Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 176
Revenue Bonds of State Educational Institutions--Higher Education Risk Management Associations


Rsmo Number Section Description
176.010 Definitions.
176.020. Any state educational institution empowered to acquire and to construct a project necessary for the use of students.
176.030. Power to issue and sell revenue bonds.
176.035. Priority of liens of successive series of bonds, how fixed.
176.040. Bonds not to be considered an indebtedness.
176.050. May issue serial bonds or term bonds--rate of interest--sale of bonds.
176.055. Provision for issuance, installment payment of bonds and conversion to smaller bonds.
176.060. Refunding of bonds.
176.070. Governing body to provide details--rights of bondholders.
176.080. Bonds to be issued pursuant to resolution.
176.085. Health and educational facilities, payment of bonds.
176.500. Risk management associations, who may form.
176.505. Articles of association or declaration of trust, contents, file with director.
176.510. Types of risks that may be shared--association may reinsure risk.
176.515. Workers' compensation liability, may be covered, separate account.
176.520. Associations exempt from provisions of insurance law.
176.525. Associations may make bylaws.
176.530. Annual audit report, file with director.
176.535. Attorney in fact, service of process, file with director--writing authorizing such service.
176.540. Service of process on association, nonmembers, how.

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