Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 115
Election Authorities and Conduct of Elections


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Chapter Cross Reference
Candidate to verify receipt of summary of laws from ethics commission prior to filing for office, 105.973
Regulations of conflict of interest, financial disclosure, and lobbying, 105.450 to 105.496
115.001. Short title.
115.002. Citation of law.
115.003. Purpose clause.
115.005. Scope of act.
115.007. Presumption against implied repealer.
115.009. Effective date of act January 1, 1978.
115.012. Rules, promulgation, procedure.
115.013. Definitions.
115.015. Election authority established and defined.
115.017. Election commissioners, where.
115.019. Voters may petition to establish a board of election commissioners, procedure--form of petition.
115.021. Jurisdiction of election boards.
115.023. Election authority to conduct all elections--which authority, how determined.
115.024. Elections rescheduled or relocated due to disaster, definition--election panel established--petition to reschedule or relocate, contents--order--notice, contents--ballots--procedures--appeal.
115.027. Election commissioners, how appointed.
115.029. Election commissioners, when appointed, term of office.
115.031. Election commissioner, qualifications of.
115.033. Oath of office, bond, election commissioners.
115.035. Compensation of election commissioners.
115.037. Removal of commissioner, when.
115.039. New board to receive records and property.
115.041. Commissioners in office to complete term.
115.043. Rules and regulations, powers of election authorities.
115.045. Boards may employ staff.
115.047. Employees of board to be bipartisan.
115.049. Number of employees and salaries authorized--salary adjustments, when.
115.051. County clerk may employ election staff and fix compensation.
115.053. Election authority deputies--bipartisan requirement--duties, compensation.
115.055. Who may administer oaths.
115.057. Offices may be maintained, to be open, when.
115.059. Peace officers to assist election authority or election officials, when requested.
115.061. State to pay all costs of election, when.
115.063. Political subdivision or special district, cost of elections--state to share proportionately, when--exceptions.
115.065. Proportion of cost for two or more political subdivisions or special districts, how computed--exceptions--definitions--election services fund, when used.
115.069. Election judges paid by whom (Jackson County).
115.071. Election costs, how paid (Kansas City).
115.073. Election costs, how paid (Clay, Platte and Jackson counties).
115.074. Voting process and equipment, grants to upgrade or improve, award procedure--rulemaking authority.
115.075. County's election expenses to be paid from county general revenue, exception.
115.076. Administration of grant, loan, or other aid program--rulemaking authority.
115.077. Election costs to be paid to election authority, by whom, when, procedure--failure to pay costs, penalty--state payments, fund for, transfers from general revenue.
115.078. Election administration improvements fund created, use of moneys--elections improvements revolving loan fund created, use of moneys.
115.079. Election judges, how appointed.
115.081. Number of judges to be appointed, supervisory judges, duties of.
115.085. Qualifications of election judges.
115.087. Selection of judges in counties not having a board of election commissioners.
115.089. Terms of election judges appointed by board.
115.091. Oath of election judge.
115.093. Vacancy, how filled.
115.095. Judge failing to appear, temporary judge to be appointed, how.
115.097. Judge not to be absent from polls more than one hour--not more than one judge from the same party to be absent at the same time.
115.098. Election judges, grant, loan, or other aid program to increase compensation, requirements--rulemaking authority.
115.099. Authority to supervise judges.
115.101. Judges' compensation, how set--not employees of election authority.
115.102. Election judge, service as, employer not to discriminate against--violation, penalty.
115.103. Training courses required, compensation while in training authorized.
115.104. Youth election participant--oath--nomination procedure--qualifications--election authorities and judges to direct, powers and duties--high schools may offer preparatory courses.
115.105. Challengers, how selected, qualifications--challenges, when made--challengers may collect certain information at presidential primary elections--challenges, how made.
115.106. Persons administering youth election admitted to polling place--oath--misconduct, removal for.
115.107. Watchers, how selected, qualifications, duties.
115.109. Oath of challengers and watchers.
115.111. Improper conduct of challenger or watcher, how handled.
115.113. Precincts, how established--new political subdivisions, duty to identify voters of.
115.115. Polling places, how designated, exception--notice to voters--voters not required to go to more than one polling place--elderly and handicapped polling places, common sites--plan for increased accessibility, contents.
