Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 170
Instruction--Materials and Subjects


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Athletic awards of recognition by state for students of Missouri schools, 160.350
Definitions for chapter 170, exceptions, 160.011
Outstanding schools act, Chap. 160
Readiness assessment program, kindergarten and first grade, 160.053
Taxation by state of annuities, pensions and retirement allowances, 143.123, 143.124
Video film on prison conditions and young offenders to be available to school districts, required viewing for offenders or students convicted of misdemeanors, 161.203
170.005 Eye protection required, when.
170.007. Industrial quality eye protective devices defined.
170.009. Instructions and recommendations for eye protection to be prepared by boards.
170.011. Courses in the constitutions, American history and Missouri government, required, penalty--waiver, when--student awards--requirements not applicable to foreign exchange students.
170.012. Graduate teaching assistants communication in English language requirements--testing and reports.
170.014. Reading instruction act--reading programs established, essential components--explicit systematic phonics defined.
170.015. Human sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases, instruction in, requirements--policies, school boards' duties--certain course materials on human sexuality prohibited, when.
170.017. Agriculture or career and technical course may be substituted for certain units required for high school graduation, exception.
170.029. Career and technical education (CTE) certificates, minimum requirements--curriculum--recognition of program--rulemaking authority.
170.031. Physiology texts to contain chapter on dental hygiene--penalty.
170.037. Adoption of service-learning programs and projects encouraged--state board of education to provide assistance, when.
170.041. Physical education supplies and equipment--certain districts may raise funds for.
170.046. School-based nonviolent conflict resolution program materials--development, content, availability.
170.047. Youth suicide awareness and prevention, training for educators--guidelines--rulemaking authority.
170.048. Youth suicide awareness and prevention policy, requirements--model policy, feedback.
170.049. Veterans Day observance in schools.
170.051. Textbook defined--school board to provide free textbooks in public schools--funds to be used.
170.055. Price to be paid for books--excessive price a misdemeanor, penalty.
170.057. Incidental fund moneys may be used for books, supplies and educational television.
170.061. Publisher to file copy of book and price statement with state board--other required agreements.
170.071. Publisher to pay filing fee--use of fund.
170.081. Publisher to file bond.
170.091. State board to furnish list of publishers.
170.101. Proceedings for forfeiture of publisher's bond.
170.111. Publisher to furnish duplicate price lists to clerk.
170.121. Publisher to designate secretary of state as agent for service of process.
170.131. Publisher to file statement regarding control of prices.
170.132. Preference given to educational materials available in Braille or electronic format, public schools.
170.135. Captioning of electronic video instructional materials--definitions--failure to comply, civil penalty.
170.141. Publisher to show ownership of publishing house.
170.151. Proceedings for forfeiture of publisher's contract and bond instituted, when.
170.161. Penalty for selling books without license.
170.171. Board member accepting bribe--penalty.
170.201. Boards may accept gifts for libraries--investment (seven-director districts).
170.211. Public library--powers of board in urban districts.
170.221. Art gallery and museum--powers of board in urban districts.
170.225. Rules, procedure.
170.231. Inspection by the public of instructional material, research and experimentation programs or projects.
170.260. Motivated students program, requirements.
170.300. Phonics instruction pilot project.
170.305. Supplemental educational services, equipment and educational materials not deemed an incentive for certification purposes.
170.310. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruction and training, grades nine through twelve, requirements--rulemaking authority.
170.312. Safe place for newborns act, instruction on, requirements.
170.315. Active shooter and intruder response training for schools program established, purpose--mandatory drill to be conducted.
170.340. Books of religious nature may be used, when.
170.345. Missouri civics education initiative--examination required--waiver, when.
170.350. Constitution Project of the Missouri Supreme Court, participation in, effect of.

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