Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 164
Tax Levies and Bonded Indebtedness


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Debt, limitation, amount how determined, vote required, number of votes, Const., Art. VI § 26(b)
Definitions for chapter 164, exceptions, 160.011
Outstanding schools act, Chap. 160
Tax ceiling may be increased by vote of governing body, school districts when assessed values reduced, 137.072
164.011. Annual estimate of required funds, tax rates required, criteria for exceptions--estimates, where sent.
164.013. Schools, certain districts, operating levy adjustment required when, effect--not to affect senior citizen tax relief benefit.
164.021. Excess levy, procedure.
164.031. Form of ballot.
164.041. County clerk to assess the rate returned and extend taxes on tax books.
164.051. Outstanding obligations of lapsed or dissolved districts, procedure to pay--tax levy, proceeds how allocated.
164.071. Levy and collection of taxes in metropolitan districts.
164.081. Levy of library building tax--vote required--rate and period of levy.
164.091. Notice of election.
164.101. Form of ballot.
164.111. Levy and collection of tax--library building fund.
164.121. Purposes for which bonds may be issued in districts other than metropolitan and urban.
164.131. Purposes for which bonds may be issued in urban districts--notice to contain certain information.
164.141. Purposes for which bonds may be issued in metropolitan districts--notice to contain certain information.
164.151. Form of ballot in all districts--percentage required for approval.
164.161. Restrictions on loans.
164.181. Duties of treasurer of seven-director districts--liability.
164.191. Issuance by any district of funding and refunding bonds--record.
164.201. Exchange and sale of refunding bonds--restrictions.
164.221. Redeemed bonds of school districts to be destroyed--record--witnesses.
164.231. Issuance of revenue bonds to pay for dormitory, athletic stadiums by seven-director districts--security for bonds.
164.241. Approval by two-thirds of directors required for issuance of bonds.
164.251. Bonds not to constitute an indebtedness.
164.261. Bonds, denomination, interest rate, contents--negotiable --income exempt from state tax--how sold.
164.271. Board may prescribe form and detail of bonds--may be compelled to perform duties and agreements of district.
164.281. Operating expense may include cost of athletic equipment and uniforms.
164.291. Records of bonds, payment and revenues to be kept--disposition of surplus revenues.
164.301. Refunding of bonds.
164.303. School district bond fund established, purpose to fund health and educational facilities authority, costs and grants--lapse into general revenue fund, prohibited.

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