115.117. Tax-supported buildings must be made available as polling places--may rent private polling place, when.
115.119. Polling place to be marked.
115.121. General election, when held--primary election, when held--general municipal election day, when held.
115.123. Public elections to be held on certain Tuesdays, exceptions--presidential primary, when held--exemptions.
115.124. Nonpartisan election in political subdivision or special district, no election required if number of candidates filing is same as number of positions to be filled--exceptions--random drawing filing procedure followed when election is required--municipal elections, certain municipalities may submit requirements of subsection 1 to voters.
115.125. Notice of election, when given--facsimile transmission used when, exceptions--late notification, procedure.
115.127. Notice of election, how, when given--striking names or issues from ballot, requirements--declaration of candidacy, officers for political subdivisions or special elections, filing date, when, notice requirements, exceptions for certain home rule cities--candidate withdrawing, ballot reprinting, cost, how paid.
115.129. Notice of election by mail authorized, contents of.
115.133. Qualifications of voters.
115.135. Persons entitled to register, when--identification required--military service, registration, when.
115.136. Secretary of state, duties pursuant to National Voter Registration Act--list of voter registration sites--further duties of secretary of state--rules--civil action, notice.
115.137. Registered voters may vote in all elections--exception.
115.139. Unregistered voter may not vote--exception.
115.140. Handicapped and hearing-impaired persons, provision for.
115.141. Registration to be supervised by election authority.
115.143. Deputy registration officials, qualifications of, persons eligible to serve as.
115.145. Registration duties of election authority.
115.147. Deputy registration officials, duties of.
115.149. Election authorities' registration jurisdictions.
115.151. Registration complete, when.
115.155. Registration--oath.
115.157. Registration information may be computerized, information required--voter lists may be sold--candidates may receive list for reasonable fee--computerized registration system, requirements--voter history and information, how entered, when released--records closed, when.
115.158. Missouri voter registration system authorized, functions--system maintenance performed--security measures implemented--verification of information--use of system for election results--information not to be used for commercial purposes, penalty--advisory committee established, duties--rulemaking authority.
115.159. Registration by mail--delivery of absentee ballots, when--provisional ballot by mail permitted, when.
115.160. Driver's license applicants to receive voter registration application, contents--rules--forwarding of application to election authority, when--documentation required.
115.161. Registration of persons unable to write.
115.162. Secretary of state to provide voter registration applications at certain public offices--duties of voter registration agency--declination of registration.
115.163. Precinct register required--voter identification cards, procedures and uses--list of registered voters available, fee.
115.165. Transfer of registration, how, when--procedure.
115.167. Change of name of registered voter, procedure for.
115.169. Register delivered to polls, when.
115.171. Error in precinct record, corrected when.
115.173. Applications and affidavits, where stored.
115.175. Class one election offense defined.
115.177. Registrations in effect January 1, 1978, to remain valid, exception.
115.179. Registration records to be canvassed, when.
115.181. Canvass, how conducted.
115.183. Verification list defined.
115.185. Canvassers, how selected--voter not at address, procedure followed--police protection, when.
115.187. Canvassers report to election authority--notice, form.
115.189. Information supplied by postal service in lieu of house-to-house canvass.
115.191. Investigative authorization of election authority.
115.193. Name stricken from register, conditions--notice, method, contents--improper removal from records, may be permitted to vote--inactive voter designation.
115.195. Death, felony, and misdemeanor convictions, persons adjudged incapacitated--records, when obtained.
115.197. Governor to furnish list of persons pardoned.
115.199. Deceased and incompetents removed from register, when--persons convicted and pardoned, how handled.
115.203. Prohibitions and requirements governing voter registration applications--penalty.
115.205. Voter registration solicitors, registration--required information--oath--penalty, acceptance of applications.
115.219. Complaints of certain elections violations--procedure, contents--copy of complaint--consolidation of complaints--investigation and hearing--report--contents of report--remedy.
115.221. Voting records to be inspected annually.
115.225. Automated equipment to be approved by secretary of state--standards to be met--rules, promulgation, procedure.
115.227. Consistent provisions of general law to apply to electronic voting systems.
115.229. Electronic voting system may be used, when.
115.230. Voter verification, electronic system or pad authorized.
115.233. Testing of automatic tabulating equipment, when done, procedure.
115.235. Preparation of marking devices required.
115.237. Ballots, contents of--straight political party ticket voting prohibited--rulemaking authority.
115.239. Placement of party candidates on ballot, how determined.
115.243. President and vice president to be considered one candidate--ballot, how printed, contents of.
115.245. Exact wording of the question certified by secretary of state to appear on ballot--all questions to require a "YES" or "NO" response.
