Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 177
School Property and Equipment


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Asbestos removal, district to test buildings, 643.263
Bonds, purposes issued for, 164.121
Buses, school bus operators not to include certain persons transporting school children, 302.010
Contracts or leases for facilities funded by appropriations to be first approved by the general assembly, 21.527
Definitions for chapter 177, exceptions, 160.011
Fire protection and regulations, 320.010, 320.070
Prevailing wages on public works, 290.210 to 290.340
Purchases, contracts, leases by all public agencies to be only for goods produced in the United States, exceptions, procedure, 34.350 to 34.363
Purposes for which bonds may be issued in urban districts, 164.131
Tax ceiling may be increased by vote of governing body, school districts when assessed values reduced, 137.072
177.011. Title and control of school property--inapplicability to community college districts.
177.021. School realty subject to certain ordinances and special assessments.
177.031. Care of property and purchase of supplies--free use of buildings and grounds for public purpose.
177.041. Condemnation of land.
177.051. Conveyance of property to public institution of higher education.
177.061. Conveyance of sixteenth-section lands.
177.071. Validation of prior conveyances of sixteenth-section lands.
177.073. Procurement of sites--sale or lease of property, procedure--deposit of proceeds.
177.082. Lease purchase agreements permitted, when.
177.086. Construction of facilities, sealed bids and public advertisement required, when.
177.088. Facilities and equipment may be obtained by agreements, procedure.
177.091. Elementary and high schools, establishment--acquisition of additional grounds--sale of property, distribution of proceeds--use of property purchased, city of Corder in Lafayette County.
177.101. Public parks and playgrounds, seven-director board may establish.
177.111. Athletic stadiums--powers of board.
177.121. May charge for admission and concessions--permit use of stadium by others.
177.131. Establishment of elementary and high schools.
177.151. Public auditorium--powers of board.
177.161. Contracts for erection and repair of school buildings--bids required when.
177.171. Contracts for furnishing school supplies--bids required when.

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