Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 147
Corporation Franchise Tax


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Appeal from order of the director of the department of revenue, tax commission duties, 32.028
Original incorporation fee, 351.065
Tax amnesty, 32.375 to 32.383
Tax credit for qualified investment in small Missouri businesses, 135.400 to 135.432
Tax credit, industrial development projects funding with money or property, 100.286
147.010 Annual franchise tax, rate--exceptions.
147.020. Corporation to make report to director of revenue--content--extensions.
147.030. Payment of tax, when.
147.040. Director of revenue to determine amount--protest procedure--certificate forfeited for failure to report or remit.
147.050. Corporations with no shares to report to director of revenue, when, content--exceptions.
147.090. Taxes and penalties shall be first lien.
147.100. Director of revenue, may request information, when--administrative hearing commission, review of tax levy.
147.120. Director of revenue to report delinquency to attorney general and secretary of state--penalties--interest--procedure--discovery of fraud--penalty for false statement--administrative dissolution--rules and regulations, procedure.

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