115.247. Election authority to provide all ballots--error in ballot, procedure to correct--number of ballots provided--return of unused ballots--all ballots printed at public expense.
115.249. Standards required of voting machines.
115.255. Electronic voting machines used, paper ballots permitted, when.
115.257. Electronic voting machines to be put in order, procedure to be followed--absentee ballots, procedure--on-site storage of voting machines permitted.
115.257. Electronic voting machines to be put in order, procedure to be followed.
115.259. Voting machines to be visible to election judges at polls.
115.261. Voting machine not to be unlocked or opened during election, exception.
115.263. No persons except voters to handle electronic voting machine during election, exception.
115.265. Inoperative electronic voting machine, procedure to follow.
115.267. Experimental use, adoption of or abandonment of electronic voting equipment authorized.
115.269. Exhibition, demonstration and instruction on electronic voting machines authorized.
115.271. Electronic voting machines may be rented out or loaned to civic or educational organizations, when, procedure.
115.273. Consistent general law to apply in jurisdictions using electronic voting machines.
115.275. Definitions relative to absentee ballots.
115.277. Persons eligible to vote absentee.
115.279. Application for absentee ballot, how made.
115.281. Absentee ballots to be printed, when.
115.283. Statements of absentee voters or persons providing assistance to absentee voters--forms--notary seal not required, when--charges by notaries, limitations.
115.284. Absentee voting process for permanently disabled persons established--election authority, duties--application, form--list of qualified voters established.
115.285. Secretary of state may prescribe regulations as to printing absentee ballot and mailing envelopes, no cost to voter.
115.287. Absentee ballot, how delivered.
115.289. Confidentiality of applications for absentee ballots, list available to authorized persons free--certain cities and counties, special provision, violation, penalty.
115.290. Registering by mail and voting absentee ballot to provide sworn affidavit, exception.
115.291. Procedure for absentee ballots--declared emergencies, delivery and return of ballots--envelopes, refusal to accept ballot prohibited when.
115.291. Procedure for absentee ballots--declared emergencies, delivery and return of ballots--envelopes, refusal to accept ballot prohibited when.
115.293. Absentee ballots not eligible to be counted, when, procedure.
115.293. Absentee ballots not eligible to be counted, when, procedure.
115.294. Reason for voting absentee not stated on ballot envelope, effect.
115.295. Faulty statement, effect of.
115.297. Precinct registers to show absentee ballots received--judges to be notified of late absentee ballots received--voting absentee and at polls, procedure for.
115.299. Absentee ballots, how counted.
115.299. Absentee ballots, how counted.
115.300. Preparation of absentee ballot envelopes, when, by whom.
115.303. Absentee ballot, how challenged.
115.304. Absentee voting violations, class one election offense.
115.306. Disqualification as candidate for elective public office, when--filing of affidavit, contents--tax delinquency, effect of.
115.307. Nominations, how made.
115.308. Inapplicability of sections 115.307 to 115.405, when.
115.309. New parties, names of.
115.311. Consistent general law to apply to primary elections.
115.313. Petitions to form new party or nominate independent candidates, who may sign.
115.315. New political party, how formed--citation of law.
115.317. Filing valid petition, effect--new party--failure in two consecutive elections to provide candidates, effect.
115.319. New party committeemen and committeewomen, how selected.
115.321. Independent candidate, how nominated.
115.323. Limitation on voter's signing of nominating petition.
115.325. Form of petition--signing petition, voting for candidate or party not required.
115.327. Declaration for nomination of independent candidate or formation of new party when required, form, content.
115.329. Time for filing of petitions.
115.331. Receipt to be given for filed petition.
115.333. Determination of validity or invalidity, when made--refusal to file, procedure to have court determine validity.
115.335. Validity of signatures, who shall determine--verification of signatures, procedures--rules authorized.
115.337. City election authority to assist county election authority, verify signatures, when.
115.339. Nominations, how made.
115.341. Primary elections, when held.
115.343. Winner of primary to be only candidate of that party for that office--write-in in general election deemed independent.
