian of public documents, Chap. 28
State director of revenue authorized to destroy certain records, 301.360, 303.045, 306.570
State tax commission, destruction of records, 138.480
University of Missouri, records open to public inspection, 172.180
Workers' compensation, division of, may destroy certain records, 287.650
Workers' compensation, division of, may receive copies of public documents without fee, 287.670
109.005. State document preservation fund established, purpose--state treasurer duty to invest--unexpended balance, lapse prohibited.
109.007. Document preservation fund, duties of archives division to preserve legal, historical and genealogical documents--annual report.
109.010. Officer to deliver records to successor.
109.020. Duty of executor.
109.030. Penalties for failure to deliver records.
109.040. Vacated office--seizure of records by warrant.
109.050. Authority of officer executing writ.
109.060. Penalty for not executing the writ.
109.070. Remedy of person aggrieved by issuance of such warrant.
109.080. Private persons to deliver records--proceedings on failure.
109.090. Courts may order records rebound, transcribed, indexed.
109.100. Photographic copies of records.
109.110. Transcript to be evidence, when.
109.120. Records reproduced by photographic, video or electronic process, standards--cost.
109.130. Reproduced records deemed original, when.
109.140. Disposition of court records, how authorized--methods of disposition.
109.156. Original may be destroyed after reproduction, exceptions.
109.160. Statement and affidavit when record lost or destroyed.
109.170. Clerk to issue summons--proceedings.
109.180. Public records open to inspection--refusal to permit inspection, penalty.
109.190. Right of person to photograph public records--regulations.
109.195. Public records of ownership or security interest not subject to inspection or copying.
109.200. Short title.
109.210. Definitions.
109.220. Records management and archives service to be established--appointment of director.
109.221. Historical records advisory board--secretary of state to serve as coordinator--meetings, expenses--powers, duties--rules, promulgation, procedure--grants for preservation of local records, use of recorder's fund for matching moneys.
109.225. Missouri board on geographic names established, members, terms, meetings--secretary to be designated--duties of board.
109.230. Duties of director.
109.240. Duties of agency heads.
109.241. Local agency head, duties of.
109.250. State records commission established--members--duties--meetings.
109.255. Secretary of state duties as to local boards of record control--local boards, terms, expenses.
109.260. Destruction of records and nonrecord materials.
109.265. Disposition of nonrecord material, director to retain certain copies, when.
109.270. Records are property of state or local government--not to be damaged or disposed of.
109.280. Agency heads may determine nature and form of records--confidential records to be so treated.
109.290. Director to assist legislative and judicial branches upon request.
109.295. Certain activities not affected.
109.300. Termination of agency--disposition of records.
109.310. Records, how destroyed--rules and regulations to supersede existing law and regulations.
109.400. Archival facility to be maintained, authority to enter into contracts and receive moneys.
109.410. Missouri State Archives--St. Louis Trust Fund established, use of funds.
109.500. Records defined.
109.510. Data processing may be used for all records.

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