Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 116
Initiative and Referendum


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Ordinances by initiative and referendum, cities third class, manager form, 78.573, 78.575
Regulation of conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, and lobbying, 105.450 to 105.496
116.010 Definitions.
116.020. Application of laws.
116.025. Attorney general sent fair ballot language, when--statement posted at polling place.
116.030. Referendum petition, form--clerical and technical errors to be disregarded, penalties for false signature.
116.040. Initiative petition for law or constitutional amendment, form--clerical and technical errors to be disregarded, penalties for false signature.
116.050. Initiative and referendum petitions, requirements.
116.060. Initiative and referendum petitions, who may sign--residents of one county only on a designated page.
116.070. Petitioner may sign by mark, procedure.
116.080. Qualifications of circulator--affidavit, notarization, penalty.
116.090. Petition signature fraud, penalty.
116.100. Filing of petition, procedure.
116.110. Signature may be withdrawn, when, how, effect, penalty.
116.115. Withdrawal of petition, when--vacation of official ballot title, when.
116.120. Secretary of state to determine sufficiency of form and compliance--invalid signatures not counted--signatures may be verified by random sampling, procedure and requirements.
116.130. Election authorities may be requested to verify signatures either by random sampling or checking signatures, when, how.
116.140. Secretary of state's authority not to count forged or fraudulent signatures.
116.150. Secretary of state to issue certificate of sufficiency of petition, when--if insufficient, certificate to state reasons.
116.153. Hearing to take public comments--joint committee on legislative research to provide summary to secretary of state, posting on website.
116.155. Official summaries and fiscal notes may be included in ballot measures, summary to be official ballot title if included.
116.160. Summary statement to be provided by the secretary of state if summary not provided by general assembly--content.
116.170. Fiscal note and fiscal note summary to be provided by state auditor if not provided by general assembly.
116.175. Fiscal impact of proposed measure--fiscal note, fiscal note summary, requirements--return of fiscal note for revision, when.
116.180. Copies of ballot title, fiscal note and fiscal note summary to designated persons, when--ballot title to be affixed to petition, when.
116.185. Identical ballot titles may be changed, how.
116.190. Ballot title may be challenged, procedure--who are parties defendant--changes may be made by court--appeal to supreme court, when.
116.195. Costs of court-ordered ballot title change to be paid by the state.
116.200. Secretary of state's decision as to sufficiency of petition may be reversed, procedure--appeal.
116.210. Numbering of proposed constitutional amendments.
116.220. Labeling of initiative and referendum measures.
116.230. Sample ballots to be prepared, form.
116.240. Certification to election authorities of notice to be published--contents.
116.250. Publication of legal notice.
116.260. Newspapers for publication of text of measures to be designated--measures to be published, how.
116.270. Publications fund created--payments from fund for what, how made.
116.280. Paper ballots for statewide measures, form.
116.290. Printing of copies of statewide measures--to be posted at polling places--distribution, exception.
116.300. Challengers and watchers at polling places, how designated.
116.310. Time limited for designating challengers and watchers for polling places and counting locations--effect of failure to designate by prescribed time.
116.320. Adoption of measure, vote required--effect of approval of conflicting measures.
116.330. Board of canvassers or governor to issue statement.
116.332. Petitions for constitutional amendments, statutory initiative or referendum, requirements, procedure.
116.334. Petition approval required, procedure to obtain petition title or summary statement--rejection or approval of petition, procedure--circulation of petition prior to approval, effect--signatures, deadline for filing.
116.340. Publication of approved measures.

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