Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 172
State University--University of Missouri


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
American Sign Language courses, treated as a foreign language, when, 160.075
Athletic awards of recognition by state for students of Missouri universities, 160.350
Attendance policies for governing board, 174.105
Board of curators within definition of open meetings and records law, 610.010
Bookstores, sales by subject to sales tax, 144.513; exempt, when, 144.517
Business assistance offices may be established in higher education institutions, duties, requirements, 620.503
Centers for advanced technology may be established in universities and affiliated research institutes, requirements, 348.272
Conflict of interest, policy required, 173.735
Constitutional provisions relative to the state university, Const. Art. IX § 9
Constitutions, state and federal, and American history to be taught in the state university, 170.011
Construction, repairs, improvement projects, movable equipment, furniture, architectural or engineering fees, permitted when, 8.310
Contracts or leases for facilities funded by appropriations to be first approved by the general assembly, 21.527
County agricultural extension programs, 262.550 to 262.620
Crippled children's service, administration by department of social services, Chap. 201
Dairy revitalization act, estimated sales tax from dairy products, university to conduct research, 261.270 to 261.295
Depositaries for university funds to give security, 110.010
Driving instruction programs, rules, 302.765
Facilities and equipment may be obtained by agreements, procedure, 177.088
Fertilizers, regulation, duties of director of Missouri agricultural experiment station at Columbia, 266.291 to 266.355
Fraternity and sorority real property how assessed for tax purposes, 137.098
Historical society, state, transferred to the University of Missouri, 173.005
Holocaust education and awareness commission, president to be a member of, 161.700
Institution may charge fee for electronic connection, 174.330
Legal counsel for university to represent against claims, when, 105.716
License plates with university emblem, procedure and cost to obtain, use of contribution, 301.449
Meningitis, brochure to be made available to colleges and universities, 167.638
Open meetings and records law, board of curators within definition, 610.010
Poultry experiment station transferred to the University of Missouri, 173.005
Printing, curators to determine typography for state university, 34.180
Psychiatry, institute of Missouri, transferred to the university, purposes, appropriations, 630.030
Recycling, collection and waste reduction guidelines, 34.032
Revenue bonds of university for dormitories and other facilities, 176.010 to 176.085
Risk management associations, 176.500 to 176.540
State university to use Missouri products, 34.060, 34.080
Teaching assistants, graduates, communication in English language requirements, 170.012
University of Missouri transferred to department of higher education, 173.005
Vending facilities, state property, 8.700 to 8.745
Vocational education, federal funds matched when no appropriation made, how, 178.520
Water resources interagency task force, college of agriculture to be member, 640.430
172.010 University established--how governed.
172.020. Corporate name--powers of curators--restrictions on dealings in real property, timber or minerals, rules--notice.
172.030. Curators, number of--how appointed.
172.035. Student representative to board of curators--appointment, powers, duties, limitations, qualifications, term, vacancy, removal from office--reimbursement of expenses--rotation of campuses.
172.037. Confidentiality--recusal--meeting closed to certain members, when.
172.040. Curators, term--compensation.
172.050. Vacancies, how filled.
172.060. Term of appointee to fill vacancy.
172.070. Attendance policy--vacancies by removal or other cause.
172.080. Oath of curators.
172.090. Officers of the board.
172.100. Board to prescribe own government.
172.110. Regular meetings of board.
172.120. Special meetings.
172.130. Adjourned meetings.
172.140. Quorum.
172.150. Who shall preside.
172.160. Duties of secretary.
172.170. Journal to be kept.
172.180. Records open to public.
172.190. Duty of treasurer--compensation.
172.200. Treasurer's bond.
172.210. Report to legislature.
172.220. Curators to report annually.
172.230. Executive board--executive committee of University of Missouri-Rolla--duties--compensation.
172.250. Curators to appropriate for annual expenses.
172.260. Curators to improve and protect property.
172.270. Property to be inventoried and appraised.
172.273. Research, development and office park projects established, when--procedure--curators' powers--real property exempt from zoning, ordinances and property tax--permits, licenses and certificates may be issued, when, application of sovereign and official immunity and public duty doctrines.
172.280. Authority to confer degrees.
172.287. Engineering colleges, program of grants established--purposes--amount insufficient for funding all grants reduced pro rata--expires, when.
172.290. Grants not to be diverted--reasonable portion may be used for administration.
172.300. Employment of faculty and employees--compensation, retirement, death and disability plans.
172.310. Relatives of curators not to be employed.
172.320. Bank depository selection by bid, policies and rules--conflict of interest, rules--employees interest in contracts with university, disclosure required--failure to disclose, effect--curators not to participate in board decisions if conflict of interest.
