Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 171
School Operations


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Breakfast program, hunger relief and outreach, 191.800 to 191.815
Definitions for chapter 171, exceptions, 160.011
Missing children, school records to be flagged at request of highway patrol, 43.408
Outstanding schools act, Chap. 160
Readiness assessment program, kindergarten and first grade, 160.053
171.011 School board may adopt rules and regulations.
171.021. Schools receiving public moneys to display United States flag--requirement to recite Pledge of Allegiance once per school day--students not required to recite.
171.026. Student programs on occupations and educational options, military forces may be represented.
171.029. Four-day school week authorized--calendar to be filed with department.
171.031. Board to prepare calendar--minimum term--opening dates--exemptions--hour limitation.
171.033. Make-up of days lost or cancelled, number required--exemption, when--waiver for schools in session twelve months of year, granted when.
171.034. Provision of food services by school districts eligible to reduce make-up days.
171.051. School holidays.
171.053. Participation in sanctioned program activities, excused absences allowed--state aid, computation for such activities.
171.091. Board may provide adult classes out of certain funds.
171.096. Board may permit use of school facilities for adult education purposes.
171.098. Board may authorize sale of class projects to pupils at cost.
171.101. Board may provide facilities and services for pupils living on federal lands.
171.121. District may be closed and required to transport pupils--apportionment of state aid.
171.131. Seventh and eighth grade pupils may be sent to another district--tuition, how paid.
171.141. Fraternities and sororities may be barred--enforcement.
171.151. Daily register required, contents of.
171.171. Full credit to be given work completed in accredited schools.
171.181. Preference given Missouri products in making purchase--certain seven-director school districts, board member selling to district prohibited, exceptions, penalty.
171.185. Materials recovery and recycling facility prohibited, when (city of Chesterfield).
171.410. Program may be taught to first graders, purpose.

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