Missouri Revised Statutes

Chapter 182
County and City Libraries--Libraries Generally


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Chapter Cross Reference
Board in urban school districts may establish and maintain libraries, 170.211
Bond issues of cities of the third classification for library, 95.345
Constitutional provisions relative to libraries, Const. Art. IX § 10
Counties authorized to levy library tax, 137.030
LIBRARIES School loan for, 164.131, 164.141 Urban school district may establish, 177.151
LIBRARY TAX, RATE, LIMITS Constitutional charter cities, 94.400 Cities of the third classification, 94.070 Cities of the fourth classification, 94.260 St. Louis City, 92.020 Towns and villages, 80.470
Property for libraries, acquisition by special charter cities, 81.190
Public library building tax, certain city school districts may levy, 164.081 to 164.111
State aid to public libraries, 181.060
182.010. County library districts--petition--tax levy--notice--elections--election to increase levy.
182.015. County commission may establish library district without vote, when--tax levy, submitted how--dissolution of library district--change of boundaries, procedure.
182.020. Levy and collection of tax--reconsideration of tax--increase in tax levy procedure, ballot form.
182.030. Voters of municipal district may vote on establishing or inclusion in county district when--effect.
182.040. City may become part of county library district--procedure--effect.
182.050. County library boards--appointment, qualification, removal, vacancies--nepotism forbidden.
182.060. Board to organize--rules and regulations--county librarian, appointment.
182.070. General powers of district--seal.
182.073. Treasurer of board, custodian of funds, duties.
182.075. Bond requirement for treasurer, librarian and other employees--cost--librarian's duties, accounts and reports.
182.080. Board may contract for library service--procedure.
182.100. Tax for library building, election--duration, rate--building fund--revenues paid to district, when.
182.105. Issuance of bonds for building--limits--maturity--election--tax to pay.
182.110. Librarians required to attend meetings--expenses.
182.120. Services accessible to all residents of county.
182.130. Certain areas excluded from county library districts (first class charter counties).
182.140. Petition for library tax--rate--election--funds, management and disbursement--increase in rate, procedure--reconsideration.
182.143. Treasurer of board of trustees, duties.
182.145. Cities maintaining library prior to August 29, 1955, may levy tax for and maintain library.
182.150. Election on tax to establish and maintain library, procedure--funds, management and disbursement (cities over 600,000).
182.170. Trustees, number, appointment.
182.180. Terms of office of trustees--removal.
182.190. Vacancies, how filled--three terms disqualifies--nepotism forbidden.
182.200. Board, organization, powers, duties--funds, management and disbursement--exchange services.
182.210. Annual report of librarian, contents, when submitted.
182.221. Treasurer, librarian and board employees--bond, duties (cities 600,000 or more).
182.230. Library free to public subject to regulations.
182.240. Council may provide penalties for damage to property.
182.260. Library building tax--duration, rate, election--funds, management and disbursement (cities 10,000 or over).
182.270. Plans--contracts for library building (cities 10,000 or over).
182.280. Board may sell lands, when--exceptions (cities 10,000 or over).
182.291. City-county library, how organized--board of trustees, duties--effect of merger on assets and liabilities--funds, how handled--budget required.
182.296. Treasurer, librarian and board employees--bond, duties (city and county library).
182.301. City or city-county library may contract for cooperative service.
182.410. Directors--appointment--number--board to be bipartisan.
182.420. Term of directors--removal.
182.430. Vacancies, how filled--no compensation.
182.440. Duty of board--appointment of officers--powers.
182.450. Board to make annual report--contents.
182.460. City to provide penalties.
182.480. Municipal library districts created in cities--property subject to taxation.
182.490. City library tax rate to be continued--construction of library laws.
182.500. Excluded property subject to taxation for payment of bonded indebtedness--alternative.
182.510. Law not to prevent merger of city and county district.
182.610. County library districts may consolidate, when.
182.620. Consolidation--resolution--election--form of ballot--transfer of property.
182.630. Consolidated district is body corporate and a political subdivision--corporate powers.
182.640. Board of trustees--how appointed, grounds for removal, vacancies how filled--librarian to be appointed.
182.645. Fiscal year--budget--treasurer custodian of funds.
182.647. Bonds of employees--records and reports required.
182.650. Rate of tax--election to increase rate--form of ballot.
182.655. Board may purchase land and erect buildings--bonds issued, when--election.
182.660. May incorporate other public library districts--petition, notice--transfer of property, when.
182.670. Board to adopt rules and regulations--suspension of library privileges, when.
182.701. Definitions.
182.703. Urban public library district, procedure to create--boundaries--new district to be successor to library serving same boundaries--authority to levy property tax.
182.705. Powers--duties of urban public library districts.
182.707. Board of trustees, appointment, qualifications, terms, vacancies, expenses, officers how selected--meetings--majority vote of full board required when--librarian powers and duties--staff.
182.709. Retirement system, employees eligible for certain public school retirement system.
182.711. Fiscal year for library district--budget to be approved, when, modification when, filed with state auditor--library operating fund established--treasurer powers and duties.
182.713. Bond required for treasurer, librarian and certain other employees.
182.715. Taxes raised for a library district transferred to successor urban district, when--tax levy authorized, rate--rate increase, procedure--additional tax to erect buildings, procedure, ballot form.
182.717. Bonds issued by district, limitation, purposes, rate--approval by voters required--form and content--sale--amount of bond.
182.719. Rules and regulations, duties of board to establish, filed with county clerk--violations, suspension of library privileges.
182.721. Real property, obligations, rights of nine-director urban school district used solely for library purposes transferred to urban public library district--property used for both library and nonlibrary purposes not to be transferred--rental agreement, when.
182.723. Personal property, funds and obligations of nine-director urban school districts used for public library purposes to be transferred to urban public district.
182.800. Free libraries--funds, investment of.
182.802. Public libraries, sales tax authorized--ballot language--definitions (Butler, Ripley, Wayne, Stoddard, New Madrid, Dunklin, Pemiscot, Saline, and Cedar counties)
182.810. Insurance for library boards.
182.812. Library network defined--appropriations, rules and regulations--library networking fund established--rulemaking, procedure.
182.815. Disclosure of library records, definitions.
182.817. Disclosure of library records not required--exceptions--complaint may be filed for compromised privacy, procedure.
182.825. Definitions.
182.827. Responsibilities of public schools and public libraries with public access computers--rulemaking authority--immunity from liability, when.
182.900. City libraries--organization of library board--state aid, requirements to obtain.

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