Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 153
Taxation of Bridge, Express and Public Utility Companies


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
State tax commission to make original assessment of express and public utility companies, 138.420
Tax credit for qualified investment in small Missouri businesses, 135.400 to 135.432
Tax credit, neighborhood assistance, 32.115
153.010 Express company defined.
153.020. Companies to file annual statement of receipts--amount of tax, when due--penalty.
153.030. Bridge and public utility companies, how taxed--annual report--microwave relay stations, apportionment.
153.032. Telephone and telegraph companies, distributable, local property, definitions.
153.034. Electric companies, distributable, local property, definitions.
153.036. Pipeline companies, distributable and local property, definitions.
153.040. Missouri half of bridge, how taxed.
153.050. Procedure where return not made.
153.060. Prior taxation--separate returns.

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