115.345. Notice of offices for which candidates are to be nominated, when sent--election authority to publish notice with filing date.
115.347. Declaration of candidacy required prior to name appearing on ballot--fraudulent declaration a class one offense.
115.349. Time for filing of a declaration of candidacy--form of declaration.
115.351. Candidate may not file for more than one office, exception, presidential primary, also prohibited from filing for the same office on more than one ticket at the same election.
115.353. Declarations of candidacy, where filed.
115.355. Declarations of candidacy to be filed in person by candidate, exceptions.
115.357. Filing fees--declaration of inability to pay, form of.
115.359. Withdrawal of candidacy, deadline for, how made.
115.361. Filing to be reopened, when--death or withdrawal of only candidate to create vacancy on ballot, when--removal of name from ballot, when.
115.363. Party nominating committee to select candidate, when.
115.364. Previously disqualified candidate not eligible for selection by party nominating committee.
115.365. Nominating committee designated as to certain offices.
115.367. Change of district boundaries, effect on nominating committee.
115.369. Notice of vacancy, when given to nominating committee or county committee.
115.371. Majority of committee present required to nominate, exception.
115.373. Candidates selected by committee to be filed with election authority, when--death of candidate selected by committee, effect of.
115.377. Certification of nomination by committee or committee chairman, form of--candidate's declaration, form of.
115.379. Death of candidate after filing deadline and before election, procedure to be followed.
115.381. Secretary of state to notify appropriate election authorities of nomination, when.
115.383. Name changes on ballot, how made.
115.385. Party emblem, when submitted to secretary of state.
115.387. Secretary of state to furnish each election authority a list of candidates for each office and the order of their filing--list, when due.
115.389. Election authority to publish list of candidates, date of election and hours the polls will open.
115.391. Sample ballots, when and how distributed.
115.393. Election authority to deliver official ballots to polls--number of ballots, how determined.
115.395. Ballot for each party at primary--candidates, how listed--ballot information, how shown.
115.397. Voter may receive only one party ballot--voters not wishing a party ballot may vote for independents and on all propositions and questions.
115.399. Presidential and vice-presidential candidates, when certified to secretary of state--declaration of candidacy of presidential electors, form of.
115.401. General election candidates, list to be sent to election authorities, when.
115.403. Forms to be prepared by secretary of state, when.
115.405. False swearing a class one offense.
115.407. Polls, hours to be open.
115.409. Who may be admitted to polling place.
115.411. Election authority to provide polling booths.
115.413. Secretary of state to furnish election authorities election laws pamphlets, each polling place to have a copy--instructions to election judges may be furnished.
115.415. Necessary equipment to be delivered to polls by election authority.
115.417. Voter instruction cards to be delivered to polls--instructions and sample ballot to be posted, how.
115.419. Sample ballots, cards to be delivered to the polls, when.
115.420. Butterfly ballot prohibited, exceptions.
115.421. Duties of election judges to be performed prior to opening of the polls.
115.423. Ballot box, procedure for handling.
115.425. Name must be on precinct register to be eligible to vote, exception.
115.427. Personal identification, requirements--statement for voters without required personal identification, procedure--provisional ballot, when--form of statement--notice of requirements--report--precinct register requirements--mark in lieu of signature, when--contingent effective date.
115.427. Voter to present form of personal identification, acceptable identification--notice of identification requirements and procedures--affidavit, provisional ballot--form--provisional ballot when identity not verified, counted when--advance notice--payment of fee not required, when, mobile processing system--report--voter identification certificate--rulemaking authority--mark in lieu of signature permitted, when--voters without identification, provisional ballot, procedures--affidavit form--effective and expiration dates.
115.429. Person not allowed to vote--appeal, how taken--voter may be required to sign affidavit, when--false affidavit a class one offense.
115.430. Provisional ballots, used when, exceptions, procedure, counted when, how--rulemaking authority--free access system established--provisional ballot only used, when--no jurisdiction in state courts to extend polling hours.
