Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 141
Delinquent Taxes--Certain Subdivisions


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Chapter Cross Reference
Constitutional charter cities, fees for collection of certain taxes, 82.650
Taxation in St. Louis City, generally, Chap. 92
Taxes on property may be paid by installment, ordinance may be adopted, delinquency, interest rate, certain charter counties (Jackson County), 139.052
141.010. Collection of back taxes--redemption.
141.020. Compromise of taxes permissible.
141.030. Deposits by county collector to be made on certain dates--final accounting.
141.040. Duty of collector to enforce payment of back taxes--suit commenced--summons--publication--default judgment .
141.050. Appointment of collector or deputies by sheriff.
141.060. Collector may employ attorney--compensation.
141.070. Collector may employ abstracter--compensation.
141.080. Recovery of taxes, when.
141.090. Suit in name of state of Missouri--procedure.
141.100. Judgment--contents--first lien on land.
141.110. Lien of tax judgment a continuing lien.
141.120. No execution for two years--redemption by owner.
141.121. Redemption barred on final judgment against vacant residential real property--immediate sale.
141.130. Sale of property--approval by court--acceptance, when.
141.140. Execution of deed by sheriff.
141.150. Fees allowed.
141.160. General law relating to taxation to apply to first class charter counties--exception.
141.170. Personal taxes--tax bills--delinquency.
141.180. Employment of delinquent tangible personal property tax attorney by collector--compensation of other employees.
141.190. Fees.
141.200. General taxation law applies.
141.202. Conveyances subject to covenants and easements.
141.210. Title of law.
141.220. Definitions (charter counties, and Clay and Buchanan counties).
141.230. Operation under law.
141.240. Tax liens on real estate.
141.250. Equality of tax liens--priorities--distribution of proceeds.
141.260. Foreclosure of tax lien--tax sale certificate--evidence--priorities.
141.270. List of tax liens affecting land--filing fees--exemption.
141.280. Content of list.
141.290. Tax bill lists--suits pending--time of delivery--filing of petition.
141.300. Tax bill lists--receipt for aggregate amount by collector--monthly statement.
141.310. Exclusive power to collect taxes--expenses of suit.
141.320. Delinquent land tax attorney--appointment, compensation, assistants, duties--county counselor designated as, when.
141.330. Delinquent land tax clerk, appointment, compensation.
141.340. Foreclosure of tax liens--suits.
141.350. Consolidation of pending suits with suits brought under this law--action, when (first class counties).
141.360. Suits for foreclosure--naming of parties.
141.370. County clerk to act as collector, when.
141.380. Suits for foreclosure--parcels or tracts of land may be joined.
141.390. Filing of suit, where.
141.400. Suit for foreclosure--action in rem--pleadings.
141.410. Suit for foreclosure--petition--caption--contents--notice, filing.
141.420. Redemption by owner, when barred--duty of collector.
141.430. Publication of notice of foreclosure--form of notice.
141.440. Notice to persons named in petition.
141.450. Form of notice.
141.460. Affidavit of publication, evidentiary documents.
141.470. Infants, disabled persons or convicts actions to foreclose, procedure.
141.480. Tax bill, prima facie proof--court may conduct informal hearings--further duties of court.
141.490. Rules of civil procedure in equity cases shall be followed.
141.500. Judgment--content--limit on penalties, fees and interest--notice of judgment, requirements.
141.510. Judgment of foreclosure, appeal, when--bond.
141.520. Waiting period before advertisement of sheriff's sale, exception if vacant residential property and redemption is barred--immediate sale when judgment becomes final.
141.530. Redemption by owner--installment payments--tolling of waiting period--exception.
141.535. Sale of parcel under tax foreclosure judgment stayed, when (Jackson County).
141.540. Place of sale--form of advertisement--notice to be posted on land and sent to certain persons, procedure.
141.550. Conduct of sale--interests conveyed--special sale procedures for certain counties, certain owners prohibited from bidding--cost of publication.
141.560. Daily adjournment of sale by sheriff--sale to trustees.
141.570. What title vests on sale.
141.580. Confirmation or disapproval of sale by court--proceeds applied, how.
141.590. Appeal from confirmation or disapproval of sale.
141.600. Performance of sheriff's duties by deputy.
141.610. Court administrator's, sheriff's deed, effect--action to set aside, limitations.
141.620. Imposition of suit penalty of five percent--disposition.
141.630. Attorney's fees.
141.640. Collector's commission.
141.650. Apportionment of costs--costs on redemption--how credited.
141.660. Costs, how taxed.
141.670. Collector protected from all loss, cost, damages and expenses.
141.680. Application of law, limitations on.
141.690. Invalidity of law not to affect foreclosure proceedings.
141.700. Creation of land trust--powers, generally.
141.710. Beneficiaries of land trust.
141.720. Composition of land trust--terms--qualifications--vacancies--compensation--removal.
141.730. Officers of land trust--bond--oath.
141.740. Commissioner and employees of the board of land trustees--duties, compensation--bond.
141.750. Land trust, seal, powers, conveyances.
141.760. Administration of delinquent tax lands by trust.
141.765. Sale of land trust property classified as residential improvement--condition of sale, time limitation--failure to comply, damages--judicial foreclosure or right of reentry, procedure.
141.770. Annual budget--public hearing--administrative costs, how paid--fiscal year--payment of claim by land trust--performance audits permitted, when.
141.780. Perpetual inventory by land trust.
141.785. Quiet title action, when, procedure.
141.790. Proceeds of sale of real estate disposed of by a land trust--distribution.
141.800. Exemption from taxation of real estate acquired by land trust.
141.810. Compensation of employees, limitations--penalty for violation.
141.820. Sections 141.820 to 141.970 applicable, when.
141.830. Collection of back taxes--redemption, interest and costs.
141.840. Compromise of taxes.
141.850. Collector to file suit to collect taxes--service.
141.860. Collector may be named deputy sheriff.
141.870. Collector may employ attorneys--fees.
141.880. Collector may employ abstracter--duties--fee.
141.890. Action to recover taxes must be commenced, when.
141.900. Action to be in name of state--tax bills--evidence.
141.910. Contents of judgment--fieri facias.
141.920. Continuation of lien--termination only upon payment.
141.930. No execution for two years--redemption of property.
141.931. Redemption barred on final judgment against vacant residential property--immediate sale on final judgment.
141.940. Approval of sale by court--sheriff to report bids to court--acceptance, when.
141.950. Execution of deed by sheriff for property sold.
141.960. Fees.
141.970. General taxation law to apply in cities not within a county (St. Louis City), exception.
141.980. Land bank agency may be established, when--taxing authorities to be beneficiaries--agency is a public body corporate and politic.
141.981. Board of commissioners, terms, vacancies, powers, meetings--surety bond required, when--oath--immunity from liability--vote by proxy prohibited.
141.982. Employees authorized--contracts and agreements authorized.
141.983. Powers.
141.984. Transfer of title of certain property, when--income to be tax-exempt--acquisition of property.
141.985. Name on property held--inventory to be available to public--policies and procedures--proceeds of sale, how distributed.
141.988. Funding sources--four percent fee to be transferred to county.
141.991. Annual audit--performance audits, when.
141.994. Issuance of bonds, requirements.
141.997. Open meetings required.
141.1000. Board members and employees, no direct compensation from lands held--violation, penalty.
141.1003. Same rights as private property owners.
141.1006. Encumbered ancillary property, taxes may be contributed to land bank agency by taxing authority.
141.1009. Quiet title action, when, procedure.
141.1012. Dissolution, procedure.
141.1015. Power of eminent domain or to tax not authorized.

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