Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 168
Personnel--Teachers and Others


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Buses, school bus operators not to include certain persons transporting school children, 302.010
Definitions for chapter 168, exceptions, 160.011
Military service, exemption from provisions of law, 41.950
Outstanding schools act, Chap. 160
Professional development committee, allocation of funds to, eligibility for state aid, 160.530
Retired teachers, metropolitan districts, volunteering for tutoring program may return to teaching without affecting benefits, when, 105.269
Salaries, minimum for teachers, 163.172
Sick leave credited as service during leave, requirements, 169.595
Spanking school children not child abuse, when, exceptions, procedure, 160.261
Unemployment compensation, substitute teaching not deemed to make claimant unavailable for work, 288.040
Workers' compensation, teachers or employees under compensation may have credit during leave in retirement system, requirements, 169.595
168.011. Teachers--license required--teaching, and administration, to be recognized as professions.
168.015. Advisory council of certification for educators established--number--appointment--qualifications--powers--duties.
168.021. Issuance of teachers' licenses--effect of certification in another state and subsequent employment in this state.
168.023. Contact hours included in professional development requirements for vocational-technical certification.
168.071. Revocation, suspension or refusal of certificate or license, grounds--procedure--appeal.
168.081. Teaching or acting as school administrator without certificate prohibited.
168.101. Employment of certificated teachers ineligible for permanent status under the teacher tenure act (all districts except metropolitan).
168.102. Short title.
168.104. Definitions.
168.106. Indefinite contract, what affects.
168.108. Contract, form of--requirements.
168.110. Contract modification, when--what provisions.
168.112. Modification or termination, how.
168.114. Board may terminate, grounds for.
168.116. Termination by board--notice--charges.
168.118. Termination hearing, procedure, costs.
168.120. Appeal by teacher, procedure.
168.122. Leaves of absence, board may establish policy--retention of permanent status.
168.124. Board may place on leave--provisions governing--salary to be paid to affected teacher, when.
168.126. Probationary teachers, how terminated--notice, contents--reemployed, how.
168.128. Teacher records, how maintained--evaluations, how performed and maintained.
168.129. Board member exempt from civil liability resulting from charges against teacher.
168.130. Teachers not to participate in management of school board election, campaign.
168.133. Criminal background checks required for school personnel, when, procedure--rulemaking authority.
168.151. Solicitation of or payment by teacher of expenses of school prohibited, penalty.
168.171. Supervisor of physical education, supervisor of health and school nurses may be employed in certain districts.
168.181. Business manager and clerical help may be employed in certain districts--duties.
168.191. Superintendent of schools, employment of authorized (first class charter counties).
168.201. Superintendent of schools and other employees--employment of by all districts except metropolitan authorized.
168.205. Superintendent, school districts may share, when.
168.211. Superintendent of schools, appointment, term--superintendent to appoint a treasurer and commissioner of school buildings and associate and assistant superintendents--bond--powers of superintendent (metropolitan districts).
168.221. Probationary period for teachers--removal of probationary and permanent personnel--hearing--demotions--reduction of personnel (metropolitan districts).
168.232. Consequences of dissolution of St. Louis special school district.
168.251. Noncertificated employees--appointment, promotion, removal, suspension (metropolitan districts).
168.261. Director of personnel, appointment--personnel committee, appointment (metropolitan districts).
168.271. Probationary period for employees--discharge during (metropolitan districts).
168.281. Permanent employees, removal, procedure--suspension, demotion--reduction of personnel (metropolitan districts).
168.300. District employers may authorize contributions to credit unions and for other purposes, to be deducted and paid from compensation--procedure.
168.303. Job-sharing rules to be adopted by board, job sharing defined.
168.400. Programs established for public school personnel--contents.
168.405. Administrator assessment center established--certificate issued--unsatisfactory assessment, hearing.
168.407. Principal-administrator academy program for school leaders.
168.409. Fees and costs for assessment center and academy.
168.410. Evaluations of school administrators and district superintendents--copy of evaluation to person evaluated.
168.450. Officer training, Missouri state training center to develop curriculum and certification requirements.
168.500. Career and teacher excellence plan, career ladder forward funding fund established--general assembly to appropriate funds--termination of fund--participation to be voluntary--qualifications--speech pathologists on career program, when--funding limitations.
168.505. Teacher receiving career pay not to affect district base pay.
168.510. Disqualified from participating in career plan, grounds.
168.515. Salary supplement for participants in career plan--method of distribution--amounts--matching funds, contributions--review of career pay--tax levy authorized, when--use of funds.
168.520. Career advancement program for personnel of state schools for the blind, deaf and severely disabled--salary supplement for participants.
168.530. Reimbursement by department for coordinator, when.
168.700. Citation of law--definitions--repayment of loans, contracts for--coordinator position to be maintained--rulemaking authority--fund created, use of moneys.
168.702. Sunset provision.
168.745. Compensation package created--fund created.
168.747. Eligibility for compensation package.
168.749. Eligibility for stipends, criteria.
168.750. Rulemaking authority.

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