115.431. Identification certificates to be initialed by judges and preserved as poll lists.
115.433. Judges to initial paper ballots, when.
115.435. Voter to proceed to voting booth, when.
115.436. Physically disabled may vote at polling place, procedure.
115.439. Procedure for voting paper ballot--rulemaking authority.
115.441. Delay by voter prohibited.
115.443. Paper ballots, how marked--electronic voting machines, how voted.
115.445. No one but voter in booth, exception.
115.447. Definitions.
115.449. Ballots, when and how counted.
115.451. Judges may read and record votes before polls close, when--procedure to be followed.
115.453. Procedure for counting votes for candidates.
115.455. Procedure for counting votes on questions.
115.456. Responsibilities of election authority--counting optical scan ballots--counting paper ballots--marks indicating political party preference, how construed.
115.457. Uninitialed ballots rejected, exception.
115.459. Duties of judges after polls close (paper ballots).
115.461. Tally book, form of--tally sheet, form of--statements of returns, form of (paper ballots).
115.463. Procedure after statements of returns signed (paper ballots).
115.465. Procedure for returning voted ballots (paper ballots).
115.467. Duties of judges after polls close (electronic voting).
115.468. Write-in votes may be tallied at counting center.
115.469. Write-in votes, when counted--procedure to follow.
115.471. Certification of tally book and statements of returns as to write-in votes (electronic voting).
115.473. Tally book, form of (electronic voting).
115.475. Return of ballots, memory cards, and election materials, procedure for (electronic voting).
115.477. Ballots, procedure for counting (electronic voting).
115.479. Tabulating equipment to be tested, when (electronic voting).
115.481. Official return of polling place, contents of (electronic voting).
115.483. Duties of judge after polls close (voting machines).
115.491. Supervisory judges to return ballots and supplies to election authority, when.
115.493. Ballots and records to be kept twenty-two months, may be inspected, when.
115.495. Electronic voting machine to be kept secured--machine unlocked, when--election contest, initial election data to be removed and secured before subsequent election.
115.497. Verification board to convene, when.
115.499. Verification board, how constituted.
115.501. Verification board, duties of--meetings, when.
115.503. Verification board to inspect or cause inspection of secured electronic voting machines.
115.505. Corrected returns prima facie evidence in election contests.
115.507. Announcement of results by verification board, contents, when due--abstract of votes to be official returns.
115.508. Certification of election prohibited prior to noon on Friday after election day.
115.509. Messenger to be sent for abstract of votes, when.
115.511. Board of state canvassers to convene, when--secretary of state to announce results, when.
115.512. Votes for gubernatorial candidates, how reported.
115.513. Evidence of fraud or violation of law discovered by verification board to be reported.
115.515. Tie vote in primary election, procedure to be followed.
115.517. Tie vote in general election, procedure to be followed.
115.519. Runoff election between tied candidates only.
115.521. Notice of runoff election published, when.
115.523. Certificate of nomination to issue, when--certificate of election to issue, when.
115.525. Each house of general assembly to receive list of its newly elected members, when.
115.526. Qualifications of candidates may be challenged, by whom, procedure--disqualification, when.
115.527. Challenge of nomination at primary, who may make.
115.529. Circuit court to hear primary election contests.
115.531. Petition to contest primary election, contents of--filing in incorrect circuit, procedure.
115.533. Procedure after petition filed.
115.535. Election contest to have preference in order of hearing.
115.537. Hearing on necessity for recount, when.
115.539. Circuit court to order recount of votes, when.
115.541. Recount, primary election, irregularities in election--how conducted.
115.543. Court to appoint persons making recount--persons authorized to be present during recount.
115.545. Court to render judgment, when--effect of judgment.
115.547. Contestant to post bond, when.
115.549. New primary election may be ordered, when.
115.551. Appeal, how taken.
115.553. Candidate may challenge returns--registered voter of area may contest result.
115.555. Contest of state office election to be heard by supreme court.
115.557. Election contest to be filed, when.
115.559. Procedure after filing of petition.
115.561. Commissioner to take testimony, appointed, when--powers of commissioner.
115.563. Contests for office of senator or representative to be heard by respective body.
115.565. Contests for house or senate seats, where and how filed.
115.567. Contestee, service on, how made--notice to secretary of state--time for filing answer.
115.569. Depositions, when taken--civil discovery rules to apply.
115.571. Evidence to be received, form, contents.
115.573. No appeal from decision of house or senate.
115.575. Contests for office of circuit judge, where heard--other contests, where heard--filing in incorrect circuit, procedure.
