Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 169
Teacher and School Employee Retirement Systems


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Chapter Cross Reference
Bi-state development agency, bonds of, investment in authorized, 70.377
Outstanding schools act, Chap. 160
Prior creditable service, purchase in MOSERS, 104.344
Retired teachers, metropolitan districts, volunteering for tutoring program may return to teaching without affecting benefits, when, 105.269
Retirement systems, actuarial evaluation required at least biennially, 105.664
Savings accounts in insured savings and loan associations, investment in authorized, 369.194
Sick leave, unused, to be included in credited service, but not for vesting purposes, 104.601
Taxation by state of annuities, pensions and retirement allowances, 143.123, 143.124
Workers' compensation benefits deductible from pensions paid from public funds to public employees, 287.100
169.010. Definitions.
169.020. System created, what districts included--trustees, appointment, terms, qualifications, election, duties--venue--audit, when--interest.
169.021. Transfer of teachers from urban district to state retirement system--procedure.
169.022. Board of education in sections 169.020 and 169.021 defined.
169.030. Contributions by members and employees, exceptions--rate--withholding required--board to fix rate, conditions.
169.033. Contributions by members may be required to be credited to members' accounts by employer, board may adopt plan.
169.035. Additional deposits by members, when.
169.040. Funds of retirement system, how invested--delegation of investment authority--investments, manner of making, form--designated depository--electronic funds transfer required--closed meetings authorized, when.
169.045. Bank deposits of system, how secured.
169.050. Membership--prior service credit, withdrawal--reinstatement contributions.
169.055. Purchase of equivalent service, leave of absence--part-time teachers may receive creditable service, when.
169.056. Private school, defined--membership credit for service in private school, purchase, payment, requirements.
169.060. Retirement and disability.
169.070. Retirement allowances, how computed, election allowed, time period--options--effect of federal O.A.S.I. coverage--cost-of-living adjustment authorized--limitation of benefits--employment of special consultant, compensation, minimum benefits.
169.073. Partial lump sum distribution, when--options--calculation for changes in distribution amount--death, effect of.
169.075. Survivors' benefits, options--purchase of prior service credits for previous service in another Missouri public school retirement system, cost--monthly retirement allowance--special consultant qualification, compensation, duties--death prior to receipt of total accumulated benefits, effect of.
169.076. Death without a valid designated beneficiary, effect of--most recent valid designation of beneficiary revokes previous designations.
169.080. Correction of errors in benefits--adjustment.
169.090. Funds not subject to execution, garnishment, attachment.
169.100. Gifts accepted.
169.110. Appropriations made by general assembly to be repaid in two-year period.
169.130. Teachers at state institutions prior to August 13, 1986, to be members--teachers employed by teachers' association to be members--contributions.
169.140. Community college, public, full-time employee may be member of retirement system, exception.
169.141. Successor beneficiary may be nominated by person receiving reduced allowance, when, procedure.
Cross Reference

Public urban library district employees eligible for public school system to be members, when, 182.709 ***

