Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 165
Budget and Current Financing


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Bond issues or note purchases from school districts authorized from health and educational facilities authority, 360.106
Debt, limitation, amount how determined, vote required, number of votes, Const., Art. VI § 26(b)
Definitions for chapter 165, exceptions, 160.011
Outstanding schools act, Chap. 160
Railroad violations, penalties and forfeitures paid into public school fund, 389.998
Tax ceiling may be increased by vote of governing body, school districts when assessed values reduced, 137.072
165.011. Tuition--accounting of school moneys, funds--uses--transfers to and from incidental fund, when--transfers to debt service fund, when--one-time transfer for Carthage School district--deduction for unlawful transfers--transfer of unrestricted funds.
165.012. School district financial reporting requirements to the department--information to be available on department's website.
165.021. Disbursal of school moneys--checks, form of--checks not to issue in excess of revenue.
165.031. Lost or destroyed check, duplicate to issue, when.
165.051. Investment of surplus funds.
165.061. Treasurer, duties of.
165.071. County collector-treasurer to pay over school district moneys monthly (seven-director districts).
165.081. County treasurer to pay over state and county school moneys to district treasurer monthly (seven-director districts).
165.091. School money, how disbursed.
165.101. Settlements of treasurer of seven-director districts, when due.
165.111. Financial report published annually, when--state aid not to be paid until report received, penalty--audit summary published, when.
165.121. Biennial audit of records--state aid withheld, when--publication of summary (seven-director districts).
165.122. Audits of enrollment and attendance records of school districts, performed by independent auditor, costs.
165.131. Tax and revenue anticipation notes--form.
165.141. Execution and certification of notes--registration by county treasurer--record of issuance and payment--cancellation.
165.161. Disbursements in metropolitan districts, how made.
165.171. Audits, how provided--removal of appointed auditor.
165.181. Examination of officers' accounts and vouchers in metropolitan districts--report to mayor.
165.201. Selection of depositaries in seven-director districts without advertising for bids--deposit to be secured.
165.211. Depositaries, how selected, when--bids received when--notice to be published.
165.221. Bids, how made--to be accompanied by check--penalty for secretary disclosing amount of bid.
165.231. Opening of bids--interest on deposits--check returned on rejection of bid.
165.241. Deposits, how secured--renewal of deposit agreement.
165.251. Additional security may be required.
165.261. Failure to select depositary.
165.271. Transfer of funds to depositaries--payment of bonds--effect of failure of depositary to deposit security.
165.281. Penalty for failure to pay valid check of seven-director district.
165.291. Liability of district treasurer.
165.301. Selection of depositaries in metropolitan districts.

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