172.330. Salaries to be paid monthly.
172.340. Salaries, when suspended.
172.350. University police officers--appointment--employment.
172.355. University police officers--oath--certificate--powers--training.
172.360. Students admissible--tuition and fees.
172.370. Students' right to present petitions.
172.380. President of board to make deed.
172.390. Board may sell land--president of board to execute deed.
172.400. Certain moneys to be paid to university treasurer.
172.410. To be invested, how.
172.420. Income to be invested--loaned to students.
172.430. College of agriculture and school of mines established.
172.440. Objects of these colleges.
172.450. Faculty.
172.460. Right to confer degrees.
172.470. Rights of students--military training endowment.
172.480. Chair of dairy husbandry established.
172.490. Duties of professor of dairy husbandry.
172.493. Delta Research Center to be established, functions--acquisitions of land.
172.495. Southwest Missouri agricultural research center established--functions--acquisition of land.
172.500. Course of study, University of Missouri-Rolla campus.
172.560. Missouri state military school.
172.570. Corps of cadets, how constituted.
172.580. Organization of cadets.
172.590. Government--officers.
172.600. Cadets responsible for property--to constitute guard.
172.610. Seminary fund created.
172.611. Consolidation of existing certificates--new certificates--amount--interest rates.
172.612. Cancellation of old certificates.
172.630. Board of curators to invest funds in certain bonds.
172.640. Purchase of bonds--approval and payment--securities deposited with treasurer.
172.650. Certificates to remain unconvertible--renewal certificates issued, when.
172.651. Proceeds of matured bonds to be reinvested.
172.660. State treasurer to be custodian of fund--accounts--report to general assembly.
172.661. Curators to keep account with treasurer--suits to recover money due.
172.680. Treasurer to stamp bonds--collect interest--seminary moneys fund created.
172.720. Disposition of income.
172.730. Disposition of funds collected under provisions of Morrill bill.
172.740. Use or transfer by curators of certain lands acquired by state for use of agricultural and mechanical college.
172.743. General traffic laws to apply to roads on university property.
172.745. University of Missouri curators may control vehicle traffic on roads or university property.
172.747. Board of curators to publish and distribute traffic regulations--speed limit signs to be posted.
172.749. Violation of university regulations to have effect of municipal violation--assessment of points, effect of.
172.750. Application of sections 172.743 to 172.749 limited to moving violations.
172.775. School of optometry authorized, agreements, conditions, costs, how paid.
172.780. St. Louis school of optometry authorized--student fees, how set--operating costs, how paid.
172.790. Definitions.
172.792. Specified disease processes or injuries, research funds awarded by board of curators, when, procedure.
172.794. Selection of award recipients, requirements.
172.796. Advisory board, members, terms.
172.798. Rulemaking authority, board of curators.
172.800. Definitions.
172.801. Research project funds, duties of board of curators--research projects, priorities and selection by advisory board, procedure--open to public.
172.803. Award of funds, requirements.
172.805. Advisory board members, qualifications--terms--appointment, dismissal, procedure--expenses.
172.807. Administration, duty of board--authority to promulgate necessary rules.
172.810. State cancer center, may be transferred to University of Missouri, how.
172.812. Transfer of property, moneys--curators authorized to accept gifts for cancer center.
172.815. Employees of center to be university employees, when--benefits, election by employee.
172.817. Disciplinary procedures, employees, university employment practices to apply.
172.820. Appropriations by general assembly, purpose.
172.825. Cancer center fund, institutional gift trust fund, transfer to university, when.
172.830. Patient discrimination prohibited--payment for services--nonresident treatment.
172.850. Missouri rehabilitation center may be transferred to University of Missouri, duties--tuberculosis testing lab, department's duties.
172.852. Missouri rehabilitation center property may be transferred to University of Missouri curators, powers and duties--Missouri rehabilitation center appropriations may be transferred to University of Missouri curators, duties and exceptions--other funds of Missouri rehabilitation center may be transferred to University of Missouri curators.
172.854. Missouri rehabilitation center employees may become University of Missouri employees, transfer of benefits--University of Missouri may be reimbursed--amount, how calculated.
172.856. Missouri rehabilitation center employees, powers and duties upon transfer to University of Missouri, inclusion in benefits and disciplinary programs.
172.858. Missouri rehabilitation center, appropriations from general revenue to University of Missouri for payment of patient's bills and support and maintenance of center.
172.859. University of Missouri not to discriminate in providing rehabilitation center services.
172.875. Organ transplant program, University of Missouri--Missouri kidney program to establish guidelines--administrative costs.
172.950. Confidentiality of donor records.

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