Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 181
State Library


Rsmo Number Section Description
Chapter Cross Reference
Disclosure of library records not required, exceptions, 182.815 to 182.817
Library networking fund, nonresident professional athletes and entertainers, ten percent of estimated taxes allocated to, when, 143.183
181.021. Secretary of state to manage state library and Wolfner library--functions--report--receipt of property.
181.022. Secretary of state to create council on library development--purpose--terms--members.
181.025. Deposit of federal funds in general revenue fund--how disbursed.
181.033. Bookmobile service authorized.
181.040. Headquarters.
181.043. State librarian, appointment, duties, qualifications.
181.047. Expenses of librarian and employees, how paid.
181.060. State aid for public libraries--appropriation, distribution, allocation, procedure--requirements.
181.065. State aid to libraries for services for blind and physically handicapped--state librarian to administer services.
181.100. Distribution of reports, definitions, requirements, charges, when.
181.110. Agencies to aid in publication of state publications--state library to provide electronic repository, responsibilities--participating libraries--rulemaking authority.
181.130. Library agreements permitted, when.
181.150. Trust fund created, administration.

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