115.577. Time in which election contest may be filed.
115.579. Duty of circuit clerk upon filing of petition--answer, when due.
115.581. Case to be tried, when.
115.583. Recount of votes ordered, when.
115.585. Recounts, how conducted.
115.587. Persons conducting recount, how selected.
115.589. Records to be corrected to reflect judgment.
115.591. Contestant to post bond, when.
115.593. New election ordered, when.
115.595. Person holding certificate of election to hold office pending outcome--question shall be deemed decided as shown by returns pending outcome.
115.597. Appeal from circuit court decisions allowed, procedure for.
115.599. Parties may subpoena witnesses and take depositions.
115.600. Recount or new election, procedure--petition by election authority.
115.601. Recount authorized when less than one-half of one percent difference in vote--recount, defined.
115.603. Committees each established party shall maintain.
115.605. Purpose of committee.
115.607. County or city committee, eligibility requirements, selection of.
115.609. County or city committee members, when elected (St. Louis City and County).
115.611. County or city committee members, filing fees.
115.613. Committeeman and committeewoman, how selected--tie vote, effect of--if no person elected a vacancy created--single candidate, effect.
115.615. County committee to meet and organize, when.
115.617. Vacancy, how filled.
115.619. Composition of legislative, congressional, senatorial, and judicial district committees.
115.620. Proxy voting, requirements.
115.621. Congressional, legislative, senatorial and judicial district committees to meet and organize, when.
115.623. State committee to meet and organize, when.
115.624. State party committees may remove members, when.
115.625. Convention of delegates of established party authorized.
115.627. Constitution or bylaws of political committees authorized--how changed.
115.629. Four classes of election offenses.
115.631. Class one election offenses.
115.633. Class two election offenses.
115.635. Class three election offenses.
115.637. Class four election offenses.
115.639. Three hours off work to vote--interference by employer a class four offense.
115.641. Failure to perform a duty under sections 115.001 to 115.641 and sections 51.450 and 51.460 a class four offense--exceptions.
115.642. Complaint procedures.
115.646. Public funds expenditure by political subdivision officer or employee, prohibited--personal appearances permitted.
115.650. Citation of sections 115.650 to 115.660--applicable definitions.
115.652. Mail-in voting may be conducted, when, limitations.
115.655. Delivery of official ballots, how--voting procedures--form of return identification envelope--replacement ballots, when--return of--counting of ballots.
115.658. Absentee voting, allowed, how--contest of election, procedure.
115.660. Secretary of state may promulgate rules.
115.700. Local issues, petition, form and procedure, when.
115.755. Presidential primary, when held.
115.758. Official list of candidates announced, when.
115.761. Official list of candidates, how included, filing fee--name removed, how--ballot form, content.
115.765. Certified list of candidates, order of appearance on ballot, procedure.
115.767. Names to appear on ballot.
115.770. Conduct of primary.
115.773. Duty to notify state chair of parties.
115.776. Caucuses, delegates for national conventions.
115.785. Costs of primary to be paid by state, exceptions.
115.801. Youth voting programs, grant, loan, or other aid program to be administered--grant program to improve federal election process--rulemaking authority.
115.900. Citation of law.
115.902. Definitions.
115.904. Applicability.
115.906. Secretary of state to implement, duties.
115.908. Federal postcard application permitted--declaration for federal write-in absentee ballot used to register to vote, when--electronic transmissions, secretary of state's duties.
115.910. Application procedure.
115.912. Timeliness of application, when.
115.914. Transmission of ballots to voters, when.
115.916. Receipt of ballot by election authority, deadline.
115.918. Federal write-in absentee ballot, used to vote, when.
115.920. Ballot to be counted, when.
115.922. Declaration to accompany ballot--penalty for misstatement of fact.
115.924. Electronic free-access system required, contents.
115.926. Electronic-mail address to be requested, use, confidentiality of.
115.928. Federal write-in absentee ballots, electronic notice, when-procedure.
115.930. Mistake or omission not to invalidate document, when--notarization not required, when.
115.932. Compliance, court may issue injunction or grant other equitable relief.
115.934. Uniformity of law to be considered.
115.936. Act to supersede other federal law, when.
115.960. Electronic signatures accepted, when--system to be used--inapplicability--petitions, authorized signatures--confidentiality of data.

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