169.270. Definitions.
169.280. Retirement system created--system, how managed--federal qualified plan, intent as, administration of plan, effect on.
169.291. Board of trustees, qualifications, terms--superintendent of school district to be member--vacancies--lapse of corporate organization, effect of--oaths--officers--expenses--powers and duties--medical board, appointment--contribution rates of employers, amount.
169.295. Board of trustees, powers and duties.
169.296. Indemnity and protection of trustee or employee, limitations--insurance--notice required, when.
169.301. Retirement benefits to vest, when--amount, how computed--option of certain members to transfer plans, requirements--retirant becoming active member, effect on benefits--termination of system, effect of--military service, effect of.
169.311. One year creditable service, how computed.
169.315. Rules, regulations to permit purchase of creditable service, requirements--eligibility.
169.320. Member may retire, when.
169.322. Retirement for disability--periodic examination--subsequent reemployment and retirement.
169.324. Retirement allowances, amounts--retirants may substitute without affecting allowance, limitation--annual determination of ability to provide benefits, standards--action plan for use of minority and women money managers, brokers and investment counselors.
169.326. Optional plans for payment of benefits--limitations--waiver.
169.328. Accumulated contributions returned to member, when--eligible rollover distributions, election for distribution.
169.331. Retired teachers may teach full time without loss of benefits, when--school district requirements.
169.350. Assets held in two funds--source and disbursement--deductions--contributions, employer may elect to pay part or all of employee's contribution, procedure--rate of contributions to be calculated.
169.360. Trustees shall report annually to employers district's contribution, certification--transfer of funds.
169.370. Obligations chargeable to general revenue fund--alteration of existing rights prohibited.
169.380. Immunity from execution, garnishment or attachment.
169.390. Limitation of state contributions.
169.395. Procedural requirements waived for members, retirants and beneficiaries, by board of trustees, when.
169.400. Correction of errors in benefits--adjustment.
169.410. Definitions.
169.420. Retirement system--how managed.
169.430. Who shall be members.
169.435. Revocation of election of coverage made on or ninety days after October 13, 1961, procedure, effect on creditable service.
169.440. Years of service, how determined--purchase of credit for service, limitations and conditions.
169.450. Trustees--selection, qualifications, powers and duties--circuit court's jurisdiction over board--board's authority to make rules for administering assets of system.
169.460. Retirement, when--pensions, how computed--early retirement, when, pensions, how computed--disability retirement, when, pensions, how computed--death before retirement, effect of--beneficiary defined, benefits, how computed--retirants may become active, how--minimum benefits, when.
169.466. Annual pension increase, when.
169.471. Board of education authorized to increase retirement benefits, adopt and implement additional plans.
169.475. Retired member, employment as special advisor, duties, compensation--district to reimburse system, when.
169.476. Insurance for retired members may be provided--rules and regulations.
169.480. Board to be trustees of funds--investment--income credited--payments, how made--current funds kept--duties of trustees.
169.490. Assets of system to be held as one fund--contribution, rate, how collected.
169.500. Certification of amount to be paid to retirement system, inclusion in annual budget estimates.
169.510. Obligations of system paid how--effect of change in law.
169.520. Funds not subject to execution, garnishment or attachment and not assignable--exceptions.
169.530. False statement, misdemeanor--correction of records--adjustment.
169.540. State shall contribute no funds--exceptions.
169.560. Retirees may be employed for limited time--salary amount, effect on benefits.
169.561. Retirees return to work considered new membership in applicable retirement system--vesting period, contributions, service credit--termination, withdrawal of contributions, when.
169.563. Retirement in certain systems at fifty-five or older with five years service, procedure, computation of benefits.
169.566. School retirement systems to conduct study.
169.569. Joint rules promulgated, procedure.
169.570. Employment of person having rights in more than one retirement system, may purchase membership credit--purchase of equivalent credit, when, requirements.
169.572. Dissolution of marriage, court not to divide retirement benefits or Social Security benefits.
169.573. Plan for utilization of minority professionals, report.
169.574. Members may designate trust as beneficiary.
169.576. Authorizes board to provide for reciprocal creditable service transfers with other states.
169.577. Purchase of additional creditable service to achieve minimum time required for allowance--request, form, purchase, requirements, term.
169.585. Certain retired teachers to be employed by retirement system as special school advisors and supervisors, when--actuarially unsound, effect of.
169.587. Benefits exempted from taxation and creditors--benefits not assignable.
169.589. Discharge from Armed Forces, defined--members may elect to pay contribution to system for service time--reemployment by school district, contribution by district to be paid, when.
169.590. Health plans for school district employees to include retirees, families of retirees and survivors.
169.595. Sick leave or under workers' compensation, employee may receive creditable service for leave time, requirements.
169.596. Retired teacher may teach full time without loss of retirement benefits, when--school district requirements.
169.597. Hancock amendment standing--certain statutes void, when.
169.600. Definitions.
169.610. System established--board of trustees to administer--funds to be kept separate.
169.611. Community college district retirement system may merge with public education employees' retirement system.
169.620. Contributions by members and employers--rate--penalty for failure to remit--benefits to be reduced, when--purchase of service credit, certain members, how.
169.625. Board of trustees may adopt plan requiring all contributions by employee to be paid directly to retirement system.
169.630. Funds of system, how invested, how accounted for--bank or trust company to serve as depository and intermediary in investment of funds--title to securities, form--electronic funds transfer--closed meetings authorized, when.
169.640. Bank deposits of system, how secured.
169.650. Membership--prior service credit--reinstatement--procedure.
169.655. Purchase of membership credit for service to organization supporting education or research--limitations, requirements--transfer of funds.
169.660. Eligibility for retirement, when--temporary-substitute service for retiree authorized, limitation, no contribution from retiree required.
169.663. Disability retirement, when--return to duty, effect of disability payments--disability defined.
169.670. Benefits, how computed--beneficiary benefits, options, election of.
169.673. Partial lump sum distribution, when--changes in distribution amount, formula--death, effect of.
169.676. Death without a valid beneficiary designation, effect of--most recent valid designation of beneficiary revokes previous designations.
169.680. Penalty for false statements--correction of errors in benefits--adjustment.
169.690. Funds not subject to execution, garnishment, attachment.
169.700. Gifts accepted.
169.712. Transfer to public school retirement system, certain public education employees, procedure.
169.715. Successor beneficiary may be nominated by person receiving reduced allowance, when, procedure.
169.750. Indemnification permitted, when--insurance or indemnity policies authorized.

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