Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 163
State Aid


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Breakfast program, hunger relief and outreach, 191.800 to 191.815
Definitions for chapter 163, exceptions, 160.011
Direct deposit agreements, participation, 360.111 to 360.118
Educational programs for juveniles placed or detained in county facilities, first class counties, charter form, 178.295 to 178.298
Enrollment option plan, nonresident student to be counted for state aid as a resident, 162.1057
Excursion gambling boat proceeds, transfer to gaming proceeds for education fund and school building fund, 160.534
Federal funds available for part-time schools, 178.320
Grants for construction, renovation and to refinance lease purchase, 360.111 to 360.118
Hardship grants, breakfast program, 191.805
Mental health or social services placement in facility or program, per pupil costs, 167.126
Operating levy, failure to provide minimum levy, lapse of district organization, 160.041
Outstanding schools act, Ch. 160
Professional development committee, allocation of funds to, eligibility for state aid, 160.530
Readiness assessment program, kindergarten and first grade, 160.053
Taxation, method of distribution of revenue collected pursuant to sections 144.010 to 144.430 and 144.600 to 144.745, 144.700
Vocational rehabilitation, 178.590 to 178.630
163.011 Definitions--method of calculating state aid.
163.012. Average daily attendance and membership, how determined.
163.013. Schools offering both kindergarten and transportation, state aid, how computed.
163.016. Designation of school district number (Monroe City).
163.018. Early childhood education programs, pupils included in average daily attendance calculation, when--applicability for unaccredited districts, provisionally accredited districts, and other districts.
163.021. Eligibility for state aid, requirements--evaluation of correlation of rates and assessed valuation, report, calculation--further requirements--exception--operating levy less than performance levy, requirements.
163.022. Minimum levy requirement not applicable in certain counties.
163.023. School district with operating levy below minimum value classified unaccredited, when--procedure for classification.
163.024. Environmental violations, moneys received from payment of civil penalty excluded from local effort (Iron, Jefferson, Reynolds, and Washington counties).
163.025. Operating levy reduction below minimum rate, effect upon accreditation classification.
163.028. Rules, effective, when--rules invalid and void, when.
163.031. State aid--amount, how determined--categorical add-on revenue, determination of amount--waiver of rules--deposits to teachers' fund and incidental fund, when--state adequacy target adjustment, when.
163.036. Estimates of weighted average daily attendance, authorized, how computed--summer school computation--error in computation between actual and estimated attendance, how corrected--use of assessed valuation for state aid--delinquency in payment of property tax, effect on assessment.
163.038. Districts with a county municipal court, payments to be made.
163.041. Computation of average daily attendance for first apportionment to reorganized district.
163.042. Option district election, effect of--notification to department of election.
163.043. Classroom trust fund created, distribution of moneys--use of moneys by districts.
163.044. Annual appropriation of fifteen million dollars for specified uses.
163.051. Forced closing of school--state aid based on prior year's attendance.
163.071. State aid for pupils residing on federal lands.
163.073. Aid for programs provided by the division of youth services--amount, how determined--payment by district of domicile of the child, amount.
163.081. Secretary to report to state department, when, contents, penalty--distribution, when.
163.083. Distribution of state aid--treasurer may disregard certain requirements.
163.087. School district trust fund distribution, certain school districts--districts foregoing reduction in total operating levy, calculation of entitlement.
163.091. Correction of errors in apportionment of state aid.
163.095. Erroneously set levy in capital projects fund, department to revise state aid calculation (St. Louis County).
163.161. State aid for transportation of pupils--powers of state board to approve routes, or portions of routes--effect--limitations on use of funds.
163.172. Minimum teacher's salary--information to be provided to general assembly--salary defined.
163.191. State aid to community colleges--definitions--distribution to be based on resource allocation model, adjustment annually, factors involved--report on effectiveness of model, due when.
163.195. Disclaimer as to dollar amounts of future payments.
163.410. Compliance with certain expenditure requirements, school districts excused from, when.

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